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  1. 1. Fixie bikes are indicated for those people whowant to develop their muscle strength. This is a good training to athletes who need enoughstamina to complete their game. Unlike ordinary bicycles, most fixie bikes in the market have a unique back wheel that will require extra effort to spin. Since this doesnt move to a certain direction right away, the one using it should work twice as hard before it can move. A lot of people prefer to have these things, becausethey are easy to use, and they can be modified. If you want to learn how to make one, here are some tips that can help you out:fixed gear bikes
  2. 2. The good thing about making fixie bikes is that you dont have toown something really expensive You can make use of an old one, oryou can buy a new bike in the market Look for bargains that will fityour budget It doesnt matter what it looks like, just fixed gear bikesas long as it has a light weight and is manageable
  3. 3. Once you have it ready, the next thing that you need to do isremove its unnecessary parts Some of them will include the rearbrakes, cables and many more Keep the parts that you removed,and if you dont want to put them to waste, you can sell them tothose who need them Change your wheels at the back of your bikewith a freewheel cog
  4. 4. Make sure that you attach the chains carefully, until it becomes tightTo secure it, use a lock ring spanner; this will hold it as you go on theroad Make sure that you mount it to the rear side of your bikecarefully Dont tighten it too much, because if you do, there is a bigchance that you will break some of its parts
  5. 5. If you dont want to spend more money and avoid accidents, try totake note of this while you are fixing your bike Fixie bikes areusually sold in the market without any designs This will give you thechance to customize it according to what you want Try to addstickers or paints that will reflect your personality
  6. 6. While most girls love to put stickers, most guys prefer to repaint itTo paint your bikes, make sure that you remove its important partsYou can also cover it with paper, so that the colors wont go on thoseparts that you dont want to include
  7. 7. Try to use a sand paper to smoothen the material of your bike assoon as youre done painting it Sand it down again before covering itwith the final paint, then, allow it to try for a day before using itMaking fixie bikes is not that hard
  8. 8. You just need all of the materials that were mentioned above Itsmuch more fulfilling if you do things on your own, because it allowsyou to be creative and innovative at the same time
  9. 9. fixed gear bikes