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Global Ventures Magazine July/August 2010


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In January 2009, Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) introduced Global Ventures, a bi-monthly publication designed to carry a message both on behalf of and to the business community at a provincial, national, and international level. For STEP, this publication is an appropriate medium to relay very timely messaging to both the local business community as well as the network of international contacts that this organization has developed over the past twelve years. STEP has a proven track record of building local and international relationships that are vital to the success of exporters.

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Global Ventures Magazine July/August 2010

  1. 1. GLOBALVENTURES VOLUME TWO ISSUE FOUR • JULY/AUGUST 2010 A STEP PUBLICATION HIGHLIGHTING SASKATCHEWAN BUSINESS PUTTING THE CUSTOMER FIRST Bourgault Industries pairs leading equipment with excellent service THE POWER OF OMEGA-3 O&T Farms’ feed products feature powerful superfoods BUILDING ECONOMIC GROWTH IN SASKATHEWAN Avison Young is helping Saskatchewan businesses find a home INFLUENCING INTERNATIONAL TRADE The Estey Centre is building trade expertise around the world
  2. 2. bourgault_STEP_2010_outline.indd 1 12/9/2009 8:42:59 AM
  3. 3. GLOBALVENTURES is the official bi-monthly publication of Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP). Submissions to GLOBALVENTURES are welcomed. The Editor reserves the right to edit for clarity and length. inside VOLUME TWO ISSUE FOUR JULY/AUGUST 2010 Please contact the Editor for copy submission deadlines. PUBLISHERS cover Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) 10 Putting the customer first Regina Office: Saskatchewan-based Bourgault P Box 1787 .O. Industries pairs leading equipment 320 - 1801 Hamilton Street, Regina, SK S4P 3C6 with excellent service. Regina 306.787.9210 / Toll Free: 1.877.313.7244 Toll Free: 1.888.XPORTSK Saskatoon Office: features 400 - 402 21st Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0C3 12 The power of Omega-3 Saskatoon 306.933.6551 / Toll Free: 1.877.313.7244 O&T Farms’ Omega-3 products are on Toll Free: 1.888.XPORTSK the cutting-edge of the functional Concept Media foods industry. 2629 Angus Boulevard, Regina, SK S4T 2A6 14 Building economic growth 306.545.6099 / in Saskatchewan EDITOR Businesses are heading to Avison Young Pat Rediger BENCHMARK PUBLIC RELATIONS INC. to find their place in the Saskatchewan 306.522.9326 / economy. ASSOCIATE EDITOR 16 Influencing Katie Boyce BENCHMARK PUBLIC RELATIONS INC. international trade 306.522-0903 / With projects around the world, the Estey Centre is helping to facilitate CONTRIBUTORS and expand international trade. Karlen Herauf Katie Boyce Pat Rediger Trilby Henderson STEP notes STEP 4 Message from the President and CEO DESIGN Bob Anderson CONCEPT MEDIA 6 Where in the World is STEP? Upcoming international PRODUCTION trade events. Lorelle Anderson CONCEPT MEDIA 20 STEP Staff Members Earn International Designations SALES Bob Harvey CONCEPT MEDIA 23 Staff Profile 1.306.591.6430 Jeff Thackeray: Guiding Saskatchewan businesses into foreign markets PRINTING Western Litho Printers Ltd. / Regina, SK, Canada market info DISTRIBUTION 18 Stamped with the Prairie Advertising Ltd. / Regina, SK, Canada fairDeal seal Publication Mail Agreement #41786012 Western Canadian farmer co-operative leads North America Return undeliverable mail to Circulation Department, in organic and fair trade certifications. 2629 Angus Boulevard, Regina, SK S4T 2A6. ON THE COVER STEP services A robotic welder at Bourgault Industries Ltd. 21 Opening doors to China A new international trade agreement signed by STEP will assist Saskatchewan exporters to enter China. 22 New technology and marketing trade services STEP moves into the digital world with the launch of several internet and social media services. PRINTED IN CANADA JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 3
  4. 4. Message from the President & CEO A Year of Challenge and Promise T he strength and challenge of Sas- from pulse buyers and agents to environ- phenomenon. If you are of my vintage, it katchewan is perpetually evolving. mental and high-tech renewable energy is important to comprehend the benefit This year, we are seeing a strong proponents. Saskatchewan has what the first before we capture the potential. We recovery in the demand for mining and world wants whether it is products, ser- hope to assist our members with some energy – two of our strongest economic vices, or ideas. We have an abundance of concrete evidence, choices and examples engines – but the third leg of that eco- all. as to how we plan to use this medium. nomic stool is seeing some challenges In keeping with our intent of nurturing On a final note, STEP is making plans that, quite frankly, in my decades of emerging companies moving from local to lead a partnership with SREDA, RROC, residence, I have never seen. That chal- domestic sales to a broader provincial and Enterprise Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan lenge is the potential of a spring season international expansion, we are pleased Chamber of Commerce, and a host of ur- so wet that millions of acres have gone with our “Export Readiness” initiative. ban Chambers and Economic Regions as unseeded. With each of the challenges Introduced on April 1, this STEP service major participants in the planned global mentioned – many of which are either has already delivered some outstanding business-to-business conference named a product of the global market and eco- success stories. The goal of the program “Centrallia,” taking place in Winnipeg nomic challenges or, in this case, Mother is to have more Saskatchewan companies on October 20-22, 2010. We are very Nature throwing us a new curve – we will marketing beyond their current sphere of pleased to be part of this dynamic group work through this as we have done so influence, whether that is 50 km, 500 km and it will be our intention to promote many times in the past. Nobody said it or 5000 km away. Please do not hesitate the “Best of Saskatchewan” at this world would be easy. to call us for details. class event. Our team at STEP has just completed When September arrives, we will hit In the meantime, enjoy your summer. the busiest first half of the year in our his- the ground running with a full slate of I plan to enjoy a motorcycle ride or two. tory, culminating with incoming missions activities. One focus will be on the lead- Being middle age crazy is not always a from over 30 countries centered around, up to our AGM and Trade Conference bad thing. but not limited to, the Western Canada titled “Taking Saskatchewan’s Best to the Farm Progress Show. We didn’t accom- World” scheduled for September 28 and plish this on our own. Without our work- 29, 2010 in Saskatoon. Part of that pro- ing partnerships with DFAIT, AAFC and cess will be an all out effort to look for Saskatchewan Agriculture, these kind of candidates that excelled during a difficult results would never have happened. We economic time to win our “Exporter of Lionel LaBelle, President & CEO thank all of them for their commitment the Year” award. If your company had Saskatchewan Trade and and dedication to enhancing Saskatch- one of those years please don’t hesitate Export Partnership (STEP) ewan’s position in a competitive world. to contact us. Celebrating our success is It has been a remarkable past six an important part of how we learn and months. The great news is that the up- grow from each other. coming second half of the calendar year In keeping with new initiatives and in- looks even busier. novations, it will also be our intention Through July and August, there will to unveil STEP’s new strategy focused be a steady stream of incoming missions on capturing the commercial benefits touring the province in multiple sectors, of the rapidly emerging “social media” 4 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010
