More Bookings with the Global Distribution System


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Are you looking to attract new guests or fill midweek bookings? Through this presentation, you’ll see just how powerful the Global Distribution System (GDS) is by listing your property’s inventory on hundreds of travel sites and with more than 600,000 travel agents. The GDS increases your online exposure, creates the potential for revenue increases, and allows you to maximize your marketing dollars.

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More Bookings with the Global Distribution System

  1. 1. Josh Wise VP Business Development
  2. 2. • Established in 2005 • Located in Denver, Colorado • 21 Employees WHO WE ARE • Software and Internet Services • Independent Properties Only • 100 Rooms or Less WHAT WE DO • Founders of RezStream Set the Tone • Hire Passionate Professionals • Education WHY WE DO IT
  3. 3. • Married 5 years, Together for 19 • 4 Year Old Daughter • Born and Raised in Denver • Sports Enthusiast • 5 Years at RezStream • Oversee Sales, Marketing and Support • Addicted to Ping Pong • Love Helping People Josh Wise
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda 1. What is GDS 2. How can GDS benefit you 3. OTA options 4. FAQ 5. Promotional Offer 6. Process for signing up
  5. 5. Global Distribution System Definition: The Global Distribution System, known simply as GDS, was first created by the airline industry for managing flight reservation data but has since grown to 4 major companies; Worldspan, Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre, and include inventory for flight, hotels, and car rentals. The GDS is accessed by traditional travel agents and online travel agents (OTAs), airlines, hotels, and car rentals companies. • For lodging properties, the GDS was initially geared towards hotels and motels featuring a large amount of inventory. Since then, several changes have enabled smaller properties featuring lower inventory the opportunity to participate.
  6. 6. What is an Online Travel Agent Definition: An online travel agent (OTA) specializes in offering planning sources and booking capabilities. Major OTAs include: • Expedia • Travelocity • Priceline • Orbitz • Stats: Expedia works with 45,000 lodging properties. Travelocity works with 55,000 hotels. offers 268,000 places to stay in 179 countries.
  7. 7. Benefits for Your Property  Get listed on hundreds of leading online travel sites  Reach 600,000 travel agents  Increase your online exposure, driving traffic to your website  Potential for revenue increase  Take advantage of OTAs marketing efforts  List your room availability  Help fill mid-week vacancy  Two-way integration with many leading property management systems
  8. 8. Is My Property a Good Fit for GDS?  B+B’s, Inn’s, Hotels, Motels, Vacation Rental, Property Management  Desirable location  Less than 100% occupancy  Your marketing efforts don’t include SEO and/or PPC  You offer room types or individual units  Interested in gaining new customers • GDS offers up to 16 room types • You can add an addition cluster (16 types) for an added fee
  9. 9. How to get listed with OTAs: Merchant Agreement Merchant Agreement: Direct agreement with travel website (Expedia, o Cost - Between 15-25% per booking o Quality listing placement o Located in a secondary market to a major city o Advanced listing features o Requires a separate agreement for each travel website o Travel website collects payment from the guest, then pays you
  10. 10. How to get Listed with OTAs: GDS Agreement GDS Agreement: Through a 3rd party company (InnLink, Sabre) o Cost: 10% per booking o Typically listed below merchant agreement properties (exceptions to the rule) o Basic listing o Sign one agreement to get listed on hundreds of travel sites and 600,000 travel agents o Travel sources sends you the credit card info, you process the payment o You can still have Merchant agreements
  11. 11. What does a PMS Vendor have to do with all this? • PMS vendors provide the connection from their reservation software to GDS providers • Fees: Range from $15.50 - $17.50 per GDS booking • Vendors will get you lower fees than you can get yourself with GDS providers • Not having a vendor requires manual data entry of bookings and availability
  12. 12. Differences in Fee Structures Merchant Fees - 15%-25% Retail Fees – 10% + $17.50 1 Night $15-$25 $27.50 *2 Night $30-$50 $37.50 *3 Night $45-$75 $47.50 4 Night $60-$100 $57.50 5 Night $75-$125 $67.50 Assume each room night is $100
  13. 13. Frequently Asked Questions • Can I manage my own inventory? • YES! • Can I set minimum night stay requirements? • YES! • What is the turnaround time upon signup? • 2-4 weeks on average • What are factors that control my placement on the travel websites? • Expedia: Conversions, Page views, Reviews (Quality/Quantity), Relevance to location • How do I get better placement on OTAs? • Sign up for merchant agreements
  14. 14. RezStream GDS Costs •One-Time Signup Fee: $750 (Includes the first year of support) •Commission: 10% paid directly to each travel source (OTA or travel agent) •Flat Fee: $17.50 (Split between InnLink and RezStream) Promotional Offer Now through May 31st, 2014 Setup Fee is $50
  15. 15. I’m Interested… What’s Next? 1. Determine if the retail route is best for you 2. Select a vendor that provides this service and the two way connection to your PMS 3. Sign the GDS agreement 4. The setup process ranges from 2-4 weeks on average, training is included 5. Your responsible for setting up your property information in most cases a. Rooms/Rates/Taxes b. Room Descriptions c. Pictures d. Policies
  16. 16. Thank you for your time. We appreciate the opportunity to share insight related to the Global Distribution System. Reach Us Phone: 866-360-8210 x1 Email: