Shakespearean Character Study


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This our year 10 english character study for Napier Boys' High.

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Shakespearean Character Study

  1. 1. Bosom pal of prince Harry and one of the great comiccharacters in English Literature. He is a fat, good-for-nothing knight who spends most of his timebragging, wrenching, sleeping, robbing, drinkingsack(a dry white wine) and sparring verbally withanyone.SexMaleRoleProtagonist as he is a main character of the play andalso acts as the comic relief.
  2. 2. Sir John Falstaff appears in King Henry IV partone which is set in London at around 1402-1403.The major sets in the play are the royal palaceand the boars head tavern(Falstaff‟s favouriteplace).Type of playTragedy/Comedy
  3. 3. The Percy family encouraged by the hot temperof the young noblemen Hotspur seeks tooverthrow the reigning King of England, HenryIV. Simultaneously, Harry, the crown prince ofEngland must work back his honour and placehis father‟s esteem after squandering it byspending too much time with the rogue Falstaffand other unsuitable companions.
  4. 4. Harry the crown prince of England must work to winback his honour and place in his father‟s esteem aftersquandering it by spending too much time with therogue Falstaff.How Falstaff is involvedFalstaff is involved in the conflict because he is theone who influences Harry to become moremischievous and nasty, much like himself, but alsoteaches him some valuable life skills along the way.
  5. 5. Exposition The King and Westmorland talking about aupcoming battle.Rising Action The King‟s confrontation with Hotspur, the robbery;the King‟s confrontation with Harry; the Percy‟s battlepreparations.Conflict The Percy family seeks to overthrow thereigning King of England , Harry must regainhis honour and earn his place in his fathersesteem
  6. 6. Climax The battle of Shrewsbury in Act V. SpecificallyHarry‟s duel with Hotspur.Falling Action The King strategizing after the battle, leading intothe play‟s sequel.
  7. 7. At then beginning of the play, Sir John Falstaff has ayounger friend Prince Harry(Prince Hal). The twofriends mock each other, saying things like “Thou artso fat-witted with drinking old sack and unbuttoningthee after supper.” But even though the two friendsmock and tease each other, they respect each othergreatly.
  8. 8. What Motivates FalstaffThe thing that motivates Falstaff is tutoring theyoung prince Hal into becoming a well honouredKing. Falstaff brings out the young prince‟s comicalside, and teaches him how to have fun.How Falstaff acts towards othersFalstaff acts extremely obnoxiously towards prettymuch everyone he attempts to verbally harassanyone who gets in his way. This type of personalityis fitting for his character as he is a fat, lazy oldknight who is also the comic relief of the play.
  9. 9. How Falstaff influences others throughout the playSir John Falstaff influences prince Harry intobecoming a more mischievous character than he is setout to be, Falstaff is basically teaching him how tohave fun.”
  10. 10. Falstaff is effected by change when prince Harry“Grows up” and leaves Falstaff and his immaturitybehind. We first see this happening on the battlefield at Shrewsbury when Harry upbraids his friendfor acting like a clown instead of a soldier.“What, stands than idle here? Lend me thy sword.Many a nobleman lies stark and stiff. Under the hoofsof vaunting enemies, whose deaths are not yet un-revenged. I pry thee lend me thy sword.”
  11. 11. By the end of the play Sir John Falstaff has learntthat a life of booze , money and immaturity can resultin a loss of good friends. An example of this is whenprince Harry begins to move on from the mischievoustomfoolery from Falstaff and starts to become a moreKing like figure.(prince) “Give it to me. What is it in the case?”(Falstaff) “Ay Hal, „t is hot, there‟s that will sack acity.”(The prince draws it out and finds it to be a bottle ofsack)(prince) “What, is it a time to be jest and dally now?”
  12. 12. Beginning-“Thou art so fat-witted with drinking ofold sack and unbuttoning thee after supper”(prince)This quote shows how fat, cheap and lazy sir JohnFalstaff is as he will drink any booze he can find.
  13. 13. Middle- “Now I am a true woman, Holland of 8shillings an ell. You owe money here besides, SirJohn, for your diet and by drinkings, and moneylent you, four and twenty pound”(hostess) Thisquote shows that Falstaff is still as fat, lazy andcheap as he was from the beginning.
  14. 14. End- “I‟ll follow, as they say, for reward. He thatrewards me, good rewards him. If I do grow great,I‟ll grow less, for I‟ll purge and leave sack, and I‟llleave cleanly as a noblemen should do.”(Falstaff)This quote shows that Falstaff has decided to finallymake a difference in his life by dropping his boozeaddiction and actually behaving like a true knight.
  15. 15. Http://www./ On this website I found out which play Sir JohnFalstaff is in, where it is setHttp:// kind of person Sir John Falstaff isHttp://“Man against man” conflict which involves storieswhere characters are pitted against each other.
  16. 16. Http:// -1/Sir-John-Falstaff.Html When Prince Harry begins to grow upand move on from the mischievous Falstaff.J.H.Walter, King Henry IV Part One, HeinemannEducational books Ltd, First published 1961From this novel, I found out some useful quotes thathave been used throughout the play, and someinformation on who Falstaff is.
  17. 17. Samuel Johnson and George Steevens, King Henry IVPart One, Bell’s Edition Of Shakespeare’s works,Published 1961.From this Novel I found some useful quotes used andthe personality that Falstaff has.