  5. 5. STEP Market Access Program Are you interested in penetrating new markets? Are you looking to access a new consumer base in a foreign nation? Would financial assistance make your goals possible? The STEP Market Access Program is for you! S askatchewan Trade and Export • Accommodations - up to two (2) ap- Applications must be received at Partnership’s Market Access plicant representatives. least 45 days in advance of the trade Program (MAP) is a funding pro- • Companies exhibiting at trade event. It is recommended that mem- gram designed to support the inter- shows are eligible for trade show ber companies apply early for appli- provincial and international market- registration fees and /or booth cable events that prior to March 31, ing efforts of STEP Regular Members. space rental costs. 2011. For further details on eligibility Funds are provided to assist eligible • Translation of the company’s mar- and the applications process, please companies to enter new markets or keting materials such as brochures visit the STEP website at www.sask- those entering into a new market sec- and product listings for the specific tor or market segment outside of Sas- trade event. katchewan. Financial assistance may be provided to STEP regular members that are: “A great assistance at this time in business where companies should not be • Exhibiting in a trade show or trade cutting their marketing costs. I think it will provide long term benefits to event or trade mission in a new those who take advantage of it.” STEP Member Technology Firm export market outside of Saskatch- ewan. “Our company needs to build an awareness of our products and their • Participating and/or exhibiting in health benefits. Marketing an unknown product takes years of promo- STEP-led trade missions, trade tion to get potential companies interested. Without financial support of event or trade shows. the program, we would not have been able to fund this awareness of our Reimbursement of up to 50% of eli- product.” STEP Member Agri-value Firm gible costs may be contributed to: • Travel cost to market from Sas- “It is very important that Saskatchewan companies have a ‘continued’ katchewan - return economy airfare presence at major events. The STEP Market Access Program facilitates or mileage for up to two (2) appli- a cost effective way for companies to reach several global regions at one cant representatives. single venue.” STEP Member Technology Firm JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 5
  6. 6. Where in the World is STEP? JULY on the role that STEP plays in helping companies take their products to mar- Introductory Supplier Canadian Special Crops ket. Seminar - Public Works Conference (CSCA) 2010 Contact: Jeff Fang, and Government Services Export Development Analyst Date: July 11 - 14, 2010 Telephone: 306-787-9687 Canada Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Date: July 20, 2010 The annual CSCA conference is the na- Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan tional gathering of the Canadian special STEP will partner with Public Works and crops industry and will attract a number Institute of Food Government Services Canada to deliver of international buyers. STEP will work an Introductory Supplier Seminar. Fo- with the Canadian Trade Commissioners Technologists (IFI) 2010 cused on methods to register a company Service, Pulse Canada, Canadian Special Date: July 17 - 21, 2010 Location: Chicago, Illinois for opportunities, how to search for op- Crops Association and Saskatchewan portunities and resources for SME’s, the Pulse Growers to promote the event to a The Institute of Food Technologists meeting and food exposition attracts agency will also outline contracting pro- network of contacts internationally. cess to find competitive/non-competitive Contact: Tim Marshall, Senior Director, over 24,000 attendees from more than 75 countries and is the world’s largest opportunities and bidding. Trade Development, Asia - Africa Contact: Crystal Leader, Telephone: 306-787-2191 food ingredients exposition. The event will be used by STEP to conduct market Export Services Coordinator Telephone: 306-787-9335 development work through networking opportunities, walking the show, set- Why Exporting ting up meetings for attending compa- Luncheon Seminar nies and building the agri-value team’s Why Exporting Seminar Date: July 15, 2010 knowledge base on the industry. Date: July 27, 2010 Location: Humboldt, Saskatchewan Contact: Jennifer Evancio, Location: STEP Board Room - Regina, Partnering with the Sage Hill Community Director, Agri-Value Saskatchewan Futures, the seminar will describe why Telephone: 306-787-7945 The seminar will describe why exporting exporting is important to Saskatchewan is important to Saskatchewan companies companies and the province with a focus 6 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010 JULY?AUGUST 2010
  7. 7. and the province with a focus on the members who ship small/ large packages, Enviropro 2010 Business role that STEP plays in helping compa- truck or containers loads and require the nies take their products to market. This use of a customs broker. Development Mission event will also provide the opportunity Contact: Donovan Swinnerton, Director, Date: September 10 - 16, 2010 to walk companies through the export Technology, Services & Resources Location: Mexico City plan workbook and offers one-on-one Telephone: 306-933-6531 A number of STEP members in the envi- meetings. ronmental sector have targeted Mexico Contact: Jeff Fang, and the Americas as markets of interest. STEP will organize a business develop- Export Development Analyst Seattle Gift Show ment mission to attend the show, arrange Telephone: 306-787-9687 Date: August 21 - 24, 2010 meetings with buyers, and represent non- Location: Seattle, Washington attending members. To ensure new mar- As part of the continuing development of kets are explored, an extended business AUGUST Saskatchewan’s arts and cultural industry into North America, a trade and business development mission will include the Guadalajara or Monterrey, Mexico area. FITT Skills International development mission is planned to the Contact: David Froh, Trade Specialist, Trade Training Seattle Gift Show. On this business de- Technology, Services & Resources Date: August 14 -15, 2010 velopment mission, STEP will organize a Telephone: 306-787-7928 Location: Regina, Saskatchewan small group display at the show to high- STEP offers FITT Skills International light core artists, with a focus on those Trade Training, a unique international with an early presence in the market. trade training which was formed from an Contact: Stacey Sauer, Trade Specialist, ABIC 2010 Manufacturing Date: September 12 - 15, 2010 expressed interest by Saskatchewan com- Telephone: 306-933-5239 Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan panies to make international trade train- The ABIC conference provides opportuni- ing available. Registration is being taken ties for developing collaborations & part- for the International Trade Management nerships, and maintaining an ag biotech module with a registration deadline of Farm Progress Show network, raising the profile of agricultur- August 6, 2010 Date: August 31 - September 2, 2010 al biotechnology both locally and inter- Contact: Blair Hudyma - Programs & Location: Boone, Iowa nationally. This conference will also have Training Specialist The Farm Progress Show is USA’s lead- a potential Australian mission tied to it as Telephone: 306-787-3223 ing outdoor show in the Midwest and part of previous work done in this area. attracts strong international attendance. Contact: Jennifer Evancio, The show attracts over 150,000 visitors Director, Agri-Value and is also a good place to meet with Member Education Seminar key distributors and representative in Telephone: 306-787-7945 - Transportation & the region. STEP has secured a display Information Technology booth at this show and members will be Date: August 19, 2010 provided the opportunity to display their Virtual Trade Mission - Location: Willows Golf & Country Club - products in this area. Developing Opportunities Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Contact: Rob Ziola, Director, The seminar will focus on methods to ef- Trade Development, Manufacturing Outside North America fectively utilize the internet to ship prod- Telephone: 306-933-6557 Date: September 2010 - TBC ucts locally or around the world. Trans- Location: Saskatoon or Regina, portation companies will share the merits Saskatchewan of using online services to increase ef- The STEP Technology, Services and Re- ficiency and productivity. The seminar sources team will undertake a “virtual” will be a valuable learning experience for trade mission whereby STEP members THE OMEGA-3 SOURCE O&T Farms Ltd manufactures Omega-3 feed components, providing functional food solutions globally for both animals and humans. P.O. Box 26011, Regina, SK, S4R 8R7, Canada TEL: 306.543.4777 FAX: 306.545.0661 WEB: JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 7
