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CDM SIG: Fusion MDM for Customer Highlights [2010 OAUG Collaborate]


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This session covers a brief introduction about Fusion Applications and the session progresses into the discussion of some of the highlights of the Fusion MDM for Customer application.

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  • Oracle Fusion Applications has been officially launched by Larry Ellison yesterday on the opening day (9/19/2010) of Oracle Open World. The Fusion Applications will go to GA some time during the first quarter of next year. With this launch, Rhapsody is able to open up this presentation along with audio track.
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CDM SIG: Fusion MDM for Customer Highlights [2010 OAUG Collaborate]

  1. 1. Fusion MDM for Customer – High Lights At CDM SIG Meeting Session# 4676 Mani Kumar Manda Rhapsody Technologies, Inc. OAUG Collaborate 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada Sunday, April 18, 2010 ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 1 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  2. 2. “Guiding Clients through the lesser known path” Learning Objectives • Highlights of Fusion MDM for Customer ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 2 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  3. 3. Safe Harbor Statement • The thoughts and views expressed here in this session are mine and mine exclusively. • Information expressed in this presentation is learned during Fusion Validation sessions I have attended (3 of them – MDM for Customer, MDM for Product and Fusion Financials) in August through November, 2009 • The concepts, technologies, features and functionality described in this presentation may change by the time the product is launched by Oracle • Oracle has lifted all NDAs for Fusion validation session participants ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 3 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  4. 4. What is “Fusion Applications” • Fusion Applications is neither “Fusion Technology” nor “Fusion Middleware”, rather it is a new generation of business application (just like existing EBS, PeopleSoft, or Siebel) that is built using Fusion Middleware from ground up, only better • Fusion applications is – Not any of the current applications; and – It is all of the current applications • mashed up along with usability and business process optimization giving birth to a new set of better applications ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 4 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  5. 5. Consists of • Complete with Industry focus, Built with Open Standards Architecture and Integrated using AIA framework • Process Centric – Everything is done by means of a process – Built with BPA Suite • 1100 Services – Service = Object, e.g.: Invoice – Service Method = Business Process Task, e.g.: Create Invoice • Enhanced Functionality – Facilitates Service Provider model with MOAC combined with BU Mapping – Reusable Chart of Accounts Structure by using Chart Fields and Code Combinations • Native BI – Over 20 Role based Dash Boards ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 5 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  6. 6. Fusion Applications is • A new application that is built ground up – With • Enhanced versions of EBS data model and Siebel CRM data model – Customer Data is based on Enhanced version of TCA framework • PeopleSoft Set IDs & Chart Fields • Extensible Attributes • Date Effectivity • PeopleSoft Trees – Without • Accounting Key Flexfield • FND User • EBS Responsibilities • Operating Units • Business Groups • OICM • Date Track ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 6 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  7. 7. Fusion MDM for Customer - Highlights • Built using enhanced version of Trading Community Architecture • Can store multiple Party Names for a single Party in multiple languages • Collect customer data in one place using Customer 360 functionality • Enhanced search capabilities that can be done using key words or real time search for all key objects – Customer, Consumer and Contact • Can drill down further in to the customer information by clicking on the Customer Name (a link) from the Search results • You can add both Notes and Interactions to the Party data ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 7 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  8. 8. Fusion MDM for Customer - Highlights • Key Tasks – Customer 360 • Create Consumer • Create Customer • Create Contact • Manage Preferences – Customer Search – Quick Create – Customer Center • Data Steward Dashboard – Data Import • File Load • High Performance Bulk Import – Duplicate Identification • Create Duplicate Identification batch • Create Duplicate Resolution Request – Data Cleansing ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 8 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  9. 9. Fusion MDM for Customer - Highlights • Integration with OneSource business information for customer data facilitating the real time sourcing of detailed customer information • Real time deduplication and cleansing of Customer data using Informatica’s matching engine (former Identity Systems matching engine) – You can create the customer anyway if needed ignoring the warning message or choose an existing organization – Deduplication then is carried out on the location information presenting with matching locations. You have an option of using an existing location or create a new location during this process • Real time Address validation using Informatica’s Address solution (former Address Doctor) – During customer entry you can optionally invoke Address validation using a process (thru a button titled Verify Address). You have an option of accepting the verified Address or cancelling the Address verification during customer entry • Batch deduplication and cleansing for all customer data or selected set of customer data – Ability to run batch deduplication in simulation mode • Integrated dashboard with analytics for efficient management of customer data by data steward ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 9 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  10. 10. Fusion MDM for Customer - Highlights • Bulk Import – Batch deduplication – Registry deduplication – Address Validation – What if Analysis – When duplicates exist, option • to import duplicates and automatically create duplicate resolution request • To not import duplicate record – Monitor import process performance ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 10 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  11. 11. Fusion Applications Release Date • All we know at this point is that it will be released later part of 2010 – If I have to guess – Fusion Applications will be released any where between Oracle Open World and End of Year • According to grapevine news – Strategy team is working on next release of Fusion Apps – Development team is seriously drowned in integration testing ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 11 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  12. 12. CDM SIG – To Become a Member Do one of • You can join CDM SIG from OAUG site at • Send a blank email to • Go to CDMSIG Yahoo group at and click on ‘Join this Group’: • Or send an email to expressing your interest in becoming CDMSIG member. You will receive membership application in reply. Upon sending the completed form to, your membership will be enabled. • Members can post their questions, comments, etc., by sending an email to You will have to become member in order to post to this forum. ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 12 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  13. 13. Speaker’s Qualifications Mr. Mani Kumar Manda had been working with Oracle Applications for over 15 years and has implemented Technology Solutions for clients in many industries. Mr. Manda is also the founder and chair for Customer Data Management SIG Mr. Manda is an active and frequent speaker of topics associated with Master Data Management Mr. Manda is the President and Founder of Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., a consulting firm with specialization in implementing Master Data solutions using Oracle’s MDM products. ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 13 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  14. 14. About Rhapsody ■ Founded in 1998 ■ Implementation Services ■ ERP, CRM and MDM solutions ■ Assessment/Auditing ■ Customer Data Quality Assessment ■ Offers MDM Strategy/Auditing/Evaluation Services ■ Packaged Services ■ Build Semantic Customer Model for your organization ■ DQ Discovery ■ DQM Search Optimization ■ DQM Enablement ■ Support Services ■ TCA Functional Support ■ Training/Seminars ■ Provides a week long training on ‘Functional fundamentals of Customer Data Management’ covering topics such as challenges of customer data management, best practices, tasks that need to be considered, TCA and the features of the Oracle Customer Data Hub product. ■ Provides half day and one day MDM awareness sessions for C level executives, functional/departmental heads. ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 14 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  15. 15. QUESTIONS ANSWERS ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 15 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions
  16. 16. Q & Session# 4495 A QUESTIONS ANSWERS Can be reached at: Mani Kumar Manda Rhapsody Technologies, Inc. 1700 Park Street, Suite 205 Naperville IL 60563 Phone: 630-717-1809 Email: Special Interest Groups: Latest Versions can be obtained from: ©2010 Rhapsody Technologies, Inc., All rights reserved. 16 “Mastering” Master Data Solutions