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Integrate Your Advanced Analytics into BI Apps and MS Office and Multiply Their Value


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Integrate Your Advanced Analytics into BI Apps and MS Office and Multiply Their Value

  1. 1. REvolution Confidential RevolutionDeploying R evolution R E nterpris e with B us ines s Intelligenc e A pplic ationsDavid C hampagneMay 8, 2012 Revolution Confidential
  2. 2. Revolution ConfidentialOur C us tomers Want to… REvolution Confidential Revolution Be more productive  Stop cutting and pasting analytics into MS Office applications  Get feedback from a wider variety of analytic consumers Make the company’s “analytic consumers” self-sufficient  Provide the model and secure access to data and let them iterate and learn Provide more timely updates  Model updates with new data, so not restricted to “scheduled” reporting intervals Deliver more value through BI application investment  Advanced analytics complements traditional BI reporting, and can leverage the work already done Elevate the value of the analytics team  Once people see what’s possible, they’ll want more
  3. 3. Revolution Confidential REvolution Confidential RevolutionMost advanced statisticalanalysis software available The professor who invented analytic software forHalf the cost of the experts now wants to take it to the massescommercial alternatives2M+ Users Power2,500+ Applications Finance Statistics Life Sciences Predictive Manufacturing Analytics Productivity Retail Data Mining Telecom Enterprise Social Media Readiness Visualization Government 3
  4. 4. Revolution ConfidentialA dvanc ed A nalytic s and B us ines sIntelligenc e REvolution Confidential Revolution Obtain greater insights by adding advanced Analytics  Predictive modeling  Sales Forecasts  Customer Affinity  Associations  Clustering and Classification Expose this capability to the business users 4
  5. 5. Revolution ConfidentialR is the bes t c hoic e for job REvolution Confidential Revolution R is a programming language Catalog of over 2500 open-source add-on packages Community  Thousands of contributors, 2 million users  Resources and help in every domain Develop and deploy your models with the same environment 5
  6. 6. Revolution ConfidentialA dding A dvanc ed A nalytic s REvolution Confidential Revolution Use the same analytic toolset across applications and platforms  Web  Reporting and Dashboards  Custom Interactive applications  Mobile  Desktop Applications  Excel  Custom Apps via(.NET, Java)  Enterprise Processes via SOA 6
  7. 7. Revolution ConfidentialR evolution R E nterpris e - Deployment REvolution Confidential Revolution Individual H S Analysts O S S T S HDFS Database Appliance Deployment Servers High Workload Hadoop Cluster Clusters Business Users 7
  8. 8. Revolution ConfidentialC us tomer Us e C as es REvolution Confidential Revolution Major NY Bank using Revolution R Enterprise to Create and Deploy Equity Trading models  500+ Analysts using the developed models Major Hospital Network doing analytics on clinical data to generate treatment efficacy predictions and capacity forecasting  Executive staff using output of analytics to make business decisions 8
  9. 9. Revolution Confidential REvolution Confidential RevolutionDemos Polling Question #3 9
  10. 10. Revolution Confidential REvolution Confidential RevolutionR evoDeployR 10
  11. 11. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR – K ey A dvantages REvolution Confidential Revolution Unlocks all the power of R to any 3rd party application Easy to use API – Rapid deployment Scalability – Add nodes as you need them Separation of expertise  Statistician - Just writes R code, no need to know about the application  Application programmer – calls the API to execute an R script, and gets the output. 11
  12. 12. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR REvolution Confidential Revolution Designed to be Enterprise Ready  Comprehensive collection of Web Service APIs  Enterprise Security  Stateful and Stateless execution of R Code/Scripts  Asynchronous Job Execution  Repository for managing R objects and files  Administration 12