  8. 8. will be linked with international buyers ince. The VTM service offers the option Contact: Donovan Swinnerton, Director, via STEP’s in-house teleconference facili- to explore new opportunities without Technology, Services & Resources ties or Webex. The focus will be to put incurring some of the usual initial market Telephone: 306-933-6531 STEP members “face to face” with inter- development and travel costs. national buyers without leaving the prov- STEP Board of Directors CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Dale Lemke, Sandra Purdy, Murray Daku, President President Vice President and Display Systems International Inc. Prairie Berries Inc. Chief Operating Officer Tim Wiens, Paul Degelman, Hitachi Canadian Industries Ltd. President & CEO Sales & Marketing Manager VICE CHAIR O & T Farms Degelman Industries Ltd. Cory Furman, Greg Larson, Doug Matthies, Partner CEO Deputy Minister MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman, LLP The Larson Group of Companies Ministry of Finance Jim Engdahl, Shannon Jakes, Alanna Koch, President & CEO Senior Manager Deputy Minister Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. CIBC Commercial Banking Ministry of Agriculture Ngee Cau, Greg Menzies, Chris Dekker, Chief Executive Officer President & CEO Interim Chief Executive Officer Marketel Wigmore Farms Enterprise Saskatchewan Keith Brown, CEO Trailtech 8 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010
  9. 9. FITTskills Modules The FITTskills schedule has been set until February 2011, so start planning now and increase your skill set through FITTskills International Trade Training, offered solely in Saskatchewan by STEP for business professionals like you. Join us for the next set of FITTskills modules! What is How do we do Why take FITT FITTskills? The Forum for International Trade it with STEP Courses? individuals and • Because FITT equips Training; FITTskills Program is a turnkey series of international business courses Delivery? to be the most businesses with thetoday’s competitive STEP delivery is known need to succeed in practical skills they designed to help you develop the skills efficient in terms of time and function! global marketplace. and knowledge required in today’s com- We offer each module in 2 days over • FITTskills is being used as the basis petitive global markets. These practical weekends. Courses begin at 9 am and go for corporate training solutions to in- courses are enhancing the content, pres- till 5 pm each day on the weekend and crease employees’ international busi- tige, value, and effectiveness of interna- we have several professionally designat- ness skills. tional trade training at educational in- ed professors who instruct them. After • Currently, there are more than 65 insti- stitutions around the globe. FITTskills is your two day in house instruction, you tutions across Canada and around the also being used as the basis for corporate are given 30 days self study to prepare world offering the FITTskills Program. training solutions to increase employees’ yourself for the online multiple choice • The CITP (designation gained after all international business skills. exam. Generally, each course has a 45 day 8 FITTskills modules are completed) The FITTskills Program consists of eight turnaround period, which means you can is recognized globally, signifying pro- courses that can be delivered as a series, be a CITP in less than one year through fessional excellence, knowledge, and individually or incorporated into an ex- STEP delivered FITTskills. Our program is skills to employers and clients alike. isting business program. Together, the no doubt focused on the working profes- • CITPs are recognized by private firms, eight courses set the standard of excel- sional, and we are pleased to help you on academic institutions, and government lence for the field of international trade your educational path to success. organizations for their world-class ex- by addressing essential topics within the pertise. context of global trade. The modules are If you are interested in registering or as follows: • Global Business Environment Student Testimonial would like to learn more about the mod- ules, please visit the STEP website at “FITTskills was an important tool in helping • International Trade Research to start my career in international trade. • International Trade Management The program content was, and continues • Legal Aspects of International Trade to be, very relevant for international trade • International Marketing professionals.” – • International Market Entry Strategies Tim Owens CITP, International • International Trade Finance Services Manager, Concentra Financial • Global Supply Chain Management Master of International Trade Move to Change “I found the online Master of International Trade (MIT) program to be an excellent way to prepare graduate students for the world of international trade, both domestically and internationally.” Chad SwanCe, MIT Graduate aPPLY nOw For more information about the MIT program, visit: www. JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 9 JULY/AUGUST 210
  10. 10. PUTTING THE CUSTOMER FIRST Bourgault Industries’ leading equipment comes with expert service W ith core business values that – more than 35 years ago in St. Brieux, popularity of the unit led Frank and his include a focus on innovation Saskatchewan. Founder Frank Bourgault, business partners, Don Coquet and Paul and understanding their cus- a local farmer and partner in the Massey Leray, to begin mass production, and tomers’ needs, Bourgault Industries Ltd. Ferguson farm implement dealership, Bourgault Industries opened its first has established a solid reputation as a came up with the design for a new cul- manufacturing facility in St. Brieux in De- manufacturer of high quality, durable and tivator after witnessing the struggles lo- cember 1974. reliable farm equipment that its custom- cal farmers were having with equipment In the years since, Bourgault Industries ers can rely on. that could not stand up against the stony has expanded its product line to include “Bourgault Industries Ltd.’s success has landscape of the St. Brieux area. air seeders, air drills, grain carts, fertilizer come from its ability to develop innova- Frank had a reputation for using his applicators, and harrows and packers, in tive products that have allowed farmers mechanical skill to solve problems oth- addition to its line of tillage equipment. to become more efficient,” says Gerry ers couldn’t fix, and soon came up with However, the company’s air seeders and Bourgault, President of Bourgault Indus- a solution. He spent the following sev- air drills are its most sought after prod- tries Ltd. eral years testing his new shank protec- ucts. The company began manufacturing its tion design, before developing a 16-foot “Bourgault is the world leader in air first product – a dual-purpose cultivator cultivator prototype model in 1970. The seeding technology,” says Gerry Bour- BY TRILBY HENDERSON 10 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010
