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Plastic surgery beverly hills


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The choice of plastic surgery as specialty was an obvious one for Dr. Payman Simoni. It was the only area of medicine that combines the artist with the scientist. “I loved sculpting and painting,” says Simoni. Since early on in his practice, he found himself constantly struggling with the idea of giving his patients the most pleasing results with the least amount of recovery time and discomfort.

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Plastic surgery beverly hills

  1. 1. Beverly Hills Facelift of the FutureThe SIMONI LIFT TM (also referred to as a"The facelift of the future") is a minor, one-hour procedure with long lasting naturalresults. This facelift procedure wasdesigned by facelift surgeon Dr. PaymanSimoni to improve the laxity of jowls,cheeks, loose neck (turkey neck) and facialskin without the need for majoranesthesia.
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