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RevenueRiser New Membership Presentation - 2015

The most affordable and rewarding business you will ever join. Create a website for your new business for only USD$83.00, complete with shopping cart + 6 creative pages + hosting + 1 year domain name registration + BIIP Bonus of USD$260.00

This Offer is exclusively by INVITATION only. Please visit and fill-up the form and our friendly members will reach out to you to explain the program and invite you in.

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RevenueRiser New Membership Presentation - 2015

  1. 1. RevenueRiser.Com Let’s Talk Business
  2. 2. Agenda I. Introduction II. Business Basics III.RevenueRiser Program Components IV. Business Improvement Incentive Program (BIIP) V. Question & Answer
  3. 3. Introduction Are you just like One of Us? A. Housewife / House-band B. Student / Fresh Grad / Job Seeker C. Returning OFW D. Over-worked yet Under-paid employee E. Career Man / Woman with no time for the family? F. Retired Employee / Grandparent G. Networker / Network Marketer H. Business Owner needing more customers or income sources
  4. 4. Introduction What is your priority at this very moment? Get a Job Start a New or Improve your current Business “We can Help you with BOTH!”
  5. 5. So Who or What’s Stopping You from getting or doing what you want?
  6. 6. Excuses and negative Attitudes: 1. Procrastination 2. Fear of Failure 3. I don’t have the time 4. I don’t have the Capital
  7. 7. •Did you know that most Successful businesses today started with very little capital, but have very BIG IDEAS? • Did you also know that for every 100 applicants, only 6 – 9 people are accepted for training, and in the end, only 1 -2 gets to keep their career? Bottomline: “You are better off creating your OWN opportunities for long-term and real success!”
  8. 8. Business Basics
  9. 9. Business Basics What is RevenueRiser.Com? It is a business community program developed by AffordaMedia Business Development & Social Enterprises. Our Objectives: • Plant the seed of Entrepreneurship to anyone who wants to have their own business but does not have enough capital or needs encouragement /assistance to start. • Nurture the new business and create solutions / campaigns to : • Promote the business and help increase its sales activities • Generate new customers • Create loyalty programs for members and existing clients • Create opportunities for members seeking part or full- time income
  10. 10. Business Basics RevenueRiser Business Model is divided into 2 Parts: 1. Business Development • Provide SWOT ANALYSIS for each member’s business idea • Creation of Online Business / Design / Storefront Development • Creation of e-commerce facilities (if needed) • Online Marketing and Advertising • Training and Coaching Services 2. Sustainability & Income Opportunities Creation • Membership Referral Program • Affiliate Marketing • Business Improvement Incentive Program (BIIP) • Salesmanship Training and Coaching Services
  11. 11. Revenueriser Program Components
  12. 12. How can We Help You? Create Income Opportunities Start A Business
  13. 13. Things you may already have that can make you a Business Success 1. Idea 2. Good Health 3. Salesmanship Skills 4. Friends / Relatives 5. Cellphone / Android Phone Laptop / Desktop / Tablet 6. Email / Facebook Account
  14. 14. Starting Your Own Business • The most common and biggest EXPENSE start-ups make is “RENT”! •As of Aug 2012 there are now over 250M domain names registered and is growing at an average of 5 – 8% increase every year. •Almost every business in the US, UK, Japan, HK, Singapore, SOKOR, China, Dubai…etc. have a website •The internet is the great EQUALIZER for all Businesses, whether you own a start-up or a mid-sized company, or an incorporator of a multi-billion dollar business, cyberspace and Netizens alike will patronize a credible and legitimate business no matter what size the organization is. •SALES and MARKETABILITY SUCCESS over the internet is all about BETTER EXPERIENCE! Points to Ponder:
  15. 15. What Kind of Business Can I have? Business Suggestions: 1. Online Flowers and Gift Shop 2. Bags and Accessories 3. Fashion and Apparel 4. Jewelry , Arts and Crafts 5. Direct Marketers – AVON...etc. 6. Food Supplements 7. Catering / Chef Services 8. Food Trucks / Food Carts 9. Cakes and Pastries 10. Online Travel – Ticketing 11. Professional Services – Make-up Artist / Stylist / Wedding Planner 12. Pet Shop / Hobbies / Gardening 13. Motorsports / Auto-repair / Accessories 14. Online Bookshop 15. OBP – Accounting / HR / Virtual Assistant / Call Center / Online Tutorials 16. Promote Your Existing Business …. Etc.
  16. 16. Starting Your Own Business How do we help develop the new business? •Provide analysis (SWOT) about the business model. S – Strength W- Weakness O- Opportunity T - Trends •Design custom campaigns appropriate to the business model. •Train and Coach business owners on the implementation of the program. •Have periodical live events to share strategies and meet members to socialize and broaden every individual’s business network.