  11. 11. gault. “We put this technology on very robust platforms so that the products are very durable and operate trouble free.” Bourgault says the company’s prod- ucts are initially considered to be the more expensive option when compared to the competition, but their capabili- ties and durability mean they add more value to the farmer’s bottom line than any competing products, making them the least expensive equipment to own in the long run. All products are manufactured at fa- cilities located in both Canada and the United States, with a combined total of 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space. “We are a world class manufacturing company with state-of-the-art manufac- turing equipment,” says Bourgault. The company opened its U.S. head- quarters in Minot, North Dakota in 1994, after realizing that they would need a physical presence in the country if they ership of dealer networks in Canada and been very beneficial to the company in wanted to grow their American market the United States becomes more concen- terms of establishing international busi- share. trated, Bourgault says the company must ness relationships. Today, Bourgault Industries’ annual deal with the challenge of major manufac- “We have used STEP’s research capa- sales exceed $150 million US, and its suc- turers who strive to prevent their dealers bilities and knowledgeable personnel cess has brought the company provincial from taking on competing product lines to assist with market studies in various and national recognition, including an in- as a condition of allowing the dealers to countries that have presented interest to duction into the Saskatchewan Business acquire additional dealership locations. us, and to help us identify and contact Hall of Fame in 2001. “We have been successful in keeping potential clients. We have since devel- In 2008, the company also became the our proprietary technology industry lead- oped some very good relationships in first to receive the Agricultural Manufac- ing, which has allowed our product line overseas markets that continue to pres- turers of Canada’s Certificate of Achieve- to provide our dealers with exceptional ent excellent opportunities for large vol- ment in Safety and Health. The certi- returns, keeping them motivated to find umes of sales.” fication is evidence of the company’s ways to satisfy their mainline manufac- Bourgault says the company plans to commitment to ensure the highest level turers and sell our products,” he said. continue to grow its market area, in- of worker safety in the industry, and the In addition to North America, Bour- cluding the recent development of new value it places on its staff. gault Industries also sells its products marketing relationships in Mongolia. The Including subsidiaries such as Highline in the Australian, Asian and Eastern Eu- company also plans to continue to focus Manufacturing Ltd., Bourgault Industries ropean markets. In Eastern Europe, the on innovation by developing a new tech- employs about 750 people. company primarily serves Russia, Ukraine nology for the American market, which it “Most staff have farming experience and Kazakhstan where it has established expects will have applications in all other and understand how and where the a strong network of dealers. In fact, the areas. equipment is used by our customers,” solid performance of its equipment and “Our plans for the future are to main- says Bourgault. “This helps them ensure dedicated support of its staff has led tain our lead in the development of tech- that they deliver the quality of equip- Bourgault Industries to become one of nology that will add value to our custom- ment that farmers require.” Eastern Europe’s major suppliers for ers’ businesses,” says Bourgault. “By so Bourgault Industries currently has seeding equipment. doing, we will continue to differentiate about 150 franchised dealers, with dealer Bourgault says the company’s long- our products and maintain our position representation in each of the company’s time membership with Saskatchewan in the worldwide marketplace. key market areas. However, as the own- Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) has JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 11
  12. 12. THE POWER OF OMEGA-3 O&T Farms enters the functional food marketplace BY KATIE BOYCE R egina-based O&T Farms is on the and it also makes the protein and energy With its solid product line, O&T Farms cutting edge of the functional more digestible.” has been expanding its customer base foods industry. Research from O&T Farms’ vegetable-based, flax-rich across Canada and internationally since the University of Saskatchewan and oth- products also have outstanding results the company started to focus solely on er independent institutions shows the for animals. In a study supported by Sun- manufacturing livestock components in company’s line of livestock feed compo- West Food Laboratory in Saskatoon and 1996. The next step for the company is nents significantly boost the amount of O&T Farms, adding LinPRO to the diet to enter the mainstream marketplace, Omega-3 fatty acids in meat, dairy and of laying hens at an inclusion rate of 15 says Wiens. eggs. In the human functional foods mar- per cent resulted in an Omega-3 fatty “We’ve pursued the functional feed ket, Omega-3 has been shown to have acid content of greater than 400mg per category since we obtained our patent significant health benefits including re- each 52g egg, as well as an 8.5 per cent on Omega-3 products in 2007. The chal- duced risk of heart disease and stroke, increase in egg production and a 9 per lenge has been to get producers, proces- decreased symptoms of hypertension, cent improvement in feed efficiency as sors, and consumers properly educated depression, attention deficit hyperactiv- compared to a flax only diet. to buy and consume Omega-3 meats.” ity disorder (ADHD) and improved joint In another independent study by the The task of entering a marketplace is health. University of Saskatchewan, cows fed not new for Wiens, whose family has a “We believe the growing functional 1.5kg of DairyPRO daily not only had an long history of entrepreneurship. foods market has huge potential right increased milk yield of 1 to 3kg, but also His father and uncle started O&T Farms now,” says Tim Wiens, president and CEO. produced milk with a higher Omega-3 in 1967 by supplying eggs to Canada Safe- “Our customers are excited because our content while maintaining the same solid way in Saskatchewan. The business ven- feed components produce high Omega-3 non-fat to fat ratio. ture, which began after moving on from a levels without affecting taste, providing Producers also appreciate the other trucking business in Manitoba, was very a consumer friendly, natural source of advantages of dry extrusion including re- successful. By the 1980’s, O&T Farms was these desirable fatty acids.” duced feed flow and dust problems and the second largest producer in Canada. O&T Farms achieves these high Ome- extended shelf life of the feed compo- Over the years, O&T Farms has been in- ga-3 levels by combining flaxseed with nents. volved in a range of agribusinesses, in- pulses in its patented dry extrusion pro- To top off these benefits, O&T Farms cluding layer, broiler, and pullet produc- cess. follows strict quality control programs tion, equipment sales, and international “Dry extrusion makes the sum of that ensure both product safety and em- agri-value management projects. the parts greater as a whole,” explains ployee safety, including meeting CFIA More recently, under Wiens – who is Wiens. “It utilizes heat and pressure to and HACCP requirements and also com- highly involved in the provincial business create a fusion process that strips away pleting Foss NIR testing on each outgo- scene, including serving as director for the anti-nutritional properties that exist ing load. both the Canadian Western Agribition 12 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010
