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My Asylum pt3


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The end of their first week, and time to make a few Best Friends. This is still going well :)

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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My Asylum pt3

  1. 1. The Sims in my Asylum Welcome Back!
  2. 2. I did… I let him flirt with an inmate. He wanted the boost. She might be in love with him now. My bad. Can they have parties? I didn’t find it in the rules.
  3. 3. I tried to get free food but he didn’t catch any fish and the garden is slow in the Winter. He can always dig up some more stuff to sell, I hope.
  4. 4. Bugs! The plants are nearly dead but hanging on.
  5. 5. Woot~ They will answer the door and get deliveries. “Food? Would you like to come in?..” –Imur Mummy “Not on your life. Take it so I can run.”
  6. 6. “Who rang the doorbell? What’s going on?” –Itza “You’re a Wackadoodle, aren’t you?” -Jessica
  7. 7. “Is it over? Someone tell me if it’s over!” She’s a scary zombie.
  8. 8. 1- 1 Best Friend!
  9. 9. 2 – 2 Best Friends “This doesn’t feel right.” It’s fine.
  10. 10. Dora Ottomas hates Bunny. Now she’s cheating Jessica out of her paper reading.
  11. 11. “Hello. Are you the Easter Bunny?” “Heeheee hee!”
  12. 12. Moar Salad.
  13. 13. “No one vill admit to my genius.” “Because you’re not. You’re a quack.”
  14. 14. More Cooking Skills… Why is he sitting there chatting to his old friends? New Friends! Moar Friends.
  15. 15. “hee hee?” “Zzzz” Bunny is always watching. O.O
  16. 16. Night view… I’m kinda bored when most are asleep. Not one passed out Sim, except in their food. Not one bladder failure. Not one burnt meal. Oh, the suspense. =[
  17. 17. Pleasantview Kingdom… My BACC town. I wish the trees showed better. It takes so much time to add them and make it look great in NV.=]
  18. 18. Well, that’s #4 food passout. Hahahahh! It does look funny to see Grim with his face in his food. XD
  19. 19. I used the floor divider thingy because it’s easier to see both rooms.
  20. 20. Pancakes? “Yes.” Not fish pancakes, right? “No. I like my fishies too much to cook them.”
  21. 21. 3 – 3 Best Friends!
  22. 22. “I love this show!” “Hee heehee?”
  23. 23. Don was invited over and he brought a friend.
  24. 24. Aw… She’s almost a bestie for Julien. Bunny actually got a phone call. =]
  25. 25. Wait… Doc Therapist is walking away from the oven…
  26. 26. Nuts - Jessica walked over and pulled his pork out of the fire.
  27. 27. “Heehee?” Nope, the phone call is for Imur Mummy.
  28. 28. “Julien, do you want to flirt or dance or maybe go on a date with me?” –Itza No can do… no dates with the inmates.
  29. 29. We have Tomatoes!
  30. 30. Thanks for the money, Don. The piano is going to pay some bills now. =] His main money supply is gone with the snow.
  31. 31. No, just not going to happen, Don. The only fun Don added was cash to the tip jar.
  32. 32. “Excellent. I was getting hungry and damn if a chef doesn’t appears.”
  33. 33. Mathew had to settle for some spoiled pork chops. I am so glad he didn’t get sick. That’s one drama I don’t like.
  34. 34. Doc Therapist is our first piano player in the Zone.
  35. 35. “I vill take a hot bat while ve talk.” “Not planning on talking yet.”
  36. 36. “You can go first, I don’t want to talk anyway.” “I AM ALWAYS FIRST.” “Please, just be talking. I vill listen to both.”
  37. 37. Hmm… bacon and eggs. Love this CC. =]
  38. 38. 4 – 4 Best Friends!
  39. 39. Bathroom jam up~ Normal morning.
  40. 40. “I SMELL BREAKFAST.” You can’t smell. “I CAN TOO.”
  41. 41. “Oh, Mathew. It’s been so long since you flirted with me.” Finally these two are acting like a married couple.
  42. 42. After all the playing, Julien had to use his two mechanical skills to tune it.
  43. 43. I might have let Julien flirt with the Social Bunny, too. I see Bunny loves the Therapist. That make sense to me.
  44. 44. Well damn, they’re getting along. No cat fights today.
  45. 45. New Friend- woot.
  46. 46. “Is this how we walk?” “That’s it. Hunch over and make moaning noises.” Supernatural practice.
  47. 47. New Friend? “Hey, Thanks for stopping. Some people seem to run when I walk out to greet them.”
  48. 48. “Is everyone ready for school? The bus is on the way.” The topics they talk about.
  49. 49. Hm… Sure! Sounds like a great plan.
  50. 50. Oh, great. I bet she’s a Romance Professor.
  51. 51. New Sim Visitors! That’s Darren Dreamer.
  52. 52. Yay! The pond unfroze.
  53. 53. Except Julien is on a date and can’t fish. Don’t let the soul sucking Romance Professor get to you.
  54. 54. “Moar Fishies!” Gaw, come one Julien. Get me some fish.
  55. 55. A badge but no fish. Is that really possible? O.o
  56. 56. “WE SHOULD BREAK OUT OF HERE TONIGHT.” “Ve are not in a safe, Mr. Grim.”
  57. 57. 5 – 5 Best Friends
  58. 58. For a second there I thought she was fixing the tub. I was wrong, she’s just taking a bath. Le sigh. =]
  59. 59. At the End of the Winter Rotation, Julien has only 6 Best friends and all of them are inmates. “It’s been a Great Week.” –Julien I need to work faster. =[
  60. 60. “I want to go home or to a club or how about an espresso machine… anything fun.” There’s a couch- go jump to your hearts content. “sigh.”
  61. 61. Thanks for reading <3 Join us next time at…. My Asylum!