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50 states


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50 states

  1. 1. 50 States Assignment Rey Delgado
  2. 2. CaliforniaEureka•Capital City: Sacramento•Admission to Statehood:September 9, 1850•Flower: California Poppy•Highest Point: Mt.Whitney•Nickname: Golden State
  3. 3. FloridaIn God We Trust•Capital City: Tallahassee•Admission to Statehood:March 3, 1845•Flower: Orange blossom•Highest Point: Britton Hill•Nickname: Sunshine State
  4. 4. HawaiiUa mau ke ea o ka aina Ika pono•Capital City: Honolulu•Admission to Statehood:August 21, 1959•Flower: Hibiscus or PuaAloalo•Highest Point: ManunaKea•Nickname: Aloha State
  5. 5. ColoradoNil sine Numine•Capital City: Denver•Admission to Statehood:August 1, 1876•Flower: Rocky MountainColumbine•Highest Point: Mt. Elbert•Nickname: CentennialState / Colorful Colorado
  6. 6. AlaskaNorth To The Future•Capital City: Juneau•Admission to Statehood:January 3, 1959•Flower: Forget Me Not•Highest Point: Mt.McKinley•Nickname: The LastFrontier
  7. 7. New JerseyLiberty and Prosperity•Capital City: Trenton•Admission to Statehood:December 18, 1787•Flower: Violet•Highest Point: High Point•Nickname: Garden State
  8. 8. New YorkExcelsior•Capital City: Albany•Admission to Statehood:July 26, 1788•Flower: Rose• Highest Point: Mt. Marcy•Nickname: Empire State
  9. 9. Rhode IslandHope•Capital City: Providence•Admission to Statehood:May 29, 1790•Flower: Violet•Highest Point: JerimothHill•Nickname: The OceanState
  10. 10. NevadaAll For Our Country•Capital City: Carson City•Admission to Statehood:October 31, 1864•Flower: Sagebrush•Highest Point: BoundaryPeak•Nickname: The SilverState
  11. 11. ArizonaDitat Deus•Capital City: Phoenix•Admission to Statehood:February 14, 1912•Flower: Saguaro cactusblossom•Highest Point: HumphreysPeak•Nickname: The GrandCanyon State