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  1. 1. LEGEND Existing Pipe Dish Drain Catch Pit (Type 1) Catch Pit (Type 2) Telecom Network Plot Connection Underground realignment of existing overhead 22 kV CEB Network. 22 kV Cable. LV DP4 LV Feeder Cable from CEB Plantroom Sleeves Service Cable to each Plot Distribution Pillar Street Lighting Pole Refer to Road crossing schedule for Electrical Infrastructure LV DP2 LVDP2 LVDP4.1 LVDP4.1 LVDP4.1 LVDP4.1 LVDP4.1 Road 1 CP1-8a CP3-1 CP1-1 CP1-2 CP1-3 CP1-4 CP1-5 CP1-6 CP1-7 CP1-8 CP1-9 PLOT 22 PLOT 36 PLOT 24 PLOT 34 PLOT 19 PLOT 20 PLOT 35 PLOT 21 PLOT 23 Air Valve in chamber Air Valve in chamber Drain Valve in chamber EXISTING HT EXISTING HT EXISTING HT EXISTING HT EXISTING HT EXISTING HT EXISTING HT EXISTING HT EXISTING HT EXISTING HT 0.0020.00 0.00 20.00 40.00 60.00 80.00 100.00 Road 3 20.00 40.00 60.00 80.00 100.00120.000 140.00 0.00 L3T No.4 L3T No.4 Telecom Distribution Cubicle N U/G 22kV Cable to connect to existing Pole O/H network SDP MV18 SDP MV19 ADP MV8 SDP MV20 L3T No.4 DP 4.1 Draw Pit SC 7 (LV) Draw Pit SC 8 (LV) E=996687.293 N=997478.659 E=996674.003 N=997485.394 E=996664.255 N=997485.365 E=996650.990 N=997479.287 E=996644.842 N=997465.829 E=996639.227 N=997448.780 E=996641.533 N=997434.294 E=996634.761 N=997428.485 E=996625.037 N=997433.339 E=996626.519 N=997422.011 E=996630.952 N=997413.340 ADP MV7 ADP MV6 SDP LV5 SDP MV17a Draw Pit SC 4 (LV) Draw Pit SC 5 (LV) Draw Pit SC 6 (LV) Round About 1 RC 26 RC 31 RC 32 RC 33 Note : Refer to drawing 2878-CU-301 for position of sleeves entering draw pit in order to have a proper bending radius Air Valve in chamber SDP MV Tee 160x160x160 + Reducer 160/110 (2 Nos.) Job No Drawing Status Discipline Scale at A1 Drawing No Rev Drawing Title Job Title Client Date By Chkd Appd A1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N Do not scale Rev CC-001 C22878 1:750 FOR CONSTRUCTION Civil COORDINATED SERVICES LAYOUT Sheet 1 of 8 / /C1 15 03 13 Reza B. P.G P.G ISSUED FOR CONSTRUCTION N KEY PLAN KP 1 KEY PLAN 1 / /C2 22 04 13 Reza B. P.G P.G UPLIGHTER AT PLOT SERVICE HUB MODIFIED