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SMS Timisoara: Ursus / Grant McKenzie


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SMS Timisoara: Ursus / Grant McKenzie

  1. 1. URSUS Breweries The Social Beer Company (hopefully) Grant McKenzie VP Marketing
  2. 2. Why would a beer company be so anti-social?
  3. 3. What are we doing in response to changing consumer lifestyles?
  4. 4. What are we doing about Social Media?
  5. 5. Thoughts for today  What we know BUT also How we feel  Why not more progress?  What we are doing  What we are learning  Tips for agencies & marketing people
  6. 6. What we know We realise the speed 50 million 50 million 50 million 50 million 100 million users users users users users of change 38 years 14 years 4 years 3 years 12 MONTHS is accelerating © 2010 Digitas, All rights reserved.
  7. 7. We know that we own this …but we don’t own this anymore
  8. 8. ME!
  9. 9. We know there’s nothing anti-social about digital communication
  10. 10. What we know Globally  Facebook at over 500mil users is the world’s 3rd largest country – it attracts 50% of the world’s social media ad spending  1 in 6 US marriages through people who met on social media  One third of 18-34 yo women in US check FB before going to bathroom in morning  95% of UK companies use LinkedIn to find an attract employees (50% FB)  195 million Chinese under 25 use the internet, 75% from mobile
  11. 11. Consumers trust the opinion of strangers!
  12. 12. What we know Romania Romania: rapid growth of internet users: 9.8 million internet Users 45% Nationwide Penetration, 85%+ Urban Internet rapidly growing. Great affinity for 18-45 y. o 5 million Romanians use social media 81% of Facebook users in Romania are 18-44. Only 7% penetration (UK 44%, CZ 26%) total population and 21% (UK 53%, CZ 40%) internet penetration….so this will dramatically grow! 4 out of 10 4 out of 10 Romanians that go online have at least one social network account. Facebook has rocketed beginning with late 2009 and doubled its traffic, reaching over 1,6 million accounts in Romania Twitter now counts over 34,000 accounts based in Romania (personal and companies), traffic having increased to 620 000 unique visitors in May 2010. Blogging Blogging is still a popular activity - over 58 500 Romanian blogs are now active.
  13. 13. What we know Romanian consumers Online & Mobile are the fastest growing media Internet penetration in urban areas reached 85% & mobile penetration 120% Internet Daily Usage Top 15 Sites in Romania 34% Urban Pop. 43% 62% Peroni 74% 56% Ursus 67% 44% Redd's 59% 37% Timisoreana 48% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews 2009 2008 is ranked #1.
  14. 14. What we feel….
  15. 15. Actually we feel like this… ”I gotta get up but I kind of like it down here”
  16. 16. So why not more progress? • The task can seem daunting – where to start? • Who can provide sensible and coherent training? – not the agencies and the tech ready marketing generation are too inexperienced • Initial projects delivered poor results casting doubt on the ability of the platform • None of us are technically trained to analyse & respond • The establishment (ATL, media agencies) are afraid of this and not incentivised to recommend! • We are afraid to loose control…!
  17. 17. But at URSUS we decided to change FROM – Ad hoc projects on digital that usually supported ATL – Level of enthusiasm and commitment depended on brand manager – No shared learning or team understanding – No basic technical knowledge – Being a bit scared of what might go wrong
  18. 18. ..TO – Portfolio annual digital agency agreements – London expert consultants to support us and agencies – A la carte training on technical issues – Regular shared team reviews – Plans in place on each brand for the whole year – Experimenting, trying, failing, succeeding, learning, repeating
  19. 19. The part with the example….
  20. 20. We decided to engage with some consumers we thought would be SUPER social! REDD’S did not have any social media presence in June 2010 We had some stuff we thought was worth sharing Cranberries concert REDD’S summer activation
  21. 21. We decided to run a campaign through Facebook – to generate awareness & interest in events – to encourage interactivity therefore engagement – to start to build up relationship with consumers – to see if we could make it work
  22. 22. Too tasty for men – the fan page – The wall
  23. 23. Too tasty for men – the fan page –Fresh tab
  24. 24. Cranberries Teasing period (1 week) We have used a custom tab and facebook ads to announce the association between Redd’s and Cranberries and create expectations for the following weeks. Activation 1 – Photo contest – me and my best friends (1 week) – Prizes 6 tickets We know that girls like to go out in groups and usually they are 3 best friends. The users had to post pictures with their best friends and invite others to vote using the like button. We have offered 2 prizes of 3 tickets for the pictures with most votes. Activation 2 – Poetry contest – Haiku ( 1 week) – Prizes 6 tickets Haiku poetry style is popular and considered cool by our target. We have developed a contest in which the users had to write a haiku poetry with some given words: Redd’s, Cranberries, flavour, lemon. Activation 3 – quizzes about Cranberries for existing fans ( 1 week) – Prizes 18 tickets As the page has reached 4000 fans the last activation purpose was to offer incentives to loyal followers. In 4 days we had 9 quizzes and 9 prizes x 2 tickets.
