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  1. 1. (Sleepless Nights Of Terror) by (Oskras Rackauskas) (Unit 11 Short Film) Reveoh Productions Hollywood Unit Storage 69 076996691337

  2. 2. FADE IN: [SCENE 1] INT. ANDRE’S ROOM - 3:46AM As we fade into Andre is playing First-Person Shooter on his PC we see his body covering the screen and the the computer screen great a outline of his body. Then the camera switches to his glasses and we can see the reflection of the First-Person Shooter that he is playing We zoom into Andre concentrating on the game -ANDRE (ANDREUS1337) Alright Lets Win am so tired that I feel like I fall asleep on the spot & I got work not to long from now -GAMER 2 (UMPBIS0FT) Alright let’s clean up then -GAMER 5 (VP_PASHABICEPS) Ok Let’s Do This My Friends (They win the Game) -ANDRE(ANDREUS1337) Am Going to go to sleep we’ve been playing for 15 hours straight you guys should get some rest too See you Tomorrow HANGS UP (Andre relaxes in his chair) (Andre Thinks to himself)
  3. 3. 2. Kind of Hungry guess I’ll get a quick midnight snack before going to sleep [SCENE 2] INT. Kitchen - 4:13am As he heads downs stairs he hears some weird noises in he peeks into the kitchen and sees no none so he proceeds to turn on the light in the kitchen he opens the fridge & takes a cold drink and some bread with butter & Closes the Fridge He puts the butter on the bread and puts it into the toaster Lights Flicker (Andre Thinks to himself) Uuuuhhh kind of gotten chilly in here As he looks back he sees the fridge door is open He closes the fridge door as he goes back to the toaster he sees the bread is on the floor ANDRE What the hell is going on!? As he shouts that out loud the door slams shut right in front of him Toaster Where are you going Andre hmm? Andre Turns around
  4. 4. Toaster What never heard a talking toaster before hahahaha As Andre turns around to run out the door he slams into the refrigerator REFRIGERATOR Don’t Think so Soft Mysterious Voice Andre Andre Screams in fear as he’s trapped between the two talking objects as he crawls backwards he hears the voice again Mysterious Voice Andre Wake Up Toaster Guess someone is waking him up… we will see you very soon Andre sooner than you expect CUT TO BLACK MYSTERIOUS VOICE ANDRE WAKE UP! Andre jumps out his chair in fear ANDRE Mom what just happened!? Andre’s Mom What? I just came back from work and I found you sleeping in the chair now get ready you got work in an hour Andre looks at his phone 6:37am ANDRE’s Inside Voice An hour left till work I can just drink some red bull and I’ll be fine
  5. 5. 4. Andre gets ready for work and heads out 9 Hours Later Andre Comes back home and heads to his room and relaxes in his chair Andre’s Inside Voice No I must go to sleep if I do they will get to me for sure and what if no one wakes me up this time what will happen to me in there 5 Hours Later Andre watching a movie while drinking red bull slowly drifting to sleep Andre’s Inside voice no NO! I won’t fall asleep I need more red bull he heads down stairs into the kitchen he grabs a couple of red bulls and tries to run out as the door slams on his Toaster Andre You can’t escape us not in this world at least hahahahaha Andre WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!? Toaster Nothing were just bored and you are just our entertainment Fridge Finish him O and let me tell you the only way you can escape this is Death or not going to sleep The Refrigerator swing and falls on & everything goes black when it falls Andre wakes up in fear panting
  6. 6. ANDRE Yes I’m sorry boss I can’t make it today I have this medical issue today and I can’t make am so sorry Andre sits down next to his computer and researches Dreams We see a clock the hours going back 10 hours later We see Andre drifting asleep Andre wakes up by his computer Andre AHH!! Did I fall asleep how do I check ah forget it Andre locks his door in panic and barricades it with the stuff in his room The door knob moves then we hear a knock Andre WHO WHOS THERE!? WHAT DO YOU WANT Andre’s Mom’s Voice Andre, Andre Andree Andre Mom!? A Give me a second Andres inside Voice Ah its mom so I didn’t fall asleep thank god Andre opens the door and there’s no one there Toaster Hahaha that was too easy have you forgotten that all of this is in your head Andre Turns around Toaster That was classic now listen to me carefully you will never escape us you will be our toy till you die do you understand
  7. 7. 6. As Andre turns around and is about to run out the refrigerator blocks his way Toaster Told you that you can’t escape just except your faith and stop trying to escape us now let’s get to my favourite part fridge you know what to do As the refrigerator is about to fall on his Andre stands up closes his eyes and shouts Andre ENOUGH I’ve HAD ENOUGH OF THIS ALL I WANT IS TO HAVE A NORMAL NIGHT OF SLEEP SO LEAVE ME ALONE!! Andre Opens his eyes and sees that there’s nothing there anymore Back Flashes to Andre reading on the web when he was researching Andre SleepWalking: no not this Daydreaming: No not this either Lucid Dream: No that’s not it Ah found it Nightmares: Nightmares are like leaches they feed on fear you have to change your fear into another emotion like Anger or Love to get rid of the nightmare leach otherwise it will continue to leach on you until you give out and don’t give him anything to feed on Andre Wakes up in his bed relived (Pant) I think that’s it I think it’s gone He goes back to bed the camera pans out and we can see Andre smiling for the first time as he falls asleep END