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The Resume Ring. Slideshow


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The Resume Ring. Slideshow

  1. 1. Does Your Resume Make the Cut?
  2. 2. Think a resume is all about stating facts? Think again. A resume is a marketing message, plain and simple.
  3. 3. Your target employer is your audience… And you must customize your message to match their expectations.
  4. 4. At We'll take your facts combine them with the career direction you've envisioned
  5. 5. and tailor your resume to match. The bottom line? Our resumes promise to market you, not just describe you.
  6. 6. But don’t take our word for it… Let our clients convince you. Nothing but praise and thanks on our site.
  7. 7. Writing + Marketing We know the difference, and it shows.
  8. 8. Our founder and director is a 10-year marketing pro. Unlike most resume writers… she’s got two relevant Degrees behind her name.
  9. 9. 240.477.5212 You’ve got our number. Let us help you get your next dream job.
  10. 10. The Resume Ring is dedicated to marketing you. It is our pleasure to answer your questions. Call or visit us online today!
  11. 11. Call 240.477.5212