  17. 17. RevenueRiser Program Components RevenueRiser.Com will be providing the following services to all community members: •Store Front Development (Profile, product description and eMail Marketing Pages) •URL Address or Brand Link (ex. •Shopping Cart and Payment Facility (e-commerce tools)* •Choice of either a FaceBook / Twitter Account • Integrated Search Engine Optimization with each page/s created. • Online marketing program set-up, training and implementation for social media marketing campaigns, business best practices and reputation management. • Opportunity to earn supplemental income via our referral program.
  18. 18. RevenueRiser Program Components How much does it Cost to be a Member of our Community? Community Membership Fee Php4.11 a day!!! Or PHP1,500/year ONLY! Features for Basic Membership: • Brand Link ( • 3 web pages ( up to 3-5 product pictures per page) • e-Business 101 Training and Coaching Services What are the responsibilities of a RevenueRiser Member? • Follow and adhere to best practices and campaigns created for the business • Attend Online Webinar or Training / Coaching Sessions and events •Provide courtesy and Exclusive Discounts and Privileges to all members. •Refer a friend/s to the program within 1 month from membership sign-up.
  19. 19. RevenueRiser Program Component What is RevenueRiser’s Referral and Business Longevity Program? • It is an opportunity for a member to earn supplemental income aside from the sales generated by his / her own business. •Members may refer more than the required individuals to join the community **Important conditions on the program: 1. Members must adhere to the 30 day refer-2-friends condition to enjoy 100% of this special benefit. 2. All new referrals shall entitle the member a direct-sales commission of Php500/ per member referred.
  20. 20. Don’t want to bother or invite anyone else? We have this option for you . . .
  21. 21. Supplemental Membership Condition You may also opt to purchase additional 2 membership shares, so you need not invite anyone else to join. (add only Php2,000) Total Membership Fee: Php3,500 / year or Php9.58 a day ONLY! Additional Benefit To You Includes: • Your own DOTCOM URL Address ( ex. http://Yourname.Com ) •Additional 3 pages to promote your product and services • Automatic inclusion in our Business Improvement Incentive Program (2 BIIP Packages) with a potential BONUS worth Php11,000!
  22. 22. RevenueRiser Program Component IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER ABOUT THE PROGRAM: 1. The Main Business of RevenueRiser is to plan and implement marketing campaigns for your business to help you generate new leads, have new sales and retain existing customers. 2. All members are going to be verified and provided coaching to help those that are new in the concept of e-commerce and help them make their business profitable. 3. The direct-sale referral program is just a supplemental means for members to earn extra income while their business is just starting to pick-up. 4. All members are encouraged and should focus on growing their own individual businesses as this is the goal of the organization and the long-term success of each member in the program. < < Back
  23. 23. Creating Your Own Income Opportunities
  24. 24. Creating Income Opportunities RevenueRiser knows and understands real life circumstances: • NOT everyone is “cut-out” to be in business • NOT everyone has enough CAPITAL to finance the business they want to have. • People have daily needs that has to be met (food, bills, school fees, allowances, medication, house rent...etc.) • Job opportunities are at an ALL-TIME LOW Globally! This is why we have the following options for our members: 1. Become an Independent Membership Builder (freelance) 2. Join BIIP to earn / save that needed CAPITAL to start 3. Join a co-member in a SALES AFFILIATE Program and earn commissions for every sale you make.
  25. 25. Creating Income Opportunities How do I become an Independent Membership Builder? • Join the RevenueRiser Community and pay the membership fee of PHP1,500/year + Php500 (SSD Training ) • Attend the “required” eBusiness 101 + Salesmanship Skills Development Training • Invite friends or market the organization to people who would like to have their own business or have the same income opportunity • Create a Testimonial Video (Youtube) to share your experience and benefits you enjoyed through the organization.
  26. 26. Creating Income Opportunities Benefits of an Independent Membership Builder: • 1 Page Accreditation Link • Online Email Marketing Page • eBusiness 101 + Salesmanship Skills Development Training • Php500 Direct Sale Commission per new member invited • 1 share in BIIP with a potential BONUS of PHP5,000! For Affiliate Marketing: • Terms to be provided by Merchant Member
  27. 27. RevenueRiser.Com Business Improvement Incentive Program (BIIP)
  28. 28. So…what else can I do to earn or add Capital to my new business?
  29. 29. What you can do: 1. Borrow money from a relative or a friend / Bumbays 2. Borrow from the Bank (w/Collateral) 3. Join our Exclusive “Business Improvement Incentive Program”
