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  1. 1. An office is not just about good infrastructure orworking employees. There is one more without which our offices can never be a completeoffice and that is good furniture. Furniture plays a very important role in not just making youroffice attractive but also in giving a comfortable working furniture
  2. 2. Good furniture is the basic need for any office From reception todirector’s cabin everything get its right look only with the right furnitureThe choice of furniture for a office depends on the area of the office In a itbecomes our major concern to utilise office area up to its maximum
  3. 3. Now a days our offices are getting compact day by day , so when it comes tochoosing furniture for an office we want it to fulfil our maximum needs bycovering lesser area In that case we opt for easily handled and lightweight chairs and working tables The old days heavy tables and chairs havebeen replaces with light weight foamed , rolling chairs They also give anupdated look to our offices
  4. 4. Today we have large variety of such tables and chairs Besides table andchairs we also a variety of shelves and almiras are also available to store filesand other things and give your office a clean look While designingfurniture for green furniture an office we must kept following points in our mindLets discuss them one by one
  5. 5. • Office Surface Area:- As we have already discussed that hoemuch office surface area plays an important role while designing furniture foran office The furniture should be such that which should be just sufficient tofulfil employees need It should not occupy extra space and should alsoeasily movable • Employees Comfort While designing furniture foran office the thing which can’t neglect is employ’s comfort
  6. 6. The person who is going to use the furniture must feel comfortable in using itInfect the furniture should be such that which support right posture of theemploy We all know wrong posture of working cause more fatigue and in longterm it can cause problems like joint pain , headache etc
  7. 7. It is also important to maintain high productivity in the office If the designis not comfortable it will cause more fatigue to the employee and he may notbe able to work much efficiently Today we have adjustable Chairs and tableswhich can be adjust according to need of the employ
  8. 8. Even we have such variety of chairs on which employ can also relax duringlong working hours • Material of Furniture Earlier furniture wasgenerally made of wood or steel But today fibre and plastic made furniture isalso making its place in our office Due to its durability and affordable price it ismaking its demand
  9. 9. Also attractive design and colours available in this category give a fresh lookto our offices The material for the furniture can be choose according to therequirement and budget invested a customer So they were some pointswhich we should kept in our minds while designing furniture for our offices
  10. 10. And now we can understand how much it is important to choosing rightfurniture for our offices Our get their right look and working environment onlywith the right furniture
  11. 11. green furniture