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Refrigerator maintenance checklist


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Regular maintainance of refrigerator is something which is very important.If we are so cautious about our investment, & when every talk about refrigerator reviews in India is all about making life easier for us, taking care of refrigerator is always a nolbe thought to have.

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Refrigerator maintenance checklist

  1. 1. Refrigerator is the vital appliance in the kitchen and the most expensive appliance to purchase.It is the only appliance which runs non-stop, therefore is also the biggest consumer of energythat we own. To keep the energy cost down and to avoid having to replace that expensiveappliance, it is indispensable that to take proper care of the refrigerator. “A stitch in time savesnine”, this statement is well true in terms of refrigerators. To that end, here are a few things torecommend doing on annual basis as a simply preventative maintenance that will extend the lifeand efficiency of the refrigerator.CHECKLIST: Clean the condenser coils: Condenser coils naturally attract dust, dirt, and pet hair. Dusty condenser coils cause a refrigerator to work harder; which translates into bigger energy bills and a shorter life expectancy for the fridge. To prevent this from happening, use a vacuum or broom to remove dust build up from the coils every two months. Clean the drain hole and drip pan: Self-defrosting refrigerators have defrosted drain holes and drip pans that allow excess condensation to leave the fridge and freezer. It’s essential to check these on an annual basis to prevent any clogs in the drain and possible leak in the drip pan. Clean and check the door gaskets: Refrigerator door gaskets are the pieces of plastic around the door that create a tight seal when the door is closed. The gaskets on your refrigerator seal the cold air in the refrigerator, and keep the warm air out. If proper care is taken of the gaskets, they should last the life of the refrigerator. All that is necessary to do regular cleaning and lubrication of the door gaskets to keep them in good shape from time to time. Replace or change the water filter: In a refrigerator with an in-door ice and water dispenser, there will be a water filter located. For the best tasting water, this filter should be replaced about every 6 months. Even though new filters are expensive, it’s important to keep them changed regularly; water that flows through an old filter is usually dirtier than it would be without any filtration at all. Be sure for level: If your refrigerator isnt level the doors may not close by their own or may not seal as tightly as theyre supposed to; is an another opportunity for energy loss. The best way to check this is to get a level and place it on the top of the unit. Check for level from front to back and side to side. Make any necessary adjustments by changing the height of the legs.BENEFITS: Reduce power consumption. It’s easy to be GREEN with a little preventative care. Extend life of equipment, especially critical components like the compressor, capillary tube, and condenser fan motor. Avoid costly EMERGENCY service caused by lack of maintenance. Proper door seal reduces power consumption and extends life of equipment.Maintain the checklist from time to time and SAVE energy. It always comes with greatassistance if we check refrigerator reviews India with many positive as well as negative viewsfrom real users. In fact a consumer products review India is itself a huge responsibility tosustain. But as they say,, silver lining never fades away. Just think for a while how to pull off thisnot-so-tough to guide & have great times ahead.