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Keeping Up With The Consumer


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WWD - Los Angeles

Published in: Retail
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Keeping Up With The Consumer

  1. 1. Keeping Up With The Consumer Marissa Tarleton, CMO, North America @MBTarleton @RetailMeNotInc
  2. 2. RETAIL IS FACING NEW CHALLENGES •  The journey is complex. •  Digital touchpoints are influencing all channels. •  Tapping into micro-moments can expand reach and insights.
  3. 3. 1,044 DIGITAL TOUCHPOINTS* Source: Google/Luth Research, “Mobile’s Growing Role in a Shopper’s Purchase Decision,” July 2016. 3 TYPES OF SITES VISITED: *Touchpoints =searches, website visits, video views, clicks 27% Coupons & Deals 25% Other 17% Online Retailer 14% Brand Retailer 12% Listing & Consignment 3% Google 1% YouTube 1% Wedding Registry 1% Social <1% Lifestyle & Blog 54% DESKTOP 46% MOBILE MEET LEENA The New Consumer Journey CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. Source: Google/Luth Research, “Consumer Search Trends in I-Need-Some-Ideas Moments,” July 2016. TYPES OF SITES VISITED: 106 Google Searches 20 Google Image Searches 140 Brand Retailer Interactions 100 University Interactions 202 Mass Online Retailer Interactions 95 Coupons & Deals Interactions 600 DIGITAL TOUCHPOINTS* 79% DESKTOP 21% MOBILE MEET MARCUS *Touchpoints =searches, website visits, video views, clicks The New Consumer Journey
  5. 5. The New Consumer Journey 947 DIGITAL TOUCHPOINTS* Source: Google/Luth Research, “The Rise of Comparison Shopping on Mobile” July 2016. KAITLYN’S JOURNEY: 24 Google searches 10 YouTube video views 359 Brand retailer interactions 87 Mass online retailer interactions 399 Coupon and deal site interactions11% DESKTOP 89% MOBILE MEET KAITLYN *Touchpoints =searches, website visits, video views, clicks
  6. 6. THREE WAYS RETAILERS CAN ENGAGE IN MICRO-MOMENTS Explore New Content Expand Mobile + Local Touchpoints Anticipate the Future
  7. 7. Capture customers where they are with engaging formats. EXPLORE AND TEST NEW CONTENT TYPES
  8. 8. EXPANDING THROUGH CONTENT MARKETING DIY content generated more than 1MM impressions over the course of a week before Mother’s Day
  9. 9. TAPPING INTO INFLUENCERS AND SOCIAL MEDIA Reaching new audiences with relevant humor and fresh faces generated nearly 5 million impressions for a cost effective CPM.
  10. 10. Source:10 EXPAND MOBILE + LOCAL TOUCHPOINTS Deliver relevant in-the-moment communications to deepen user’s relationship with the app
  12. 12. Rich push for stronger offer engagement EVOLVING PUSH Source: Gift cards delivered based on user location Rich push notifications contribute to a 56% increase in direct opens on average
  13. 13. Source: ANTICIPATE THE FUTURE Competition is no longer across verticals. Consumers are now comparing all of their experiences against one another.
  14. 14. CONVERSATIONAL COMMERCE Source: Nearly $2 billion in online sales will be performed exclusively through mobile digital assistants by the end of 2016 – Gartner Research
  15. 15. Source:, IN THE NEXT 20 YEARS, AR commerce will account for 25% of online sales – BI Intelligence
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATIONS Seek new content types for reaching audiences Anchor all content across relevant mobile platforms Look for future opportunities to connect LEENA MARCUS KAITLYN
  17. 17. Questions?