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  1. 1. Although the following two axioms are self-evidentthey bear repeating. Staying in business dependson one thing: customer satisfaction. The growth of your business depends on one thing: increasing sales. While often lumped together these really are separate goals for a company.sexwebcam sex 4 free
  2. 2. The first of these axioms, customer satisfaction includes service,quality, and the impression made on the customer by your productWhile important it is the second of these axioms, increasing sales,that is the focus of this article Much is written about how the use ofonline live chat can benefit a business As well as its role as asignificant part in customer satisfaction, online live chat can be usedto increase sales In these The three most common approaches indoing this are: Up selling the customer Direct sales Indirect selling Let's take a closer look at each of these
  3. 3. Up Selling the Customer One of the types of inquiries you willreceive will be from the buyer who is ready to buy They have a needand you offer an answer to that need They may already be acustomer of your company or asking about a specific model or haveseen an ad on your "price leader;" whatever the circumstance theycome to you with money in hand As a customer nothing is worsethan buying the product, getting it home, and then discovering that amore full featured model is available and at very little additional costDo you take their money or do you attempt to make the additionalrevenue by up selling this customer? The answer is simple; you try toup sell your buyer
  4. 4. This can be done as simply as following this outline: Did you knowthat for just XX dollars more I can get you a model that will bettermeet your needs? It includes these added features and benefits " Ifthey say no, ask why they won't upgrade and respond withadditional information Don't be overly aggressive in this kindof situation You don't want to risk losing the sale, but you dowant the customer to have the information they need to make theright selection Direct Sales Increasing sales using the direct salesapproach will be more challenging
  5. 5. It will require additional skills from your live chat representatives Butin the end it can also be a good source of income It is this approachthat you will want to use when the potential customer calls to askabout a particular mohey will usually begin with saying somethinglike: "I'm looking to buy a XXX and just needed to know a littleabout your YYY " The role of your live chat representative is to makesure the customer knows not only the features of your product, buthow those features will benefit the customer For example ifI'm searching for the best laptop computer for my needs andbudget you might highlight the speed and user friendliness of yourlaptop
  6. 6. So what? Every other computer seller out there will say the samething You need to also explain to your potential buyer how thesefeatures will directly benefit them Don't forget things like extracustomer service, warranty and guarantees, bonuses or add-ons,and other goodies that are exclusive to your product You may wantto point out that the combination of your laptops speed and userfriendly environment will have the potential buyer getting their workdone faster but with less stress The question you should always beasking is "why should anyone buy my product rather than someoneelse's?" Indirect Sales A third type of live chat call received isfrom people who are already satisfied customers
  7. 7. These are those customers contacting your company for reasonother than specific product information These types of calls canrange from someone needing a part number, asking about theappropriate use of their product, or wanting to know " how do I dowith this model?" Here the live chat representative can introduce anew product to your customer
  8. 8. Using introductions like "have you heard about ?" "Can I send yousome information about an exciting new product
  9. 9. ?" or other teasers If you are not already doing sexwebcam sex 4free so, give some thought to each of these approaches There usecan add to the bottom line of your company's sales and do soat no cost
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