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  1. 1. BIOGRAPHY REYNALDO ROSA <br />REYNALDO ROSA, photographer and entrepreneur, born in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, working with fashion more than 8 years, started with the representation in Cabo Frio one of the largest law models of Brazil MEGA MODELS, during this time discovered and managed the careers of numerous international standards and as one of the model CRISTINA JURACH, now print campaigns and parades around the world. Today at age 30 want to give opportunity to new models on a national scale, so conceived CASTING PROJECT, based on its extensive know - how, it can really make this project a complete success, it just depends on you! <br />
  2. 2. 1 - THE PROJECT (MODEL CONVENTION) - CASTING PROJECT. <br />This is a project that aims to give an opportunity to be discovered in local talent in fashion, television, dance and music. One of the principles it is based is to open the doors those who want to follow an artistic career, going where they are. Achieved its main goal automatically provides the agencies the opportunity to be constantly renewed with their CASTING Below a chart explaining how and operation of a modeling convention. <br />
  3. 3. 2- MAIN EVENT: CONVENTION <br />It is the reunion of all selected events, aiming to be judged and approved by the agencies and producers who are part of the judging bench, so that in future these people can be part of the CASTING of these agencies. <br />MAIN VENUE Chose RIO DE JANEIRO, to be the headquarters of the main convention for many reasons including: • The large number of companies involved in TV and CINEMA RIO DE JANEIRO • Until then any type of event of this magnitude had been done in RIO DE JANEIRO. • The proximity of large cities with the RIO DE JANEIRO. • The economic boom of RIO DE JANEIRO.   STRUCTURE HOTEL WITH ROOM FOR MEETINGS AND EVENTS FOR 1000 PEOPLE CAPACITY MEETING ROOMS WITH CAPACITY FOR 200 PEOPLE SCREENS Pressroom ROOM CAMERAS, RECORDING AND VIDEO CLIPS Skete<br /><br />open the link above and watch the draft convention.Company dlmm<br />
  4. 4. 3 - EVENT SELECTION<br />selective events are taking place in several municipalities in RIO DE JANEIRO, as important as the main event that as of selections and one gets to the number of participants needed for the main event, this event consists of 4 stages: dissemination, selection, training, event presentation LOCAL EVENTS SELECTIONS All municipalities with housing over 100 thousand inhabitants may result from a selection event, since on average it takes around 30 to 50 participants in small towns housing. STRUCTURE HOTEL WITH ROOM FOR MEETINGS AND EVENTS WITH CAPACITY FOR 200 PEOPLE ACCOMMODATION FOR STAFF DISCLOSURE   PARTICIPANTS All people from 3 to 30 years can participate in 3 modules of the project - MODULE 1 (RUNWAY) - MODULE 2 - BUSINESS (TV, CINEMA THEATER) - MODULE 3 - MUSIC (MUSIC AND DANCE), provided that the characteristics and qualities for each module. <br />
  5. 5. 4 - DIVISION PROJECT - MODULES <br />The project will be divided into 3 modules, so you can be the division of each event organized MODULE 1 - RUNWAY Designed for models with features of the catwalk, with specific measures and height above 1.73 cm, working in campaigns photography, international travel fashion. • Presentation by intenet conferencing with more than 30 agencies worldwide: • Lectures via conference with photographers, stylists and makeup artists from around the world • Video of some of the most important fashion world • Discounts on aesthetic clinics, academies in their respective cities • The making of the photographic book <br />
  6. 6. 4 - DIVISION PROJECT - MODULES <br />MODULE 2 - BUSINESS MODELS AND ACTORS Intended models below the height and above the standard measures of catwalk models working in the area of television commercials, catalogs, sampligns and aspiring actors. All participants under 10 years who did not want to participate in MODULO 3 will automatically go in MODULE 2. <br />• Lectures via conference ACTORS, PRODUCERS enshrined in Brazil • Discounts on aesthetic clinics, academies in their respective cities • The making of the photographic book intended only to models • Training of vocal techniques • Training techniques video • Recording a skit directed to actors <br />
  7. 7. 4 - DIVISION PROJECT - MODULES <br />MODULE 3 - musicians and dancers Intended aspiring to sing and dance • Lectures via conference with music producers, musicians and dancers from Brazil established • Discounts on aesthetic clinics, academies in their respective cities • Training of vocal techniques • Training techniques video • Recording a video clip   <br />
