My Sweet Apocalypse: Wk 17


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The Sims 2 Apocalypse Challenge- I've made it to Generation 4 with 11 lifts. It's time to see how the kids are doing and what's going on in my Apocalypse- The Sweet Family.

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My Sweet Apocalypse: Wk 17

  1. 1. I couldn’t find a cover picture of the family but I just know I took it. So, I now have to use an old picture of the Sweet family. =] This week it’s about growing up Generation 4 kids to lift some more restrictions. *Grandma Babette, in the picture, is dead now… Everyone is just a little older than the picture. *sniff* =]
  2. 2. It’s Monday and the kids are home from school, “Hi Grandpa, I got an A + on my report card. “ –Dorita Thanks for reminding me, Dorita. I almost forgot about Grandpa Virgil.
  3. 3. It was time to send Virgil outside to morn Babette. “Why… why leave me all alone?” –Virgil “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.” “Nuts- deep breath- okay, I’m ready.” -Virgil
  4. 4. “Hey, look! Everyone is there… Wait up, I’m coming too!” –Virgil Virgil passed on to the Ghost Bin.
  5. 5. There was lots of crying for a few hours and then I made them do something else.
  6. 6. “What the…? That is not a nice thing to do.” –Redhead Sim “I thought everyone loved water balloon fights.” –Dora He’s a mean Sim. =[
  7. 7. He took her inside and lectured her about University and how studying is fun. Blah, blah, blah was pretty much all Dora could hear.
  8. 8. “I think it’d be wonderful if you talked to my son. He’s adorable.” –Chaya “For some strange reason what you say makes sense and because I like you, I will be glad to.” –Christy Christy is high in Business and I really want it lifted soon. Maybe she and Dorian will hit it off later.
  9. 9. “I don’t want to play Chess right now. My grandfather just died.” –Dorian You mean you’re shy? “NO! I’m sad and I might cry; plus she’s kind of old.” –Dorian Pfft… just play chess. She’s a nice Sim.
  10. 10. Upstairs there was a little drama. Datum tried to go to bed but Clarence gave her a good scare and she passed out before she could get into bed, Poor baby.
  11. 11. “My sister is so strange, she’s sleeping on the floor- should I wake her?” –Dorita Funny how they’re worried or embarrassed by it- XD
  12. 12. Datum did wake up and got into bed; the girls slept well from then on. =]
  13. 13. The Law career showed up and it’s something I want to lift. Dorian is sent to University to grow up. “Bye Sweetie. Be good and stay safe!” –Chaya He’ll be right back, no worries.
  14. 14. “Look Mother Dearest, I got an A+ too!” –Datum Woot! XD
  15. 15. “Wow, you got to get big? How do I get to grow up and have a fun life?” –Barin Jr (or his twin)
  16. 16. “I’m going to miss you, Son!” –Devin
  17. 17. Dorian stayed long enough to build the house for his sisters who might come next, depending on the jobs, and then changed into those wonderful clothes… just what an apocalypse Sim needs to wear. XD
  18. 18. It is cool that mom and son have the same colors on. XD The Sim in the background is married to one of the spars, not sure which. I see she has on one of the Maternity outfits I downloaded but I forgot to remove the default replacement outfits first. It’s all messed up. XD
  19. 19. Yay… it’s only level 3 in Law but he’s got the job. =D
  20. 20. “Daddy, you’re home!” –Datum Just spam. XD
  21. 21. Since he got all his body skills from a bookcase he had the want to get in shape. Now he’s platinum for work tomorrow. “I’m strong enough to fight the Aliens if I get abducted.” –Dorian Sure you are. XD
  22. 22. Promotion spam to Level 4 =D
  23. 23. Oh, no… you know someone is going to come looking for you now. “Why? I don’t see anything… OH MY Gawd!” –Chaya What? Tell meee. O.O “Nothing, nothing at all; I’m going to go cook or something, anything.” –Chaya
  24. 24. Look who it is- Marsha Sweet.
  25. 25. “You quit looking in our windows, you hear me? Your Uncle and I are private Sims.” –Marsha “Whaahahah. I promise I won’t do it again.” -Chaya Seems Chaya is too nice to push her back.
  26. 26. “Oh, Gross. He’s two bolts into the negative.” –Christy Yeah, they’re negative and there is nothing I can do will give them even one bolt. Too bad… but she’s there if I need her.
  27. 27. “Ohhh, Marsha shouldn’t have poked me like that. I could have shoved her back or told her off.” –Chaya Yeah, I don’t think so. You’re too nice, Chaya. You can’t do it. “I could. Maybe I’ll tell her how her hair has split ends or that she has a smudge on her shirt.” –Chaya That’s it; give her a piece of your mind.
  28. 28. Dorita’s birthday! Teen titans…. GO! XD
  29. 29. Poof… She’s a bleached blonde. XD Dorita rolled Fortune with a LTW of earning 100k. I like her now. I like fortune Sims and that’s an easy LTW XD
  30. 30. This is a backup for Christy. If Dorian and Christy aren’t good together then hopefully Juan and Dorita will be. “I can beat you in a game of chess.” –Dorita … He looks mean to me… O.O
  31. 31. Chaya is downstairs taking all her anger out on the poor painting. Let it all out, Chaya. “Mean, mean Sim. Poking me and yelling at me.” –Chaya
  32. 32. “That was easy.” Much love to the bookcase- for Apocalypse challenges. XD
  33. 33. “AHHHHhhh- hahahah!” –Devin loved it
  34. 34. Oh crap, Dorian. You had to spy on your relatives, too? XD
  35. 35. Yes, yes… they’re both lazy and nice. I blame Clarence… He was cute though. XD
  36. 36. “Can I get another scholarship?” –Dora Yes, it was time to send Dora. Nothing new, just the girls are ready to go.
  37. 37. “Bye, Dora. Call me often!” –Chaya “I’m going to be leaving soon too, Mom. You can wave to me now.” –Dorita
  38. 38. Kaching! Dorian got a promotion and then back to work- Platinum.
  39. 39. “He’s got my favorite seat!” –Datum Dang that relative keeps inviting himself over.
  40. 40. LOL - I like the cutscenes sometimes. XD
  41. 41. Promo Level 6… “I have a present for you if you talk to my son… don’t take it unless you mean it.” –Chaya “It is a big box and it’s a cute little bow… Okay!” –Sim
  42. 42. “How about we play some kickybag or maybe toss the ball a little?” –Dorian “Ew, no. I’m going to go up on the roof and sit in the hot tub now. If you want to join me that’s fine.” –Sim.
  43. 43. “I’m home from work.” –Devin “Click-Pow! Good for you, Dad.” –Dorita
  44. 44. “Hmm hmh. Yep… uh huh. Like sure.” –Dorita Hi Virgil!
  45. 45. Oh, goody- a ghost party upstairs. They must check out their old beds. XD
  46. 46. Lol~ I hope the phone rang before you looked through the telescope again. “Sure, I’d love to woohoo one day. Are you offering?” –Dorian You wish she was asking. XD
  47. 47. I invited Marsha and her family… No pushing and shoving this time. =D
  48. 48. It was cake time… I let Chaya make a cake. They’ve got enough birthday cake. “So, uh… pushed anyone lately, Aunt Marsha?” –Chaya
  49. 49. It was Datum’s birthday…. Weee!
  50. 50. “I need a taxi at Apocalypse Lane. I’m going to University.” –Dorita Well, crud. I’ve gotten lax in my picture taking. I had to have taken pictures of Datum growing up. =[
  51. 51. “Bye, Sis. I’ll get to go to University soon, too.” –Datum I do have a picture! She’s …wait for it…a Popularity Sim. *sigh* I let the dice decide.
  52. 52. Datum wanted to meet her family so she took a nap then when upstairs to watch the stars for hours. She felt a little sad that they didn’t come visit her on her birthday. =[
  53. 53. When she got too tired I sent her to Uni. She’s got some scholarships and her body skills. No need for a job scholarship. “Have fun in Uni… I wish I could have stayed.” –Dorian Yeah, I’m sorry Dorian. =[
  54. 54. “She didn’t say goodbye to me.” –Devin She still love you, I’m sure. =[
  55. 55. “Hi. Remember me? You lectured me about studying and Uni? I made it into Uni.” –Dorita
  56. 56. “What, you got scholarships? You can’t be that smart, it must be family money.” –Sim “Uh?” –Dorita He’s out of the running for husband… then I remembered he one of her aunt’s boyfriends. Good save XD
  57. 57. They took the bookshelf with them… which they really didn’t need. There isn’t much they can do so I should have let them study longer.
  58. 58. “Uhm, s’cuse me. I need to go to class and you’re blocking the door.” –Dorita
  59. 59. They haven’t changed majors so they have class together…
  60. 60. The go to a community lot first. This way they go to two classes a day and get to meet some new Sims. “Hey, babe. You look so sweet. How about leaning in and giving me a little sugar.” –Sim “Uhm… no thanks.” –Dora
  61. 61. Yay- They get food on Community Lots now. =D
  62. 62. “Click- Pow! Heya.” –Chaya You might as well forget about him. He’s one of your aunt’s boyfriends too. XD
  63. 63. “Dorita.” –Juan “Hi, Juan.” –Dorita She might be a little tired looking for a boyfriend.
  64. 64. “I hope we become best friends. I think you’re special.” –Juan “How sweet.” –Dorita
  65. 65. “Juan.” –Dora “Dora.” –Juan Sure… I like Dora, too. She could be the heiress.
  66. 66. Or he could be the guy; Roberto’s in Architecture. He brought his friend, Bairn, with him when he visited. Maybe he feels shy? XD
  67. 67. They have two bolts and I like them together. =]
  68. 68. D’aaw~ Dora gets her first kiss first.
  69. 69. “So…” –Dora “So?” –Roberto “Goodnight.” –Dora “sigh… Good night.” –Roberto
  70. 70. “I made out with Roberto. I think he’s the one.” –Dora “The one what?” –Datum “Oh, Datum. You’re so sweet and innocent.” –Dora
  71. 71. “There’s a disturbance in the force. I need to go home.” –Dora Yep… there’s a job for Dora since she’s got the skills and a potential husband.
  72. 72. Awesome! I love this outfit… I’d never wear it in RL but cool. XD
  73. 73. “You didn’t stay away long.” –Dorian “There’s a job I can lift now.” –Dora Okay… Architecture showed up on the computer at level 6. Her boyfriend is at level 1. I don’t want to break them up and I want to lift Architecture… this seemed the best. Dora won’t be the Heiress and that’s sad. =[
  74. 74. “Woot~ Love these ghosts.” –Devin I know you do. XD
  75. 75. Dora wanted to get in shape, there seems to always be guests now… so it’s upstairs for everyone.
  76. 76. I’ll end it here. There are NO cacti- you don’t see anything back there. (I forgot to turn off decorations) Next chapter will have Uni… because nothing happened that’s fun in Uni. Thanks so much for reading ~ Happy Simming! <3 Check out Boolprop- -for Sims 2 and Sims 3 stories of all kinds! =D