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Revel charity event checklist-rev1


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Checklist for Charity

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Revel charity event checklist-rev1

  1. 1. □□ Identify your target demographic and craft a message that appeals to that demographic. □□ Create a hashtag on social media and share posts from others who use it. □□ Send alerts to your attendees from last year’s event, if you had one. □□ Invest in SEO for your event’s web page. □□ Be sure you have high-quality photos and videos from previous events to share on social media. □□ Carefully select partners and influencers who align with your intended audience. □□ Don’t forget about traditional marketing techniques, but make sure they align with your social media strategies as well. □□ Create relationships with potential attendees at other events and on social media. □□ Include an element of mystery to your messaging to create intrigue and inspire people to learn more about the event. HOW TO RAISE AWARENESS For Your CHARITY EVENT REVELGLOBALEVENTS.COM