  13. 13. and STEP, as well as chair of both Enter- could turn this cost into profit so we put thing evolves.” He adds that the compa- prise Saskatchewan’s Agri-value Sector together a business model that would al- ny looked ahead to “what we could be committee and the Farm Animal Council low us to get value from our replacement and what we could do.” of Saskatchewan – O&T Farms has shift- flocks. We were operating a feed mill In the years to come, it’s this coura- ed its present focus to the functional at the time, so we looked at the equip- geous entrepreneurial spirit backed by foods industry. This change began while ment already available to the feed indus- a solid product line that will help O&T addressing a problem in O&T Farms’ for- try. We had worked with dry extrusion Farms succeed as an industry leader in mer egg layer operations. in the early 1980s, so we leveraged our the emerging functional foods market- “Our research into livestock feed com- knowledge, purchased equipment, and place. ponents really began in 1996-97 when ventured into a new business.” we were looking at ways to deal with the “We looked at what our opportunities replacement of our flocks,” says Wiens. to grow in the poultry industry were ver- He explains that, at the time, the sus the feed component business, and company began paying to have flocks there was more of an opportunity for removed from its barns, a task they had growth in the feed business,” he says. received money for in the past. Instead He credits the book Good to Great by of taking on the extra expense, the com- Jim Collins for providing O&T Farms with pany turned the problem into a new guidance during this transition, explain- business venture. ing that the book encourages companies “When entrepreneurs see an oppor- to “determine what you’re passionate tunity, they measure it and make a deci- about, what you’re best at, and what sion to move forward or to wait for other makes money. O&T Farms was known as options,” says Wiens. “We believed we an egg and poultry business, but every- JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 13
  14. 14. BUILDING ECONOMIC GROWTH IN SASKATCHEWAN AVISON YOUNG helps the province’s new and incoming businesses find a home A vison Young Commercial Real Es- its nationwide reach through the Avison tate (Sask) Inc. is working hard Young corporate network, as well as lo- to promote economic growth BY TRILBY HENDERSON cal partnerships, but without an inven- in the province by facilitating the ar- tory of space or developed land, finding rival and expansion of new and existing Although Saskatchewan’s economy is options for growing businesses can be companies, and encouraging the devel- poised on the edge of unprecedented a challenge. opment of new commercial real estate economic growth, many businesses in- Founded in 1978, Avison Young is infrastructure in the province. terested in moving to the province are Canada’s largest independently-owned “Everything other than a person’s finding it difficult to obtain space for commercial real estate services com- principal residence is considered com- their business, says Jankowski. The com- pany and the only national, Canadian- mercial real estate, so there’s always a pany tries to help clients locate, pur- owned, principal-managed real estate role for us when it comes to economic chase, manage or sell their commercial brokerage firm in the country. Avison growth,” says Richard Jankowski, Avison real estate within Saskatchewan. Busi- Young was formed when Graeme Young Young’s managing director. ness attraction is relatively easy, given & Associates of Alberta (1978) joined with Avison & Associates of Ontario (1989) and British Columbia (1994) in an effort to provide clients with more com- prehensive real estate services at the lo- cal, national and international level. Today, the corporate entity employs more than 600 real estate professionals out of 17 offices spanning Canada and into the United States. As a full-service real-estate firm, Avison Young provides clients with investment sales and of- fice, industrial and retail leasing; land- lord and tenant representation services; property acquisitions and dispositions; property management; and consulting and research. Avison Young Commercial Real Estate (Sask) Inc. opened its office in Regina in 2004. In addition to the longstand- ing history of the national network, Jankowski says the Regina company has also benefited from the 30 years of in- A rendering of Avison Young’s new 115,000 square foot low-rise dustry experience that president Dale office buildings to be constructed in Regina. 14 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010
  15. 15. Griesser has brought to the business, including the many valuable local con- nections he has fostered to better serve their clients. “Our industry is very relationship based, so we function with that principle in mind and Dale ensures that value is ingrained in our team,” says Jankowski. The company’s diversified platform linked to its national parent company make up one of the most important dif- ferences between Avison Young and its competitors in the south Saskatchewan region. “Avison Young Regina is a commercial real estate entity, but locally we’ve got a strategic alliance with a property man- agement firm, a development company, Richard Jankowski, Managing Director and VP of Operations, (left) and Dale Griesser, Presi- and a construction management com- dent and Broker of Avison Young Commercial Real Estate (Sask) Inc. pany,” says Jankowski. In fact, the company shares its office limited options for them, which is not absence of a business succession plan, with these three partners – NewWest good.” are huge challenges we have to address Enterprise Property Group, Granite The lack of available space is imped- in the future. As the saying goes, the Properties, and Granite Developments ing the province’s ability to attract busi- best way to predict the future is to cre- – all ready to provide complementary ness, despite all of the great things Sas- ate it.” services to the commercial real estate katchewan has to offer. He believes Avison Young and its alli- industry. “At one time, people were suggest- ances will continue to play a role in solv- Jankowski says Avison Young tries to ing there was a restriction on economic ing these challenges through the numer- bundle its services to better meet their growth through government policy. ous services it provides. For example, it clients’ needs. For example, clients Now it’s due to the availability of human recently took on the role of marketing wishing to expand or relocate may need and physical resources,” says Jankows- the space in two new low-rise office construction management support, oth- ki. “There have been a lot of rumours buildings planned for construction in ers often need property and asset man- about companies moving to the major Regina – one that it is developing inter- agement services, while others may be cities, but how can that happen when nally. Together, the two buildings will looking for investment property advice, there’s nothing available for them?” add about 115,000 square feet of much technical consulting and support. He says the solution will require the needed office space within the city. And “Really, what it means is we’ve got work of all levels of government, as well plans are in the works for much more access to an à la carte portfolio for cli- as the private sector, adding that much of the same throughout the city and re- ents,” says Jankowski. He adds that one can be done locally. For one, municipali- gion. of the biggest challenges facing the Sas- ties need to focus on developing land Whether helping a local business katchewan real estate market is the lack and making services available, even if it manage their commercial real estate as- of inventory available. means taking a calculated risk, in order sets or