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How To Rewrite My Paper To Avoid Plagiarism


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This presentation will show you main steps how to rewrite your paper to avoid plagiarism and to make it perfect.

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How To Rewrite My Paper To Avoid Plagiarism

  1. 1. How To Rewrite My Paper To Avoid Plagiarism
  2. 2. WHAT IS REWRITING? When you rewrite paper you take the authentic text and change it by making your own word choices and sentence structure but the message of paper is still the same. However, intentionally or unintentionally you can copy someone else’s idea and plagiarize which can lead to negative consequences.
  3. 3. According to experts from Harvard University, plagiarism is “the theft of someone else’s ideas and work. It is the incorporation of facts, ideas, or specific language that are not common knowledge, are taken from another source, and are not properly cited”.
  4. 4. KEEP AWAY FROM THESE TYPES OF PLAGIARISM • writing someone else’s paper word for word without appropriate citation Direct plagiarism • using your own previous paper, fully or partially, and reproducing it in the new assignment without permission Self- plagiarism • the most common type when a person changes words in another’s paper but the structure and the whole meaning remain the same Accidental plagiarism • when a person forgets to refer to sources, misquoting it, rewrites papers without giving credit where it’s needed Mosaic plagiarism
  5. 5. WHY DO PEOPLE PLAGIARIZE? • They are trying to find a shortcut • Are confronted with an excessive number of assignments to accomplish • Have poor time-management skills and weak self-organization • Feel like they can’t succeed in writing • Jump at the chance to break rules, etc. Anyway, plagiarism is like academic dishonesty and offensive act that causes violation of originality, so always try to avoid it if you need to rewrite my essay.
  6. 6. CONSEQUENCES OF PLAGIARISM Academics: • A lower or even failing grade on the paper • An order to rewrite the paper. • Being suspended from the institution. • Negative impact on the student's academic record. • Revoking the student's degree Arts/Literature: • Spoiling professional reputation • Job loss and troubles with finding a new one • The possibility of being sued by the original writer which can even end imprisonment • Monetary penalties
  7. 7. SOME FAMOUS EXAMPLES OF PLAGIARISM George Harrison, the lead guitarist of the Beatles, was sued for plagiarizing one of the Chiffons’ song and had to pay him $587,000 Kaavya Viswanathan was accused for copying information to his novel from the book “Sloppy Firsts” by Megan McCafferty. All copies of his work were destroyed and he lost contract for a second book. Singer Michael Bolton had to pay an amount of $5.4 million for plagiarizing Isley Brothers' song which had exactly the same name “Love Is a Wonderful Thing”
  8. 8. To plagiarize is to give the impression that you wrote or thought something that you in fact borrowed from someone, and to do so is a violation of professional ethics.... Joseph Gibaldi, M.L.A. Style Manual
  9. 9. TIPS HOW TO REWRITE MY PAPER WITHOUT PLAGIARISM  Use different methods of rewriting Use synonyms, change the sentence structure as well as voice, part of speech and original word choice, and cite sources. Do not change the meaning of paper when reword my essay. And remember, without decent citation, your paper will be plagiarized.
  10. 10.  Use a thesaurus to help you with word choice If you can’t come up with new words to express the same idea us, keep a thesaurus handy to help you out.  Create your own syntax for your rewriting Syntax means how you put your words together to form a sentence. If you’re feeling you can’t manage it, experts will help you to rewrite my essay for me.
  11. 11.  Don’t Write Blind It means copying information without realizing you’re doing this. So don’t hurry, leave your work to rest for a little bit when it’s finished and later look at it with fresh eyes so you can catch possible mistakes or plagiarized content. Or use rewrite my paper online.
  12. 12.  Don’t use only one source of information It increases chances of inadvertent copying or plagiarizing. Read as much as possible on the topic you are going to rewrite and try to get the key points and look through the previous researches on the same topic.
  13. 13. Rely only on reputable sources Check the author, the organization he is working for, if the information is up-to-date and if there are any errors in the paper. To proofread your final document can reword my essay service.
  14. 14.  Use the Internet wisely If you are searching ideas on the web, it becomes more difficult to separate your words and thought from the information you’ve read online to reword my paper.
  15. 15.  Do not write directly more than two words in a row from the text you’ve been using as a source If you do that, use quotation marks. Reference your sources as well as quotes properly and adequately. Create a footnote (or endnote) for every quotation. BUT do not cite something that everybody knows (if you write that the Earth turns around the Sun, don’t cite Galileo)
  16. 16.  Paraphrasing is not summarizing Make sure that you know the difference. If not, you can rewrite my paper free using pros help.  Develop time management skills It will help to manage your time properly so you will not rewrite in a hurry
  17. 17.  Trust your abilities Do not be worried if you don’t get rewriting on the first try. Practice, practice and practice! You will definitely succeed. If you need to rewrite my paper highly qualified writers are always here to help you out!
  18. 18. TO SUM UP, HERE ARE 4 STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL REWRITING Read the original text, understand the key points and main ideas. Write a sentence about it in your own words Do not forget to write key points, some of them you can quote directly if you want. Combine the above into a new rewritten paragraph with your own words.
  19. 19.  If you follow these tips, your paper will be creative, original and won’t consist of stolen words or ideas.  Or to make your life easier you can use professional help of paper rewriter.  There are also lots of useful rewriting techniques in this Google book. Check it out!
  20. 20. Still need help? Visit and find out more!