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Asylum challenge, 5


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Spring at the Asylum.. a Sims 2 Challenge.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Asylum challenge, 5

  1. 1. 5
  2. 2. The Sims in my Asylum Welcome Back to part 5!
  3. 3. Continuing…. Julien has learned to take showers so the peepers can’t see anything.
  4. 4. I know I randomized personalities… why are there so many neat Sims. “I AM NOT NEAT, I AM BORED.” Whatever, it seems the same.
  5. 5. I think Itza loves to be the last one to get a bath… she’s always wandering around in her delicates.
  6. 6. Have you notice there is always a Sim that just doesn’t like your Sims? Julien’s ‘Never to be a friend’ Sim is Dagmar. She won’t come over when asked; he might like her, but she doesn’t feel the same. XD
  7. 7. Who said they could have jobs and not be available when my Sims call. XD *Yes, I play a lot with the walls down when I need to see walkbyes.
  8. 8. It’s New Friends day.
  9. 9. “Grrr, you’re in my way. I invited you inside… I’ll talk to you later.”
  10. 10. Yes, he was in the way of his make out/ best friend possibility.
  11. 11. Now he’ll talk to the new townie. “That was good.” – New Romance Professor
  12. 12. Pink Bunny’s first time on the Whirly gig.
  13. 13. Next thing I saw was Grim running to the toilet. O.o
  14. 14. And then he tossed his cookies. I don’t remember getting a notice of him being sick with food poison. O.o
  15. 15. Pink Bunny got a phone call. That’s always cute to me.
  16. 16. “THE TOILET IS CLOGGED. WILL YOU TO FIX IT?” “Oh, okay. I guess so.” Yeah, Grim clogged the toilet with his puke-gross. 
  17. 17. It was pretty bad. I wonder who learned to take a shower, too? Hmm.
  18. 18. More Money, More Money! “He’s almost as fun as Pink Bunny.”- Townie
  19. 19. I’m glad to see you got dressed before going outside to fish.
  20. 20. Come on, Sam. You know you want to visit.
  21. 21. There ya go- 20 Best Friends! Except he has to make 2 more. I didn’t cheat, he did them on his own, just not while I was playing his house. So,… 2 more BFs to go.
  22. 22. “Hi! I’m one of the new Simselves you added. Do you need another best friend? I’m available. ” Hi, Simself Rose (WistfulRose) Yep, you know you’re friend fodder now.
  23. 23. “It’s a welcome me to the neighborhood present.” “You mean to welcome me to the neighborhood.” “That’s what I said- Welcome Me.” She gave him an expensive TV.
  24. 24. I believe they’ll be fast friends. She even liked his jokes.
  25. 25. What? How could you burn lunch? “I don’t know… I stood here the whole time.”
  26. 26. Grim is still puking… I hope he gets well. Julien doesn’t know how to make the special soup.
  27. 27. More Friends coming over? “Of course.”
  28. 28. “I’m tired of all these Gestures.” They work fast and are never denied. Do them all… and maybe twice.
  29. 29. New friends come over and offer a date… Why yes, he is interested.
  30. 30. While Julien waited for his date to drop in, Sam is now a Best Friend! One to go…
  31. 31. Wait… what? She turns down his flirt? Isn’t she a romance professor like the last two?
  32. 32. “Why is he standing there staring at me?” I don’t know… why don’t you stop fishing and talk to him? “I don’t want to. I love fishing.” *sigh*
  33. 33. “Hey, Social Bunny! Can you hear me?” Lol~ I wonder who’s playing the piano. All my Sims are good at it.
  34. 34. Aw, Sam has an admirer. “Woot! Makeover Marathon is on.”
  35. 35. Oops, It’s not just Sam, he likes all the ladies.
  36. 36. “They can’t leave this place. That’s why they keep inviting us over.” “Hee-hee?” “Yes, it is too a prison.”
