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Blogging blueprint ss


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Introduction to blogging.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Blogging blueprint ss

  1. 1. Blogging Blueprint
  2. 2. Restyled Life• Susanne Daniels-• Specializing in working with people who are reshaping, rethinking, restarting - RESTYLING their life purpose, business, brand, or career.Providing guidance to bring you to the next level and tools to sustain your success
  3. 3. Investment• Expectations? If you expect that you will learn valuable new information• Intentions? If you intend to use that information as a tool• Your time is well invested and you will receive a ROI.
  4. 4. Outline• Draw the Blueprints• Build The Blog• Open House• Sold
  5. 5. Why Blog• 1/3 of US consumers spend three of more hours online every day.• 78% of internet users are conducting research online.• More than half the internet users read blogs at least monthly• More than 1/3 of US companies use blogs for marketing• Companies that blog get 55% more website visitors
  6. 6. Draw the Blueprints–Define the purpose of your blog.–What do you have to say–Choose your Blog site–Consult Sources–Follow other bloggers–Read Review and Comment
  7. 7. Build• Name Your Site• Build Site• Create Content• Curate Content• Blog Purposefully
  8. 8. Open House• Get Readers• Get Noticed• Get Read• SEO Strategies-• The Blogging Beauty Contest
  9. 9. Sold• Increased Traffic = Success• Create-Develop and Maintain Relationships• Upkeep- Keywords Fresh Content• Work to Increase Traffic• More like Rental Property!• You are responsible for the maintenance!
  10. 10. Building Upkeep• Maintain and Measure• Keep it easy for readers• Stay Current- Google Trends• Keywords are the New Neon Signs• Helpful is the new Viral
  11. 11. Creative Spirit Event Special• Free Social Marketing Assessment with 20 minute consultation.• username CSE password cse1105• 10% discount on coaching packages or social marketing packages purchased before 12/31/11 by mentioning Creative Spirit Events.
  12. 12. Upcoming Restyled Life Events 2012 Classes and Workshops• Keyword Connection- webinar• Using Social Media for Business Success• How to Build your own Website• Blogging Blueprint -3 part webinar• Creative Goal Setting Follow for updates on class schedules and workshops. Contact me about Social Marketing, Personal and Business Coaching Group and Private packages available