  30. 30. What is the Business Improvement Incentive Program Definition: 1. It is a financial incentive program developed exclusively for revenueriser members who are actively improving and developing their online business in order to help new entrepreneurs gain the much needed extra-capital to expand or support their business further. 2. It is an optional segment and members may opt to join or not, it rewards members equivalent to their current business’ needs to add more pages or update the information on their websites continuously. 3. It is an incentive to encourage members to be serious about their business and improve on it, as it also generates work for the company’s internal staff. 4. It is renewable so it is infinite, and is sustainable for both the new business and the company.
  31. 31. How does BIIP Work? Based on the enrollment conditions, a member has the following options: A. Joining fee of Php1,500 + invite 2 friends B. Pay Joining Fee Php1,500 + Php2,000 C. Independent Membership Builders Fee Php1,500 + Php500 (SSD Training) • If the member chooses Option A, he / she may opt NOT to get the Php1,000 commission due and purchase 1 BIIP Pack @Php1,000 – NO MORE CASH OUT! • If member chose option B, he / she has the following additional benefits: A. Get a domain name (.com) + 4 additional web pages + 2 BIIP Packages • Independent Membership Builders get an Automatic 1 BIIP Pack • Members may purchase additional BIIP packages separately @Php1,500/ 3 pages, as their need arises and at any given time. How do I Join:
  32. 32. How much is the Incentive?
  33. 33. BIIP Basics BIIP is a team or community-based incentive program with the following elements: 1 Pack = 1 BIIPNumber = 3 more additional Web Pages / Update for your business • A member is the beneficiary of 7 other members who are passing on to him / her their investment and in due time will also be receiving their shares from other members. • 1 team is composed of 8 members with 1 beneficiary and 7 contributors • Upon receiving the Incentive, the system automatically deducts (Php1,500) from the receivable amount as a renewal fee and issues (SYS) BIIP Number to be placed in Cue. (BIIP is NOT your Annual Membership Fee) Benefits of automatic renewal: • Everyone will get their chance to receive the incentive independent of the actual member population. • Each BIIP share yields a NET AMOUNT OF PHP5,500 per Cycle
  34. 34. Still Don’t Get It? We have these graphics for you . . .
  35. 35. Infinite Business Incentive Matrix You No.2 No.5 No.6 No.3 No.4 No.7 No.8 1 Team = 8 members / 1 beneficiary + 7 Contributors per Cycle or Team
  36. 36. You No.2 No.5 No.6 No.3 No.4 No.7 No.8 No.9 After receiving the incentive, system deducts Php1,500 from the proceeds for system- renewal and assigns a new BIIP No. (SYS)
  37. 37. Business Improvement Incentive Program IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER ABOUT THE PROGRAM: 1. The NET returns per BIIP cycle is computed as: Php7,000 – Php1,500 (auto-renew) = PHP5,500NET 2. All “SYS-renewal” BIIP Number shall be under the SYS category, to push the next beneficiary upwards and ensure the continuity of benefits for all members within the cycle. Only members with “active-status” are eligible to receive the BIIP incentive. 3. How do I know when it’s time for me to receive my INCENTIVE? 4. Simply multiply your BIIPNo. X 8 = result is the number you have to wait, for the release of your funds. (ex. CIPNo.3 x 8 = 24 – wait for this BIIP number) 5. BIIPNos. Currently served are indicated on the website, the system will also automatically notify you via email or our CSRs will call you for the good news.
  38. 38. Business Improvement Incentive Program The Possibilities are Endless: • All BIIP packages you purchased equals to 3 additional web pages for your online business to promote more products or create a new online business / store. BIIP cost= Php1,500 = 3 web pages (@Php500 per page) THAT’S REAL VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!!! • You may purchase any number of BIIP Packages anytime! • Purchase more BIIP Packages upfront with any excess money you have for a continuous Cash Flow and yields which can not be matched by any Bank or financial program in the market today! • BIIP is about fueling your motivation to improve and grow your business, grounded on the values of helping others and sharing your current resources…knowing that in due time… people will also be sharing and helping you too.
  39. 39. Question and Answer
  40. 40. Conclusion RevenueRiser shares the following Formula: O + L + S = Success O - Ownership L - Love what you do S - Sacrifice
  41. 41. Be Inspired
  42. 42. RevenueRiser.Com I want to provide for my Family . . . I want Financial Independence . . . I want my OWN Business . . . I Deserve my own SUCCESS!
  43. 43. Thank You

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The most affordable and rewarding business you will ever join. Create a website for your new business for only USD$83.00, complete with shopping cart + 6 creative pages + hosting + 1 year domain name registration + BIIP Bonus of USD$260.00 This Offer is exclusively by INVITATION only. Please visit and fill-up the form and our friendly members will reach out to you to explain the program and invite you in.


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