  37. 37. “Bad move, mummy guy.” WistfulRose had a good time at the Asylum. She’s very social. XD
  38. 38. Weird Stalker Sim even got a hug from her. “I’m scared not to hug him.” You and me both.
  39. 39. Ladies time in the kitchen. “Aren’t you worried he’ll follow us home?” –Rose “Not me. I plan on leaving before you.” –Sam “As long as he leaves, I’m happy.” –Jessica
  40. 40. We-ell. You know he’s married… and you’re not tired. “Hee hee.” Oh, you’re hiding from the stalker Sim. I see.
  41. 41. They all followed Bunny upstairs. Rose gets to try out the Whirly gig. *I really should try and remember what the contraption is called.
  42. 42. All the guests are gone, it’s back to a quiet home.
  43. 43. *sigh* Grim doesn’t look so great without his robes.
  44. 44. One more Best Friend… He invited the old Sim who ‘Brought a Friend’ – Cassandra.
  45. 45. Morning Gossip time~ I’m stunned they’re not all in the bathroom.
  46. 46. Ahahahaaa! At least it’s not for her soul. “OR IS IT?”
  47. 47. These two aren’t getting along. “But it was a funny joke.” “It was rude joke.”
  48. 48. Matthew is having a hard time with his jokes today. “We need a computer so I can get new material.” “NEW MATERIAL WOULD BE AN IMPROVEMENT.” *yawn
  49. 49. Fresh Sims to torture… Mwhahahaa! “Eeep”
  50. 50. And there she is- Number 22 Best friend. The Challenge is over- they’re all free. Just don’t tell them yet. This was the easiest Asylum I’ve ever played. 
  51. 51. Look who walked by… Simself Katie Cat. That’s right. I have all the Simselves from You all will wander my neighborhood 4Evar… as Sim Fodder! ;) “Hey, nice to meet you. Where are all the fun spots?” “There aren’t any.”
  52. 52. “Did I hear the challenge is over and we’re free?” Uh… no? Go get dressed. Bunny is happy- I wonder what s/he got.
  53. 53. You can cook, I’ve seen you. “Someone will cook something soon.” One Sim who doesn’t cook- Yay.
  54. 54. Julien called the last date back over.
  55. 55. She really did like him… she was Playing hard to get. Best friend #23
  56. 56. She then wandered over to hit Bunny with a bag of bricks. “HEEHEE?!” I think it hurt.
  57. 57. “Ahahahaaa! Stupid Bunny.” “hee…hee?” *sob It was sad. Bunny is too nice to hit her back.
  58. 58. Finally, a date gift. He’ll stored it for later use.
  59. 59. “Hee hee heee… *sob” “Yes, let it all out.”
  60. 60. Okay, Grim is well now. I had to go the whole Season for my BACC rules.=D “I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR CLEANING UP AFTER ME.” “You’re totally welcome, Grim.”
  61. 61. The Asylum Challenge- created by Scout Used Influence / Money Cheat to build only/-14 days Total points- 321 (no one died, no one hit an aspiration failure  ) I failed at making it fun. *wahhhaaa!*
  62. 62. Social Bunny 7 skills/ 49 Aspiration points…and 2 extra friends
  63. 63. Itza Zombie 6 Skills, 6 Aspiration points… and no extra friends. She wasn’t very successful but I liked her.
  64. 64. Grim… Fandango! XD 16 Skills, 12 Aspiration points… and no extra friends.
  65. 65. Doc Therapist 19 Skills (piano genius), 12 Aspiration… No extra friends.
  66. 66. Jessica Picaso 14 Skills, 16 Aspiration… Nina doesn’t count.
  67. 67. Matthew Picaso 15 Skills, 21Aspiration… No other friends.
  68. 68. Imur Mummy 15 Skills, 6 Aspiration… 1 extra friend.
  69. 69. Thanks so much for reading! Check out more Sims 2/3/4 Stories on by a lot of other, better Writers. <3