Rob gordon sales skill sets core competencies 2-5-2012


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Rob gordon sales skill sets core competencies 2-5-2012

  1. 1. Rob Gordon‘s PresentationSkill set/core competencies/Experieces/Results
  2. 2. Business Development Specialist- Brand Brief Rob Gordon Brand•Seasoned Sales management professional with over 25+ yearsglobal experience building and expanding profitable enterpriseswhile driving competitive sales tactics and strategic branddevelopment to move companies forward.•Innovative strategist, with proven track record of definingnecessary analytic foundation for development of highly effectiveapproaches to penetrate key markets and capitalize on uniqueopportunities.•Dynamic company representative, developing critical relationshipsthat optimize company positioning. Motivated leader, building top-performing teams aligned with company vision to ensure timely,high-quality delivery on all targets.•Strong cross-cultural background and communications skills, withextensive experience in domestic and international contexts.Flexible, able to work in variety of industries.
  3. 3. Business Development Specialist- Brand Proposition.Executive Manager Operational ExperienceStrategic Business Management Supply Chain Management Operational Cost Management Inventory Forecasting Rob Gordon BrandBusiness Development Sale SpecialistBrand Management Key Account ManagementBrand Incubation & Territory Sales ManagementDevelopment Sales Management
  4. 4. Business Development Specialist – Core Competencies/Skill Set Core Competencies. Sociocultural skills Basic Skills  Customer language (foreign languages)- Italian  Robust knowledge of office  Extensive International traveling experience operations.  Independence  Responsible for launching and trade marketing  Experience with CRM solutions  Creativity three International registered brands that were  Degree  Customer orientation sold both domestically and abroad.  Excellent communication skills  Negotiation skills / deal closing  Trained and managed an International sales force / presentation skills  Willingness to travel that resided in six different countries. 6 1Conceptual skills Specialized Skills Analytical thinking  Strategic Business Structured Work Development skills. Problem-solving skills 5 2  Product/Program Strategic long range Development. sales and operations  Key Account planner Management expertise  Distribution Channel Development 4 3 experience.  Supply Chain Management expertise. Social skills Formal competencies  Enthusiastic team role model  Cross cultural Negotiation competencies  Motivational team Leader.  Experienced Team Leader with resolute  Focused relationship development manager ability to make difficult decisions  Experienced financial operations planner with strong abilities to drive project measureable ROI  Experienced brand manager
  5. 5. Rob Gordon‘s Business Development Experience
  6. 6. Business Development Specialist- Experience Examples of Business Development Management Experience. Long Term cash resource Brand Creation. Management-  Financial Planning. Incubation & Brand growth  Inventory developmental  Supply Chain management establishment of Board of Key  Cost controls. brand. Directors account Business Packaging, Printing, Revenue Development Programming Manager Brand Management.  Sales Team Customer Sales channel Market positioning. Interaction & Expectations Price- Inelasticity/elasticity. management. Management Brand Offering/Value  Distribution propositioning  Sales channel  Sales Promotional planning.
  7. 7. Rob Gordon‘s Business Sales Experience
  8. 8. Business Development Specialist –Business Revenue Generation Sales Experience. Rob Gordon Business Development Triumvirate Sales Generation Sales Management Brand Sales/Management Price Elasticity – inelasticityLead Generation/Prospecting Skills Team Leadership Experience programming experience Extensive Domestic & Territory Sales Management Sales Program developmentInternational Trade Show Experience Experience/Sales Targets. experience Product Market PositioningExtensive International Experience National Key Account Experience Experience.
  9. 9. Business Development Specialist – Sales Experience Sales Experience- Individual Contributor/Team Sales LeaderDistribution Channels Product RangeRetail National Supermarket Chains. Consumer Products food/Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.US Government – PX/Commissary/DECA Non food retail products.National Retail grocery Distributor/Importersdomestically & InternationallyNational & Regional Club Stores/Box Stores. Consumer Products food/Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.National & Regional Drug Chains HBA /non food supplies.National & Regional Food Service on premise Consumer Products food/Alcoholic- nonand off premise direct sale accounts as well as alcoholic service distributor accounts. Imported and exported commodity foodsManufacturing Sector Sales to producers in products and ingredients.the commercial /industrial sector. Sold packaging and commercial supply products.
  10. 10. Business Development Specialist – Territory/Key Account - Skill Set Maintaining relationships with key customers (key accounts) Planning of customer specific Intensify business relations marketing strategies, - actions and with key customers promotionNegotiating and coordinating Maintain customer contactspartner with Key customers to and communication impulsesincrease joint co-operation 7 1 6 2 Advantage for Advantage for customer company 5 3 4 Special customer Improve market position requirements to internal and competitive situation of departments /forward to Control function, the company contact appropriate person. e.g. monitor sales targets Customer Relationship Manager customer Sales management skills Promotions Documentation skills
  11. 11. Business Development Specialist – Sales Experience Sales Experience- Individual Contributor/Team Sales LeaderNon Tangible Sales Consultancy /Financial ServicesDomestic Manufactures and International Consultancy services to executive senior levelmanufactures/growers . owners and C level managers. Services that were contracted to assist and facilitate in the implementation of establishing new export departments focused on foreign markets.Both domestic & International Consultancy services to executive senior leveldistributor/importers /International growers . owners and C level managers. Consultancy project- source and create private label brands of consumer products for export from Europe to the US and from the US to Europe.Producers and manufactures Sold financial services to producers to help said producers to expand their production capabilities. Financial service tools: to lease equipment & buy logistical warehouse transportation efficiencies packages. Extensive experience in selling packaging/supply products
  12. 12. Rob Gordon Sales Management
  13. 13. Sales Team Management – Rob Gordon Skill SetTeam Leadership Skills Industry market research- Long term business trends Sales Training, Personal Skill Set Sales Training Product Knowledge Collaborative Sales Target Planning and joint Clear Professional Expectations maintenance of operational way points, Robust Intrapersonal Skills. including strategic variance adjustment to Accomplished at keeping talent. maintain planned end results Team Leadership Effective bi lateral communications skills Experienced in developing alternative language and methodologies to resolve conflict arising from negotiations in vertical and horizontal environments between team members, between sales division- corporate office and finally to final customers.
  14. 14. Business Development Specialist – Core Competencies/Skill Set Summary of Rob Gordon Complete Professional Offering, Core Skill set. “One message to the customer“ Experiential Package dedicated toward producing consistent back office revenues. Order processing Supply Line Management Marketing Price-Maximization Core Competencies Product development Business Sales development Presentations Sales Quality Territory Project Client Team Leadership Management manager management Internal Team Partners Extended Customer team Consistent and motivational toward all team Project/Product support to members customers’ needs and experience. The composition of a dynamic well rounded experienced professional
  15. 15. Business Development Specialists - Summation Proven Competitor Self Starter Experienced Tenacious DisciplinedStart FinishFocused on Proven competitor able toidentifiable Win long term consitentgoal lines Sales results.