assisting an emerging company “We’ve essentially got the lowest va- to attract new business to their area. to find the space to enter the market, cancy rates in every asset class in all the Jankowski believes the biggest oppor- Jankowski says Avison Young will con- major markets in Canada. That’s a huge tunity lies within the private sector. tinue to figure out how to remove road- challenge going forward because the “It’s the small to medium enterprises blocks and facilitate economic develop- province’s economy is doing well, the that drive our economy, and they have ment. national economy is recovering quite been evolving,” he says. “Growing up, “That’s our role, and we are incredibly well, and we’ve got a huge resource sec- getting an education, and getting a job honoured to be part of that. In Saskatch- tor that’s waiting to be developed. Com- has been our culture. We need to tran- ewan, our time is now. My favourite panies are looking to move here, but sition to growing up, getting an educa- quote has been used in times similar to there’s a shortage of office space, and tion, and starting a business. The lack the present – ‘if not now, when; if not a shortage of industrial space. There are of an entrepreneurial mindset, and the us, who?’ JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 15
  16. 16. INFLUENCING INTERNATIONAL TRADE The Estey Centre is building trade expertise around the world S ince the Estey Centre for Law and shifting its focus to revenue-generating activities.” Economics in International Trade BY KATIE BOYCE began operating in 1999, the in- This change in focus resulted in the dependent not-for-profit interdisciplin- Centre developing its now successful pro- ary institution has developed an inter- are proving that this mission is possible, gram of international trade training and national reputation for its research and even with surprisingly few resources. technical assistance. training in issues related to international James Leach, the Centre’s Executive Leach adds that another indicator of trade, trade facilitation, trade policy, law Director, says that in looking back over the Centre’s success, despite minimal and economics, and it has reached this the past decade, “the major highlight resources, is the popularity of its online goal as a lean organization. is how far we’ve come since the Centre academic journal, The Estey Centre Jour- The mission of the Estey Centre – opened.” nal of International Law and Trade Policy. “to achieve worldwide recognition as a “The Centre was launched with federal First published in 2000, the journal was centre of excellence for research, train- funding, which enabled us to set up an somewhat unique at the time because it ing and professional development in in- office, and begin our research activities,” was electronic. ternational trade, trade policy, law and explains Leach. “By 2002, however, we “Now, we are into Volume 11, and have economics” – may be considered a lofty no longer had that financial support from published about 150 articles by scholars vision for an organization of any size and the federal government and it became and senior trade officials,” says Leach, at any location, but the two full-time apparent that the Centre’s survival as an “and we know that it is being read on six staff at the Estey Centre in Saskatoon, independent organization depended on continents!” 16 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010
  17. 17. During the past year, the journal has featured scholarly articles by academ- ics from Jordan, Kansas, Geneva, South Africa, Germany, Greece, and Belgium, and was chosen by Germany’s Centre for International Development and Environ- mental Research to publish the papers presented at its International Sympo- sium. Wayne Robinson, the Centre’s Director of Professional Development, attributes the Centre’s success to its lean business model and its associates. “We are able to do what we do because we have a stable of very talented associ- ates. We can call on their expertise when and where we need it. We may be a lean organization, but we have a wide area of expertise to draw on.” While most of the Centre’s work is out- side of Saskatchewan and Canada, the Es- was “remarkably successful.” The key to ders of culture, language, and geograph- tey Centre still has strong ties to its home the planning group’s success, he says, is ic location. base. The Centre has completed a large that it is a completely community-driven Much of the Centre’s work for the past number of studies and research projects, project, supported by both public and few years has been focused on the APEC including a study for 12 Saskatchewan cit- private sectors. Economic Integration Program, a $10 ies on the Trade, Investment and Labour The Estey Centre has since taken the million project being done in partner- Mobility Agreement (TILMA) between Humboldt Model around the world to ship with the Conference Board of Can- British Columbia and Alberta. Borneo, Indonesia, by delivering the eco- ada and funded by CIDA. The program One of the Centre’s main projects, nomic development training program to aims to build World Trade Organization- which Robinson and Leach call “the Hum- two communities, in partnership with the related capacity in the countries of In- boldt Model,” truly has Saskatchewan Trisakti University International Business donesia, Philippines, Thailand, Lao PDR, roots. The Humboldt Model is a train- School and the Trisakti School of Man- Cambodia, and Vietnam. Now in its sixth ing program for community and regional agement, both based in Jakarta. and final year, the training program has economic development planning. It origi- This began when the Centre – which, been transferred to institutional partners nated in 2004 when a group of 35 volun- at the time, was delivering trade policy in the six countries. teers based in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, training at Trisakti University – shared With all of this international work – set out to develop a regional economic the concept of the Humboldt Model with which also includes benchmarking trade plan. the University’s personnel, who then facilitation systems and processes in the The Estey Centre acted as a mentor wanted to know if the Model could work Caribbean region for the Caribbean Cus- for the group, which became known as for them. After securing support from toms Law Enforcement Council – Leach Action Humboldt. Based on a program it the Canadian International Development and Robinson say that the Centre is prob- had piloted in rural Manitoba, the Centre Agency (CIDA), they tested the Humboldt ably better known in other parts of the helped the Humboldt volunteers to iden- Model in two Indonesian communities – world than in Saskatoon. tify the economic strengths and challeng- both with great success. One of the com- The idea to base the Centre in Saska- es of their region, and discover how to munities is now building an aquarium to toon was a legacy of its namesake, the build on both for their region to thrive. develop a tourist attraction where visi- late Mr. Justice Willard Estey, a Compan- Humboldt, an agriculture centre with tors can view the local species of exotic ion of the Order of Canada and former almost 30,000 people, has since seen fish that are unique to the region, while Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. positive results. New families have moved the other community is helping residents Leach says that, in the mid-1990s, to the area, and local businesses have ex- manufacture furniture using locally grown “Justice Estey initiated discussions with panded. rattan. the then-Dean of Law, Peter MacKinnon, Robinson says that the economic de- For the Centre, this success shows that about his interest in establishing a lega- velopment training program in Humboldt the Humboldt Model can cross the bor- cy at the University of Saskatchewan by JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 17
