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R Then and Now


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A look at the changing perceptions of R, from the early days of the R project to today. Microsoft sponsor talk, presented by David Smith to the useR!2017 conference in Brussels, July 5 2017.

Published in: Technology
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R Then and Now

  1. 1. SQL Server + R Microsoft R Server Hadoop + R Spark + R Microsoft CNTK Azure Machine Learning Cortana Intelligence Suite R Tools/Python Tools for Visual Studio Azure Notebooks (JuPyTer) Cognitive Services Office 365 Bing Skype Xbox Dynamics 365Hololens Bot Framework Cortana We are building intelligence into every product at Microsoft
  2. 2. R is Popular Then: “We’ve never heard of R” Now: IEEE Spectrum Programming Language Rankings 2016 3
  3. 3. R is Comprehensive Then: “R doesn’t do everything we need” Now: 4
  4. 4. R is Accepted Then: “We can’t use R because it’s open source.” “We can’t use R in a regulated environment.” Now: 5
  5. 5. R Scales Then: “R is too slow.” “R doesn’t work with big data.” Now: 6 SQL Server + RMicrosoft R Server Hadoop + R Spark + R
  6. 6. R is Production-Ready Then: “You can’t use R in production.” Now: 7
  7. 7. R is Supported Then: “I can’t get support for R.” “Who stands behind R?” Now: 8
  8. 8. The R Ecosystem R Foundation R Core Group CRAN #rstats R-bloggers R User Groups
  9. 9. Visit our booth. Take our survey. Get an I R t-shirt! Survey Link:
  10. 10. Come see the Microsoft Team! Ali Zaidi: Neural Embeddings and NLP with R and Spark Wednesday 2:42PM, Wild Gallery 4.02 Andrie deVries and Gabor Csardi: Can you keep a secret? Thursday 11:18AM, Wild Gallery 4.02 Angus Taylor: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing in R Thursday 1:48PM, Wild Gallery 3.02 David Smith: R in Minecraft Thursday 5:40PM, Wild Gallery 3.01 11
  11. 11. Watch useR! 2017 Online Live-Stream Post-Conference Recordings (talks and tutorials) 12