  13. 13. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR - A rc hitec ture REvolution Confidential RevolutionEnd User Desktop Business Interactive Web or Applications Intelligence Mobile (i.e. Excel) (i.e. QlikView) ApplicationsApplication Client libraries (JavaScript, Java, .NET)Developer HTTP/HTTPS – JSON/XML RevoDeployR Web ServicesAdmin Session Data/Script Authentication Administration Management ManagementR RProgrammer R R 13
  14. 14. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR - S erver REvolution Confidential Revolution Applications Admin R R R RevoDeployR Web Grid Node Management Console Services API R Grid Management R R Framework Grid Node Spring3 Framework J2EE Framework R R R Grid Node SQL Database WebDAV Repository R R Session 14
  15. 15. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR REvolution Confidential Revolution Web Services Layer  Implemented as RESTful API accessed via HTTP or HTTPS  Support for both JSON and XML formatted payloads  Client libraries in JavaScript, Java and .NET to make integration easy 15
  16. 16. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR REvolution Confidential Revolution R Scripts and R Code  Stateless execution of pre-defined R Scripts  Supports both Anonymous and Authenticated access  Project is automatically created, inputs loaded, R script executed, outputs returned, and session destroyed  Stateful execution  Must be an authenticated user  Project is explicitly created/destroyed  R script or R code executed in the defined project  Jobs  Code and Script can be executed as a background job  Results are persisted and can be retrieved later
  17. 17. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR REvolution Confidential Revolution R Developer  Create R code, defining inputs and outputs  Inputs – R Objects  Outputs – Files, Console, Warnings/Errors, R Objects  R Objects that can be rendered in JSON or XML as part of the API payload  Primitives (character, numeric, logical, date, factor)  Vector  Matrix  Data Frame  List 17
  18. 18. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR REvolution Confidential Revolution Application Developer  Define RevoDeployR Server connection (URL)  *Authenticate  *Create/Open Project  Execute Script or Execute Code  Create list of inputs  R Objects  Create lists of named outputs (if any)  R Objects  *Close R Project * Required for Stateful execution 18
  19. 19. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR – R E S T ful A P I REvolution Confidential Revolution Example HTTP Call to Create a Project format = json HTTP POST on API call: /r/session/create JSON Response { "deployr": { "response": { "success": true, "project": { "lastmodified": "Thu, 20 Oct 2011 18:27:29 +0000", "live": true, "origin": "Project original.", "longdescr": null, "name": null, "projectcookie": null, "ispublic": false, "owner": "testuser", "descr": null, "project": "PROJECT-5ab61ec0-09b9-44ea-837d-9e6f40a7e8a3" }, "call": "/r/project/create" } } } 19
  20. 20. Revolution Confidential REvolution Confidential RevolutionR evoDeployR – S tateles s E xample (J avaS c ript)var exeScript = function () { … // set the call back configuration var callback = { success : plot, failure: fail, scope : this, verbose : true }; var rnum = Y.Revolution.RDataFactory.createNumeric(input_randomNum, num); var scriptConfig = { rscript:DeployR - Hello World, inputs : [rnum]}; // execute RScript Y.Revolution.DeployR.repositoryScriptExecute(scriptConfig, callback); }; 20
  21. 21. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR – S tateful E xample REvolution Confidential Revolution Use case - Simple Regression  Upload a CSV file to the RevoDeployR Server  Get a list of numeric variables  Run a simple regression using 2 of the variables  Return a plot Implementation  2 R Scripts  Read the uploaded CSV and return the list of numeric variables  Run the regression on the selected variables  Requires authentication (login)  R Session is explicitly created after login  Both scripts execute in the same R Session 21
  22. 22. Revolution ConfidentialR evoDeployR - S c alability REvolution Confidential Revolution Add compute nodes to handle changing workload requirements Execute code and scripts as background jobs Assign roles to nodes  Anonymous  Authenticated  Jobs 22
  23. 23. Revolution ConfidentialT hank you. REvolution Confidential Revolution The leading commercial provider of software and support for the popular open source R statistics language. 650.646.9545 Twitter: @RevolutionR 23