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  1. 1. Rhodes Invention Design & Development, LLC Scott T. Eason Patent Pending: US 12/471,448
  2. 2. • Retractable tether and dye attaches to a personal flotation device (PFD)• The tether attaches to a tube containing fluorescent dye• The tube attaches to the rail of the vessel
  3. 3. PFD Tube with dye The retractable Boat Decktether is attached to The tether the PFD easily retracts from device Retractable Tether during use
  4. 4. The fully extended tether and device releases the contained dye from the tubeReleased Dye
  5. 5. Upon ejection, the dye is released from the tube and into the water. With the PFD wearer in the water, the dye increases visibility and area of location for the use of rescuers and retrievers.Works with a boat that is: Upright Capsized Sunken
  6. 6. • RTD can easily be equipped with current personal flotation devices • The tether is attached to a tube containing fluorescent dye. The tube is attached to the rail of the vessel • The tether retracts, allowing for mobility around vessel• Increases chances of survival • Upon ejection from vessel, and rescue the dye is released into the water• Dye is non-toxic • The dye creates a highly• Allows mobility around vessel visible area to assist in rescue• Ideal for use in lakes, rivers, or retrieval of ejected and the ocean individual
  7. 7. Rhodes Invention Design & Development, LLC 1-877-551-1242