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MailRetriever for Exchange: Installation Guide


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Learn how to quickly and easily install MailRetriever for Exchange on your computer and start restoring damaged and deleted emails and other items from Outlook PST files immediately. Targeted for Microsoft Exchange Network Administrators, Exchange Engineers, Messaging and Infrastructure Consultants MailRetriever provides the ability to restore individual e-mails (with any type of attachments), mailboxes, tasks, calendar items, contacts, and public folders from offline Exchange Data Store (.edb file).

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MailRetriever for Exchange: Installation Guide

  1. 1. MailRetriever™ for Exchange Installation Guide Open, Browse, Search, Restore & Export E-Mail Directly from Microsoft Exchange Server reliable email restoring solution
  2. 2. About This Document This document outlines how you can perform an error-free installation of MailRetriever for Exchange and get it running efficiently so you can begin using the product immediately. For support or to purchase a copy and unlock the premium features of MailRetriever, please view our website at: reliable email restoring solution
  3. 3. Installation 1. Double click the MailRetiever.exe file to launch WinZip Self-Extractor. 2. Run MailRetriever Installation Wizard by clicking ‘Setup’ button. reliable email restoring solution
  4. 4. Installation 3. Press 'Next' button to review the License Agreement terms. reliable email restoring solution
  5. 5. Installation 4. Choose the installation regime. reliable email restoring solution
  6. 6. Installation 5. Press 'Browse for Key' button, specify path to 'LicenseFile.lic' file. reliable email restoring solution
  7. 7. Installation 6. Skip the step for a trial version of the product. reliable email restoring solution
  8. 8. Installation 7. Specify the path to a folder to which the product will be installed. reliable email restoring solution
  9. 9. Installation 8. Identify your version of the Exchange Server. reliable email restoring solution
  10. 10. Installation 9. Specify the path to Microsoft Exchange Server support files. reliable email restoring solution
  11. 11. Installation 10. Usually it’s Exchange ServerBin. There are three libraries required: ese.dll, exchmem.dll, jcb.dll. reliable email restoring solution
  12. 12. Installation 11. The necessary parameters are specified and the Installation can be started. reliable email restoring solution
  13. 13. Installation 12. Wait while the installation progresses. reliable email restoring solution
  14. 14. Installation 13. MailRetriever for Exchange has been successfully installed. Click ‘Finish’ to start using the program. reliable email restoring solution
  15. 15. Product Support MailRetriever is designed to be extremely easy to install and use with DPM. In fact, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure this, by modeling our interface with the same conventions that Exchange administrators are used to seeing and using. However, we understand that when it comes to mission-critical messaging systems, its nice to be able to obtain support from real people, not just forums and help guides. So we’re here for you! To obtain support, please select an option below:  E-Mail Support:  Phone: +1 703.547.8686  Website: reliable email restoring solution