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Asylum challenge, 4


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8 Sims stuck in an Asylum... only one can be controlled. It's Spring time at the Asylum.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Asylum challenge, 4

  1. 1. 4
  2. 2. The Sims in my Asylum Welcome Back to part 4!
  3. 3. It’s Spring time at the Asylum.
  4. 4. “Where’s your body?!” Somehow the special clothes glitched and my Social Bunny doesn’t have her outfit in all categories as I assigned it.
  5. 5. I’ve lost count of his best friend. His LTW is 20 BFs. I’ve had to change his friend count because he somehow got two new BFs friends while I was playing other lots.  He has to earn 22 BFs to free them all and let me finish.
  6. 6. These dang Sims cook too much. They serve meals all day long…. Never seen it before in any of my games. 
  7. 7. Aw…The Therapist is breaking down after watching Matthew sleep.
  8. 8. Maybe he feels better after tossing his cookies on the whirly thingy.
  9. 9. Dang it… Grimy’s outfit is glitched up, too. I don’t know why they changed. 
  10. 10. “I FEEL EMPTY.” “Jeez, please continue.” I decided to change them into their outfits- as long as I fully close the panels I don’t think it’s cheating. I worked hard to make their outfits usable.
  11. 11. “Madam?” “I’m not falling for it again, Bunny.” “Madam, I’m not Bunny.” “Hush up. I’m playing.”
  12. 12. “It’s my food. I sat here.” “I don’t care. I selected it first.” “Why can’t I have it?” If they’re not fast enough to get the one served plate, it’s up for grabs.
  13. 13. The morning meal chat.
  14. 14. That’s right, I threw a party! Not that everyone wanted to show up.
  15. 15. Yay! Frozen Sam showed… and the rest of the Brave guests.
  16. 16. It’s a line upstairs to use the Whirly gig thingy. I’m betting Sam is ticked she has to wait in line.
  17. 17. Jessica, that’s not Grim… That’s Imur Mummy. Maybe she’s asking Grim to get him out.
  18. 18. The party is going well… It’s so much fun around here. Maybe this place is known for it’s fabulous fishing parties~ I hope.
  19. 19. Sam’s having fun with her favorite toy. “Wweeee! Make it go Faster.”
  20. 20. Aw, kitties and bunnies do get along in the wild. XD
  21. 21. Are Grim and Pink Bunny best friends? How sweet.
  22. 22. Come outside and join the fishing party, Sam. “I rather watch this season of Makeovers.”
  23. 23. “Hey, Beautiful. Are you inviting me to your place? “Never. I have to invite you to a garden park.” “Is it like a date?” “Not in the least.” Excitement all around.
  24. 24. “What are you doing?” “I’m trying to break this water balloon on your face.” Yes, this is our idea of a fun party!
  25. 25. Julien loves to party… I just don’t want him to loose his other potential friends. Itza doesn’t mind.
  26. 26. I got this notice about their friend status. I bet if they would have shown up they’d be besties by now. XD
  27. 27. “FISHING IS NOT SO BORING.” I wish they had some bone fish or something spooky. XD
  28. 28. He’s got the party guests relationships as high as he can. It was time to work the phones- which sounds bad. I find it’s easy to make best friends once the daily is up to 100--let them alone until the bottom meter is high enough and poof-best friends. It doesn’t take very long. 
  29. 29. Yay! It must have been the Makeover Marathon TV show Sam got everyone watch which tipped the scales to a Roof Raiser party.. .Because, really, the party was boring. XD
  30. 30. She doesn’t look happy… they never look happy. Smile, dang it. “Meh, I don’t want to.”
  31. 31. Even Pink Bunny is happy. I have no idea why. These Sims are too happy which makes for a sad Asylum player. Isn’t that weird? XD
  32. 32. “Why’s everyone in the bathroom watching my wife bathe?” “We’re waiting for the toilet… are You done yet?” “I HAVE A BEST FRIEND.”
  33. 33. “If you don’t leave now, Bunny, I’m going to start charging you to watch.”
  34. 34. Lol! This is where the next party should be held. It’s the most fun room in the whole asylum.
  35. 35. That’s right. Julien needed to fix the tub. Maybe Bunny won’t have to spend so much time cleaning the floor.
  36. 36. And on to the piano.
  37. 37. If only it would help the household money.
  38. 38. There goes all the food. At least Grim cooks well.. “PORK CHOPS ARE DONE.”
  39. 39. Aren’t there rules against sleeping with your Therapist? Lol!
  40. 40. Dinner and a movie… XD
  41. 41. It seems Mathew is getting his revenge - tub time with Bunny.
  42. 42. I know Bunny is gaining skills-more than just the piano, which everyone uses.
  43. 43. Aw, Bunny loves animals~ fishies and kitties.
  44. 44. Someone doesn’t want to cook. “If I wait long enough someone will make something good.”
  45. 45. Trying to get back the relationships that had fallen. 
  46. 46. Doc~ You’re so sweet. I love it.
  47. 47. Mathew got a face lift.
  48. 48. I wonder what Doc and Grim are planning.
  49. 49. Maybe he was talking about all the Gold he was earning with the guests. XD
  50. 50. Everyone loves his playing.
  51. 51. Ah ha! The guests are the ones eating all the food! I thought it was my Sims but nooo- my Sims have to cook a lot so they can eat.
  52. 52. Hmmm – I was hoping there would be hearts but maybe these two haven’t flirted yet. Future planz.
  53. 53. Didn’t you make enough Gold? “Is dis Challenge over yets?” No… 
  54. 54. It’s about time you got dressed. “Oh, such pretty fishes.”
  55. 55. Julien doesn’t catch many fish… I’m hoping Sims will make friends.
  56. 56. I noticed they weren’t besties so that’s done.
  57. 57. “THEY ARE NOT TIPPING ME ENOUGH.” That’s what he said… I mean~ Sorry?
  58. 58. “Heehee?” Fine! I’ll order more food.
  59. 59. “I feel evil eyes on me.” Don’t turn around… and don’t run.
  60. 60. “This place is Awesome!” “You can take my place.” Matthew
  61. 61. Woot! He made some fish. Nice. =D
  62. 62. Another Best Friend!
  63. 63. Freakin’ Crud~ Who let him inside?
  64. 64. “Please take me with you. They’re all crazy but I’m not.” “Sorry. Not in my job description.”
  65. 65. Lining up new Besties for tomorrow. XD Sam will be a BF soon.
  66. 66. Someone kick the guests out, they’ve stayed so long they’re getting stinky.
  67. 67. They’re not even socializing with the inmates…
  68. 68. Oh, come on. You know you were never invited to stay. =D
  69. 69. “Your sink is broken.” –evil smiling Sim “Bunny will be up soon to mop.” “You want to talk?” “Nope.”
  70. 70. It’s a contest to see who cleans the most…
  71. 71. Oh, Bunny lost. Jessica found the last puddle to mop up.
  72. 72. When did you meet her? It must have been while I was playing a different family.. And why is her skin messed up?
  73. 73. This is where I’ll leave, too. Bye, Guests, Come back soon. I forgot to write down his friend count. I will say it’s easier to make best friends then it is to top a career. Thanks for Reading! <3