  25. 25. Cranberries Teasing period (1 week) - Flavors tab
  26. 26. Cranberries Activation 1 - Me and my best friends ( 63 pictures in the contest , 1809 votes (likes)
  27. 27. Cranberries Activation 2 – Haiku contest – 36 poems, 1860 votes (likes)
  28. 28. Cranberries User evolution 17th June -75 fans (launch date) 20th June -368 fans 25th June -948 fans 30th June -2341 fans 5th July -2954 fans 20th July - 4100 fans Number of interactions Total interactions: 4300 Demographics Female – 70% Male – 30%
  29. 29. Redd’s Summer We had 5 similar activations for 5 weeks. At the beginning of each week we have posted a photo album with the picstaken in the weekend. Users came to our facebook page, tagged themselves and entered the competition. Before each weekend we have announced the seaside locations where the photographs will take pictures. The user that received most votes during a week was awarded the prize – the photo camera.
  30. 30. Redd’s Summer Summer activation – facebook tab
  31. 31. Redd’s Summer Summer activation – pictures
  32. 32. Redd’s Summer User evolution 20th July - 4100 fans 15th August – 4970 fans Number of interactions Total interactions: 1100 Contest Total pictures: 455 Total votes: 1401 Demographics Female – 70% Male – 30%
  33. 33. So what? • We made some progress – We invested in total less than €4k and managed to get over 5000 fans and 000’s of interactions (We decided against getting more fans, instead going after interaction) • We learned something – Online activations that send users to offline are much more effective than offline activations that send users to online. We saw this by comparing the 2 campaigns – Cranberries vs. Summer
  34. 34. We are learning how to integrate this social media and user driven content approach into the heart of our plans
  35. 35. Facebook Banners Twitter campaign Digital Unconventional media CANs in art galleries Art Blogs& Websites Dedicated party with the participants involved in design competition MT POS execution Consumer PR
  36. 36. Marketing Results Objectives Evaluation Criteria Measurement Target Actual (23.09) % over target Establish core brand equity within primary target- Blues& Brand association with creativer Reds spirit No of artworks uploaded 300 385 28.3% Winning at the point of awareness/ exposure Reach No of visits 10,000 28,682 186.8% No of unique visitors 5,000 12,216 144.3% top accessed page Gcan Gcan Primary target engagement (Execution quality criteria) Number of registrations No of accounts 500 1,800 260.0% average number of page views average number of page views 8 14.00 75% Average time on site Average time on site - minutes 4 6.57 64% Bounce rate Maximum Bounce rate (%) 50 39.45 21% Maximum Cost per thousand Efficiency of exposure Cost per thousand (E/unique visitor) 0.41 0.17 59%
  37. 37. Having started the project in August, we go to market with a RO consumer designed can in November
  38. 38. So far we’ve figured • Authenticity is key….underpromise and overdeliver • JUST TRY IT! • Still…it’s a good idea to have reputation management process in place • Social media is no different to a party…..people hang around where there is action and where people are interesting
  39. 39. Tips for Agencies or Marketing People (If you boss is Old School)  Ask for 10% budget (all companies assign budget for “communication trial experiments”) that last year went to some fancy ATL project  Approach – learn how to sell the benefits  Most clients know the big stuff but can’t see what’s in it for them  Talk about cost effectiveness and effective return on investment eg. Social media recommendations are “trusted source” so 20x stronger than a banner  Use the language of Marketing (not tech) to explain and sell – Awareness • Site visitors, Traffic sources, Social media fans – Engagement • Conversations, Time on sites, Page views, Clicks, Social interactions – Loyalty • Returning visitors, Sharing & Inviting
  40. 40. We believe we have reached base camp on the social media journey