  18. 18. raising funds for a chair in international Going Global workshops for Trade Team ewan base to influence international trade law at the College of Law. However, Saskatchewan to introduce Saskatchewan trade relations, with potential projects he was subsequently persuaded to think businesses to international trade. in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Burundi, Laos, in terms of a centre with a much broader In the years ahead, the Estey Centre Southeast Asia, and the Eastern Carib- mandate than simply a Chair, and the Es- will continue working from its Saskatch- bean. tey Centre was created.” Leach, who served for 31 years in the Canadian foreign service, started as the Centre’s first Executive Director in 1999. Robinson joined him ten months later, also after a career with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade; in fact, they both first met in 1981 when posted together to New Delhi, India. The Centre has benefited from Justice Estey’s plan for a Saskatoon base, not only with the Humboldt model, but also through its collaboration with the Univer- sity of Saskatchewan to teach the online post-graduate Master of International Trade (MIT) degree program. The Centre has worked with Saskatche- wan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) by partnering with the organization’s International Projects Unit and teaching FITTSkills courses. It has also provided STEP Exporter of the Year Award Sponsored by Export Development Canada The STEP Exporter of the Year Award was introduced in 1999 to recognize the ex- port achievements of STEP Regular Members. The Award recognizes such achieve- ments based on criteria including: • the introduction of new products/services into new markets • a significant increase in export sales • a high ratio of export sales to total sales • a positive impact on the community through job creation The award recipient will receive public recognition, affirmation of business excel- lence from peers as well as province-wide and international acknowledgment. Applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee of Saskatchewan business leaders involved in providing assistance to exporters. Eligible companies must be Regular Members of STEP who are actively exporting. The submission deadline is August 6, 2010 with the recipient being presented the award at the STEP Trade Conference in Saskatoon on September 29, 2010. For more information, please contact: Heather Swan, Manager - Corporate Services: Telephone (306) 787-7942 or 18 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010
  19. 19. STAMPED WITH THE FAIRDEAL SEAL T his June, Farmer Direct Co-oper- was founded to incorporate fair trade, are looking for certified organic, certified ative Ltd. (FDC) became the first pay equity and other additional ethical fair trade food where all companies in- business in Canada and the Unit- standards into organic agriculture. The volved practice pay equity they need only ed States to receive domestic fair trade fairDeal seal on products is an easy way look for one seal – the fairDeal.” certification. for shoppers to know that their purchase Founded in 2002, Farmer Direct Co-op- The new certification means that FDC supports certified organic farming meth- erative Ltd. is a farmer-owned business is now both certified organic through ods and fair business practices. that provides the world with ethically Pro-Cert Organic Systems and certified “Most of society is unaware that farm grown and traded food. Its co-operative of fair trade through Quality Certification workers in many states and provinces 70 certified organic family farms based in Services. This status makes it the first or- are not protected under Federal, State or the Canadian prairies produce high qual- ganization eligible to carry the fairDeal Provincial Labour laws. Since farm work- ity, 100 percent certified organic grains, seal – an organic industry supply chain ers have no recourse under law they are oilseeds, pulses and meats for food man- non-profit and product seal – on mem- often exploited. Therefore, organic con- ufacturers, distributors and food service bers’ products. sumers are now demanding organic foods providers in Canada, the United States, “People usually associate fair trade that are fairly traded,” says Keith Neu, an European Union and Japan. FDC is a bulk with coffee, sugar, bananas and other FDC farmer-owner from Hudson Bay, Sas- supplier of organic grains specializing in crops from the global south, but fair katchewan. “We are proud to be able to containers, truckloads, railcars and 25 lb wages to farm workers and fair prices to offer certified organic, fairly traded food grain bags to retailer bulk bins. farmers are just as much a concern in in- to these families.” For more information, visit www. dustrialized nations like Canada and the “If we truly believe in democracy and United States,” explains Murray Horkoff, fair trade then we must economically or- an FDC farmer-owner from Kamsack, Sas- ganize ourselves in ways that are demo- katchewan. “Now organic consumers can cratic and fair. Support for organic family purchase fairly traded flax, wheat, beans, farms and pay equity are fundamental to peas, lentils and other crops grown in any system of fair trade. But it has to be the Northern Hemisphere.” easy for consumers,” says Gene Davis, FDC Along with fair prices to farmers and President who farms out of North Portal, living wages to farm workers, fairDeal Saskatchewan. “That’s why if consumers Two ways to get it done, faster. Harvest Faster Increase combine capacity 306.296.2297 Turn your John Deere • by up to 20 percent. haying windrower into a high-efficiency swather. Grain Belt Header JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 19
  20. 20. STEP Staff Members Earn International Designations S TEP staff Jennifer Evancio, Direc- tor - Agri-value and Jeff Thackeray, Manager, Market Intelligence have attained their designations of Certified In- ternational Trade Professionals (CITP). The CITP is the only professional trade designation of its kind and is earned by completing courses and meeting standards and requirements set by the Forum for In- ternational Trade Training (FITT) which is Canada’s international trade training and professional certification authority. Congratulations to these two staff members for this milestone in their pro- fessional careers who now join an impres- sive nucleus of STEP staff who are past recipients of this designation. Register Today! Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) 2010 Trade Conference, September 28 - 29, 2010 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Your opportunity to network with international, national and provincial delegates, sharing your focus on export markets. Conference Agenda and Program at a Glance ♦ Economic Updates/Exporter’s Panel (The Canada Brand) ♦ Social Media and Websites (Leveraging Tools to Increase International Sales) ♦ Avoiding Fraud (Verifying Potential Business Partners) ♦ Exporting and Transportation Issues/Challenges (Saskatchewan Perspective) ♦ Working a Trade Show from Both Sides of the Floor (Ensure ROI) ♦ The Next Frontier in Equipment Sales (New Market Opportunity) ♦ Keynote Address - Ken Schmidt - Marketing Visionary and Former Director of Communications for Harley-Davidson. Visit for registration information and sponsorship opportunities. STEP - Taking Saskatchewan’s Best to the World! 20 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010
