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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. There are many types of web hosting. The most commonly used type is the shared web hosting. Thistype of hosing is preferred due to its cost effectiveness. This type of hosting services is commonly used in offices with many employees to allow the same server at the same time. Shared web hosting is used by companies since it is the most appropriate server they might need for the business.unix hosting
  2. 2. There are many advantages of using the shared web hostingespecially in companies with many employees This allows everyoneto access the common server without any problem These serversare fast and have an unmatched network
  3. 3. This provides high-end services for the users with diversifiedconnections It is always important to have a host server for ashared web hosting The best methods are to have a Cisco routingwith core and border
  4. 4. Work becomes with the host server and the users will not have anydifficulty in accessing the servers This type unix hosting of serverswill give you total virtual security with full HVAC power system Evenif these are internet servers used in a company, it will have all thecompatibility and features of the internet, reliability and speed
  5. 5. As mentioned, there are many types of hosting method Therefore,it is important to select an appropriate method that suits your needswell Indeed, everyone will look for the least expensive services withwide ranges of features
  6. 6. However, if these are your requirements then the shared webhosting is what all you need for your company Since the sharedweb hosting services are very viable, it might be difficult to find areliable provider
  7. 7. Even then, a search on the internet will help you to find the bestservice provider in your region of company The most importantaspect that needs to be kept in mind is having a very skilfuladministrator for the server
  8. 8. Since many users use the server, it is wise to have a serveradministrator to make sure everybody gets the same service fromthe server The common shared web-hosting web based controlsystems are Plesk, Shera, H-Sphere and many more are available
  9. 9. The hosts or the providers will install the required software for theusers and ensures that everything is under their control especiallyupdating security information The commonly used operatingsystems for shared web hosting are Linux and UNIX
  10. 10. This is due to the reason most of the web products are createdusing them
  11. 11. unix hosting