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MailRetriever Email Recovery: Opening Mailboxes


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How to open mailboxes using MailRetriever, email recovery solution for MS Exchange and DPM. Restore emails in minutes with MailRetriever.

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MailRetriever Email Recovery: Opening Mailboxes

  1. 1. MailRetriever Opening Use Cases Mailboxes Open, Browse, Search, Restore & Export E-Mail Directly from Microsoft Exchange reliable email restoring solution
  2. 2. Opening mailboxes 1. Launch MailRetriever by clicking the desktop icon. Select “File --> Open Database”. reliable email restoring solution
  3. 3. Opening mailboxes 2. Open EDB file(s). reliable email restoring solution
  4. 4. Opening mailboxes 3. Expand an object tree and select a Mailbox to view. 4. The content of the data store is displayed in MailRetriever browser window. reliable email restoring solution