  21. 21. OPENING DOORS TO CHINA STEP signs international trade agreement to assist Saskatchewan exporters I n conjunction with the Premier of Sas- katchewan’s trade mission to China to promote trade and commerce op- portunities between Western Canada and Asia, Saskatchewan Trade and Export Part- nership (STEP) signed a trade agreement with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). “Working with a trade and investment promotion agency such as CCPIT is ex- tremely advantageous for STEP mem- bers. With this agreement, we are now able to leverage established trade and economic relations with industrial and business circles in over 800 cities and regions in China,” says Lionel LaBelle, President and CEO of STEP. Established in 1952, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) is China’s national trade and in- vestment promotion agency. As the larg- est institution for the promotion of for- eign trade in China, the organization’s mandate is to promote the development of economic and trade relations in line with law and government policies of the People’s Republic of China. “CCPIT has signed cooperation agree- ments with over 300 foreign counterparts and established joint chambers with for- Front Row: Lionel LaBelle, President & CEO, STEP and Jia Huai, Deputy Director General , eign national and local chambers of com- CCPIT. Second Row: Interpreter, Doug Moen, Deputy Minister to the Premier and Yun Chang, merce. Their national network in China Chief Representative, CCPIT. covers 20 industrial sub-councils in such sectors as machinery, agriculture, pet- this leads to further opportunities for level with China and, most importantly, rochemical, commerce, grain business, STEP members,” notes LaBelle. provides a framework for STEP members and logistics as well as 50 provincial sub- “Clearly, this agreement has the poten- to secure future opportunities.” councils and over 800 local branches. All tial to enhance the international trade JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 21
  22. 22. NEW TECHNOLOGY AND MARKETING TRADE SERVICES STEP Moves Into the Digital World T rade missions and trade shows now expanding this role and will offer hub for activities and information re- have been the cornerstone of in- a full suite of technology-based services ceived in real-time from STEP-led trade ternational business development for members. shows and missions. On-the-fly trade at Saskatchewan Trade and Export Part- One of the new services for STEP leads captured during a trade show or nership (STEP) since its inception in 1996. members are Virtual Trade Missions, mission will be sent to a password pro- While this is still the modus operandi at where members can meet buyers via tected area of the blog accessible only to STEP, the organization is looking at lever- videoconferencing or from a desktop STEP members. aging the latest technology to enhance computer. Where appropriate, sample Trade information, trends, new regu- trade development efforts. products will be sent to buyers followed lations and policies that could impact STEP has launched a new trade devel- by a videoconference/webcast service, Saskatchewan businesses and keep them opment and promotion service using the bringing members in direct contact with informed will be posted to STEP Twitter internet and social media. The organiza- potential buyers. accounts and will be accessible only to tion also recently created a new Tech- Advisory Services are another new STEP members. nology and Marketing Trade Specialist option for STEP members. This internet For further information, contact Dan position, which is held by former Agri- counseling service will help members to Maynard, STEP Trade Specialist, Technol- Value Trade Specialist, Dan Maynard. Dan promote and obtain the right qualified ogy and Marketing at (306) 787-2222 or comes to this role with many years of ex- leads for their web sites. perience in both internet marketing and Training on how businesses can lever- international trade. age social media and the internet is also STEP recently embarked on several available to STEP members via webinars internet and social media pilot projects and live events. that successfully enhanced trade oppor- STEP is also launching a new blog. The tunities for members. The organization is STEP blog will serve as an information Young’s Equipment Inc. is your authorized CASE IH Dealer carrying the full line of Case Agricultural Equipment, including Case High Clearance Sprayers. We also represent other quality equipment manufacturers, including Bourgault, Apache Sprayers and Versatile Tractors. Young’s Equipment Inc. is proud to be recognized as the Farm Equipment Magazine 2009 Dealership of the Year! Assiniboia Moose Jaw Regina Windthorst Weyburn 22 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010
  23. 23. Staff Profile: JEFF THACKERAY: Guiding Saskatchewan into foreign markets W hen Jeff Thackeray saw a ewan companies. When interpre- tive challenges with foreign markets presentation on Saskatch- BY KARLEN HERAUF ewan Trade and Export arise, he relies on past travel expe- Partnership (STEP) during his under- unit. At that time, Market Intelligence rience and thorough research and graduate days, he knew right away operated separately for each ma- analytical skills to give him a greater there was something intriguing jor industry that STEP worked with. breadth of understanding. about the organization. However, in March 2010, Market In- Thackeray also enjoys being part “They were leading the push in the telligence amalgamated into a single of a larger process and team, and province in terms of international STEP unit and Thackeray became its developing an understanding of business,” says Thackeray, who is manager. how countries, policies, and busi- now approaching his fourth year of As manager, Thackeray ensures ness work together. But, what is his employment with STEP . the quality of customized reports favourite part of the job? STEP strives to increase export prepared by his department, seeks “I get paid to learn about new opportunities for Saskatchewan new resources, such as new markets things,” says Thackeray. “I learn businesses into existing and new and new ways of researching, and something new every day.” markets all over the world. Working continues to directly provide Market Thackeray has a Bachelor of Ad- in nine key areas that range from Intelligence for companies. ministration with a specialization in agricultural biotechnology to profes- According to Thackeray, it’s a job marketing from the University of Re- sional services, the organization pro- that is both challenging and reward- gina. Before joining STEP he spent , vides essential services for national ing. time with the Prince Albert Regional and international market success. With approximately 400 member Economic Development Associa- One method to accomplish these companies, the volume of work can tion, now part of Enterprise Sas- goals is through Market Intelligence, be high, but Thackeray enjoys the ac- katchewan. He recently received a the process of gathering and provid- tive challenge of helping STEP’s cli- Certified International Trade Profes- ing information through customized ents make good business decisions. sional designation from the Forum reports to help member companies He leaves the international leg-work for International Trade Training, in make informed business decisions. up to other STEP employees, but he recognition of his exceptional capa- Thackeray joined the STEP team does spend time travelling around bilities in international trade. in 2007 as a Programs and Training the province and the country. And he Specialist. In that position, he helped still gets his share of foreign culture. develop the FITTskills and Agri-Value For Thackeray, one of the biggest Marketing training programs, as well challenges is dealing with cultural as organize annual conferences and and language barriers. other events. Foreign bodies often have different He soon became a Market Intelli- policies that Thackeray must grasp gence multi-sector specialist for the before he can identify successful Technical and Professional services business opportunities for Saskatch- JULY/AUGUST 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 23
  24. 24. … the long range forecast is for blue skies. Carbon Management Experts • Carbon Capture Design and Supply • Enhanced Oil Recovery • Geological Storage • Carbon Credit Management HTC PURENERGY Suite 150 – 10 Research Drive Regina, Saskatchewan Canada S4S 7J7 Telephone: (306) 352-6132 Email: 24 GLOBALVENTURES • JULY/AUGUST 2010