  8. 8. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MAIN EVENTS (CONVENTIONS MODEL) <br />To participate in the conventions these people pay a value for X: Photo Book with 5 size photos 24/30 Composites for the bureau. Composition of 20 DVDs for the agencies models Composition of 10 DVDs for the producers of soap operas and theater Composition of 10 DVDs for music producers 1 blouse main event. Training of technical progress on the catwalk Training in vocal techniques Training techniques video Recording a single musical (related only to the participants of the module 3) Recording a skit (related only to the participants of Module 2 (TV and film) Recording a solo classical dance and contemporary (related only to the participants MODULO 3 After the event all participants will be advised by our contact center, so that all are assisted after the event. OBJECTIVE: Through agreements besides qualify better before the first visit, participants will have access to virtually all agencies of models, actors and musicians from Brazil and abroad. MARKET RIO DE JANEIRO In the fashion map, Brazil has a prominent place. Currently, the country is seen as an important supplier of skilled labor in a market where beauty reigns. Is very large number of Brazilian models consecrated abroad. <br />
  9. 9. 5 - BILLING <br />EVENT SELECTION STEP 1 - SELECTION Be totally free PHASE 2 - TRAINING To participate in training the person will have to pay the sum of $ 600.00 to learn some techniques catwalk, photogenic, voice, dance and receive a handout with tips and tricks of these techniques PHASE 3 - PRESENTATION EVENT To participate in this phase the person will have to sell 15 calls to the minimum price of 5 dollars, if this does not happen he can not attend this event. RANKING To participate in the main event and enjoy everything on offer after the person selected in the selection event, will have to pay a minimum of $ 1000.00 MARKETING We can still generate revenue through sponsorships that can enter all our leaflets, radio posters, site summarizing all marketing resources used to make the event 6 - ESTIMATED REVENUES EVENT SELECTION In the mean time of 4 months we intend to do at least 10 municipalities in RIO DE JANEIRO, in every city we have to participate in the training of 200 people and with participation of 150 people at the event will display a gross profit of U.S. $ 250,00 <br />
  10. 10. 5 - BILLING <br />RANKING After the capitalization of participants through the selections in the municipalities on average, 30 people participated in the main event then after 4 months and 10 municipalities participating in the main event will be around 300 people: gross profit of $ 600, 000 real SALE OF PRODUCTS MARKETING ETC The revenue generated through the sale of products maketing can turn around the U.S. $ 100,000 Total profit for each main event <br />$ 1265.000 (HUM MILLION AND TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND reals ) REALITY SHOW - THE CASTING Along with the selections we will pre select 1 person from each module to be part of a reality show where this will accompany the life of this participant from the beginning of the project, lasting 2 months at that time shall monitor the professional development of each participant, who more evolve won a prize. <br />Allvalues in Real – <br />
  11. 11. STRUCTURE OF THE OFFICE<br />The physical space should be around 100m ², with approval, project room, meeting room, kitchen and bathroom. We also expect: • networked computers; • 01 server; • 01 multifunctional; • 01 fax machine; • 01 PABX equipment; • 10 fixed telephones, to be distributed in the following extensions: • Respiratory presentation as video screens, amplified microphones • Furniture / furnishings (tables, chairs, files, etc. ..); • 2 digital camera and video • guillotine and 01; • Articles canopy (dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, water filter, etc.) • Printed materials for dissemination • Printed Stationery • Printers for the composites • SPREADSHEETS COST FIXED COST Pamphlets $ 3000.00 lodging $ 500.00 Gasoline $ 1700.00 Local selections for $ 800.00 Shoe sizes $ 400.00 Personal disclosure $ 400.00 Receptionist R $ 415.00 Telemarketing $ 200.00 Team Main Event $ 250.00 $ 250.00 R $ 1300.00 <br />STRUCTURE OF OFFICE08 COMPUTERS IN NETWORK have $ 5,000.00 01 SERVER R $ 900.00 01 MULTIFUNC ONAL $ 350.00 SITE $ 2,000.00 DOCUMENTATION R 1,500.00 01 APPLIANCE PBX $ 500.00 09 FIXED APPLIANCES TEL $ 360.00 FURNITURE / DECOR $ 5,000.00 200 PASTAS $ 1,000.00 GRAPHIC PAPER + $ 1,000.00 Screens $ 3,000.00 Refrigerator $ 800.00 MICROWAVE $ 300.00 ARTICLES COPA $ 150.00 survey by the Internet, without any negotiation or specific budget. <br />
  13. 13. Some modelsfind in conventions<br />