Independent Reading Reflection<br />In three quarters, I have read 10 books. These 10 books were Animal Farm by George Orw...
Independent Reading Reflection
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Independent Reading Reflection


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Rhea's Independent Reading Reflection

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Independent Reading Reflection

  1. 1. Independent Reading Reflection<br />In three quarters, I have read 10 books. These 10 books were Animal Farm by George Orwell; So Yesterday, Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras all by Scott Westerfeld; Forever by Judy Blume; This Lullaby and The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen; and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I found Uglies, The Lovely Bones, This Lullaby and The Truth About Forever to be my most favorite books. This is because they were very interesting and I like the adventure all these books held within them. So Yesterday, Pretties, Specials, and Forever were books that I found to be quite good, but I wouldn’t say they were my most favorite books. This is because these books were only interesting at parts, not throughout. Animal Farm and Extras were my least favorite books. This is because I didn’t find them very interesting and they aren’t the type of books that I like. <br />Well my most favorite book was Uglies. I found the whole storyline to be very interesting and I really liked the adventure theme to it. An aspect that I really liked about the book was the background of each character. I really liked how they would wait for their ‘change’ and how they would sneak out from their house to go to the other side to look at the Pretties. I also found all characters in the book to be very interesting and I really liked their different personalities. <br />My least favorite book was Animal Farm. We read this book in class, and I didn’t like it mainly because it involved a lot of satire. I don’t really like books that involve satire. Also, the genre of this book wasn’t something I would enjoy and I didn’t like how this book mixed humor and satire together. <br />Well I think that at first I didn’t vary the genres, author and topics I read about. This is because, I don’t read very much, so that’s why when I found one book I found interesting, I decided to read more from that same author. Afterwards, I started reading books by Sarah Dessen and Judy Blume, but the books that I read by them were right around the same genre. Also, my friends, who knew I liked these kinds so books, gave these books to me. So in general, I read books by different authors, but the genres were right about the same, so honestly, I didn’t vary what I read mostly. <br />Choosing texts to read is quite difficult for me. This is because sometimes the genre is something I wouldn’t like and also, reading a book by that same author will not vary. I find it hard to read the back of the book and be interested in it, so that’s why I liked it when other people recommended books for me. <br />What I find most challenging about independent reading is having to make time to read. I have other things to do (i.e. homework, sports) and making time to read sometimes gets a little hard. Also, I’m not a bookworm or someone who particularly is interested in reading, so sometimes it’s hard for me to start reading. <br />I could make these challenges easier to overcome by trying to have a set time each day that I read. This way, I’ll get more reading done and I won’t have it conflicting with anything else (i.e. homework, sports, etc.). Another way would be for me to read books that I might find interesting, so that I just want to keep on reading. <br />My goal is to read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and Peeps by Scott Westerfeld by the beginning of May so that I have a variation in the books I read.<br />