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Learn From Your Customers


Published on | Consumers search for products on the web, in the store, and through social media – but who are they? The key to your omnichannel marketing lies in the in-store experience. We highlight how your brick-and-mortar analytics will change the way your brand can grow in all your consumer channels

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Learn From Your Customers

  2. 2. WHAT IS OMNICHANNEL? Omnichannel retailers offer their customers merchandise and promotions across all channels equally. It is quite simply a consumer experience that offers seamless retailing throughout a company’s many channels, including: •Mobile Devices •Computers •Television •Radio •Direct Mail •Catalogues •In-Store
  3. 3. KNOW WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT Knowing your customers has always been an important factor in business – if not the important factor. Once you know who your customer base is and what they like marketing your products to them is a cinch. With that being said, in today’s world you need to know even more than you used to – consumers are both physically and digitally shopping at your business, making it hard to know your customer.
  4. 4. GROWING YOUR CHANNELS Omnichannel customers are consuming brands from multiple sources, and they are informing themselves about your brand and products from those sources. These consumers browse in the store, on the web, and throughout social media – but who are they? The key to your omnichannel marketing lies in the in-store experience. On the following pages we are going to highlight how your brick-and- mortar analytics will change the way your brand can grow in all channels.
  5. 5. FOOT TRAFFIC By combining a customer’s purchases with their personal information, your company forms a better picture of your consumer. Studying how shoppers interact with your space and products on location will give you an indication of how they react to all your channels.
  6. 6. One of the biggest changes in an omnichannel world is what the industry calls “showrooming”. This is when your customer is looking at a product in the store and logs on to their mobile device to see if they can find it cheaper. The good news is that there is a way to find out what and where they are looking – it’s called Mobile In- Store Analytics. SHOWROOMING
  7. 7. MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS Some campaigns work well, while others seem to not pick up any traction. In omnichannel retailing, your marketing campaigns need to work all the time. Measuring your customers’ reactions to in-store displays and physical campaign elements will give you the immediate information you can use to tailor your campaign throughout your
  8. 8. PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE Free Wi-Fi can be an easy way to attract omnichannel shoppers. Plus, when your consumers opt-in to your Wi-Fi you are in control of their experience – with up-to-date, personalized campaigns that can engage your customer. You are immersing them in your world, both in the store and on their mobile device.
  9. 9. BENEFITS FOR ALL OF YOUR CHANNELS Your store allows your customers to try out your products: the sizing, feeling, weight, and colors, as well as speak to your knowledgeable staff. While your customer is engaged, your company is allowed to collect data that will make future transactions, promotions, and campaigns more successful.
  10. 10. With their patented technology, RetailNext has become the world leader in data results for brick-and- mortar businesses. When companies need real-time, all-inclusive analytics on their in-store consumers, they turn to RetailNext. For more information, please call: (888) 609-5877 Or visit: CONTACT US