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Our thriller film opening


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Our thriller film opening

  1. 1. Our Thriller Film OpeningGroup 40ReanneKavitaBradley
  2. 2. Our Film Title We would like to name our Thriller Film ‘Bloody Tears’. We feel that it’s appropriate as the Young Girl cries tears of Blood which will be shown in our Thriller Opening.‘ BloodyTears ’
  3. 3. The Treatment; Brief Outline ofour FilmOur Thriller film is based around a Female who lived in a Mental Asylum when she was young as she was diagnosed with a the mental disorder. She was diagnosed with the wrong disorder and throughout her adult life she tries to find out what is actually wrong with her therefore throughout the film she has flashbacks of her childhood. The film opening is one of these Flashbacks.
  4. 4. The Treatment; Brief Outline ofour Thriller Film OpeningThe young girl wakes up and finds herself in a Mental Asylum and the only friend she has is her Teddy Bear. She then opens various doors trying to find anything meaningful or anything that tells her why she is there. She discovers other Mental People behind the closed doors. She opens the third door and stumbles back which makes her drop her Teddy Bear. She then cries Blood.
  5. 5. Sub-GenreOur Film opening is a mixture of Horror and Thriller which makes it a ‘Thriller Horror.’Film openings that inspired us: Asylum and The Stepfather (2009). Both these films contained ideas that we want to use for our Film Opening.
  6. 6. Planned Locations and LocationShotsWe have chosen the Lower Ground Floor of the College to film our Thriller Opening.
  7. 7. LocationShots…
  8. 8. Our Mise en SceneProps:Teddy Bear. Rocking Chair.Costume: Black/White Long Gowns.
  9. 9. Full Story Board
  10. 10. Preliminary Ideas About SoundWe would like to have a Voice Over which narrates the opening scene of our Thriller Film. This will also reveal to the audience more about the plot of the film.We will have the sound of wind blowing from the windows for more of a Haunted House effect.We will also like spooky sounds to play when events occur.
  11. 11. Production ScheduleWe would like to start our filming on the 8th February and finish the filming on the 15th February.On the 1st March we would like to start editing our Thriller Opening.
  12. 12. Risk Assessment We are taking a risk by filming with very expensive and high quality equipment therefore we need to make sure that it is not harmed or damaged in any way once we finish filming. We have to make sure that people know that we are filming so there are not any false alarms being raised. We need to make sure that people don’t harm our equipment by accident and keep the equipment safe when in the bag. We are filming inside the College so there are not that many risks that we are taking, as we are not worried about the equipment being stolen by the general public for example.
  13. 13. Skills we have learntWe have learned how to use the Video Camera correctly and how to avoid making silly mistakes (Not Focusing the Camera before filming).We have learned how to use Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro to edit our Filming so it can have more of an effect on the audience (adding sound can change the emotion trying to be portrayed).We have also learned how to Blog everything we have learned and to also make sure that it makes sense to the examiner about the order we post the Blogs.
  14. 14. Institutional DetailCandi Media would produce our film because it is our production team therefore we would like to incorporate it in our film.
  15. 15. Audience DetailAs our Film will be a Horror/Thriller we would set the age rating as a 15 therefore the film will be aimed at people who are aged 15 and over (15-24 year olds).We will also target both Men and Women as our audience. We feel that both can relate to the film as it is based around a young girl but its a thriller and as shown through research, Men prefer Thriller films over women.