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The Deisgners Manifesto


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Empathy: All Design Starts By Understanding Another’s Experience
Human: All Design Activity Is Social
Re-design: All Design Is Re-design
Tangibility: Making Ideas Tangible Always Facilitates Communication
Uncertainty: All Design Must Preserve Ambiguity
Advancement: All Design Must Improve The Previous Iteration

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The Deisgners Manifesto

  1. 1. TheDesignersManifesto rUv Empathy:AllDesignStartsByUnderstandingAnother’sExperience Human:AllDesignActivityIsSocial Re-design:AllDesignIsRe-design Tangibility:MakingIdeasTangibleAlwaysFacilitatesCommunication Uncertainty:AllDesignMustPreserveAmbiguity Advancement:AllDesignMustImproveThePreviousIteration imageviashutterstock