Email Recovery: Opening Mailbox with MailRetriever for DPM


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How to open a mailbox and choose a recovery point using MailRetriever for DPM email recovery solution. MailRetriever for DPM email recovery software saves time and money by blowing away traditional recovery windows, eliminating brick-level backups. With detailed searches in seconds, you’re never more than a few clicks away from recovering a lost email message, mailbox or Outlook item with this affordable and easy-to-use email recovery software package.

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Email Recovery: Opening Mailbox with MailRetriever for DPM

  1. 1. MailRetriever Opening Mailbox in Use Cases MailRetriever for DPM Open, Browse, Search, Restore & Export E-Mail Directly from Microsoft Exchange reliable email restoring solution
  2. 2. Opening mailbox 1. Launch MailRetriever from the desktop icon or from the MailRetriever program group. MailRetriever detects and displays the Exchange servers protected and their corresponding storage groups. reliable email restoring solution
  3. 3. Opening mailbox 2. Choose a recovery point by selecting a specific date in the calendar and opening the recovery point. A list of storage groups displays. reliable email restoring solution
  4. 4. Opening mailbox 3. Expand an object tree and select a storage group to view. reliable email restoring solution
  5. 5. Opening mailbox 4. Double-click on the storage group to drill into its data stores. reliable email restoring solution
  6. 6. Opening mailbox 5. Select the mailbox store and click Open. The Open command restores the Exchange data store from a DPM recovery point to the specified location. 6. MailRetriever automatically opens this mailbox store. reliable email restoring solution