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Marko Njavro social media summit Bucuresti 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Marko Njavro social media summit Bucuresti 2012

  1. 1. Social media & StarBevBucharest, February 2012
  3. 3. …to create relevant content for our consumers.
  4. 4. Digital world challenges1. Figure out how your brand can fit in Social Media2. Relationship with clients is real-time. Get geared up before going in digital marketing3. Be consistent and in line with what you are communicating in traditional media4. Allocation of communication investments is now more driven by “touchpoints” rather then classical media5. Where does the traditional owned website fit into this emerging landscape?6. Consumer decision journey is no longer liniar – significant consideration and social communication takes place post purchase (the evaluate and enjoy stages)7. What is the ROI compared with traditional media?
  5. 5. Key take aways Rapidly evolving world We must be flexible and adapt Try, learn, move forward Leverage paid media to connect people to owned media and generate high value earned (brand ambassadors)
  7. 7. About the campaign Our goal was to keep the audience alive, to increase our engagement rate on Facebook. We did that using Facebook best assets: making users to share willingly our message inviting their friends in the chosen “gang”. We started from Unfiltered vs. Fresh campaign! After the viral campaign we wanted to see how will our fans react to a new challenge linked to the previous one. This time they needed to gather their friends also!
  8. 8. Facebook App & Website visual
  9. 9. “Is your gang with you” PerformanceFacebook results~7.500 New organic Likes20.000 New Likes (paid Ads)30.000 fans in total14.000 “people talking about us” reached just before Christmas.Our engagement rate increased and indicator went from almost zero up toWebsite traffic for Dec 15 – Jan 24:19.970 visits70% new visitors.37% bounce rate27.169 unique visitors4.8 average page views per user3:53 average time spent on site
  10. 10. January 2011BECK’SThe Wall
  11. 11. Zidul Rezolutiilor – The Wall
  12. 12. Zidul Rezolutiilor – The WallApplication Description: Insight:At the beginning of the year we all have big plans, goals that we don’t want to forget. Idea:For this reason, we created an application that allows you to set your goals for thisyear and get reminders for it when you want. Mechanism:- Select one of the default resolutions, or write a personalized one- Select a reminder for a certain date when we can e-mail you to make sure you haven’tforgot your goal for this year.- Save it- Get votes for your resolution, and win an inspirational prize.For the first 3 resolutions with the most votes, we offered the following prizes:-1st place: a famous book “Design your Self” + 48 cans of Beck’s-2nd place: 48 cans of Beck’s-3rd place: 24 cans of Becks
  13. 13. Zidul Rezolutiilor – The WallParticipation Results (17th – 31st of January)9.071 new fans1.767 registered users243 default resolutionsSocial ads campaign:9.956 generated clicks6.450 new fans64.78% conversion rate (the average medium conversion rate is 30-40%)
  14. 14. 2012 – the year we plan to dive deeply into social media
  15. 15. So what would be first step?
  16. 16. We have a website … …and an underused international facebook page
  17. 17. Start having a localized Facebook face …
  18. 18. … and lots of action happening there
  19. 19. February 2012 –launch of Staropramen1L PET
  20. 20. March 2012 – dedicated Facebook contest
  21. 21. Campaign draftvisual
  22. 22. So what should be next?
  23. 23. Na zdravi!