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Media Powerpoint


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Media Powerpoint

  1. 1. The blood in the bands faces connotes what kind if music they play 80’s style font give a retro feel to the cover – this could indicate the type of music that they play. Shows what other bands or artists will be featured inside the magazine – this connotes to what music genre the magazine is. Quotes from the band, the reader gets an idea of what they’re personalities are like. Shows pictures of other features High angle shot – the band are looking up at the camera – connotes that they are inferior The with font of the masthead stands out against the black background Medium close up of band – picture is also high key lighting – this connotes happiness and fun.
  2. 2. The masthead is in front of the model – connotes he is less important. White font stands out against the black clothing of the model Advertises freebies – will entice the reader. Gerard Way looks angry – this connotes that the story featured about him is more grungy or gothic. Plain blue background is used - Gerard Way stands out – contrasts with his hair. Small number of fonts, font sizes and font colours used. Cover lines and images are placed well around his face – the reader gets a full view of his facial expression High key lighting is used to connotes a contrast between his angry facial expression and the happier lighting.
  3. 3. Green white and black colour scheme – professional. Gerard Way is further forward than the rest of the band – this connotes that he is more important than the rest of them. Only 2 fonts are used – this makes it look less messy and more professional. Advertises freebies to entice the reader Gerard Way is level with the camera – however, the rest of the band are looking down at the camera, this connotes that the band is superior to the reader. Only one other picture is included on the cover – this draws all the attention to My Chemical Romance. Low key lighting – connotes a more grungy style of music