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  1. 1. 2008 7 13, held in Foshan, Guangdong province,"off 2008 Fuji Bao 2008 dealer conference," Fuji treasures, unveiled a new LOGO, while Fuji released a brand new strategy Bao, the official announcedblue ocean framework
  2. 2. Small appliances Fully into Has focused on Cooker Thetransformation of the field of Fuji treasure, attracting the attention ofthe industry, stakeholders analysis, at present, Chinas smallhousehold appliance market has been very competitive, and nowFuji Po strong intervention, the market will trigger a new round of tugof war Brand transformations: from a single type to the holisticdevelopment of Speaking Fuji Po, people would first think of Fuji Pocooker
  3. 3. Over the years, Fuji Po Cooker With experience and maturetechnology R & D capabilities, a substantial share of thedomestic appliance market share In the popular impression, Fuji Pois a professional manufacturer of induction cooker Fuji Po but notcontent with the results, in this years "annual dealer Po FujiConference," Fuji released a number of successive categoriesPo, dozens of new products, have formed a cooker, steplesstransformer pot, Rice cooker , Activity blender, soybean milkmachine, mixer, electric baking pan, open kettle, electric pot, Airconditioning Fan, Heater , Fans, humidifiers an appliance Army, andformally announced that Fuji Po transition for small householdelectrical appliance enterprises
  4. 4. Fuji Bao Why shift? Liu, general manager of the enterprise withhigh explained to reporters: "Enterprise Development Strategy,there are two: First, the industry leader in keeping the pace, andgradually to more varieties of product direction, one only doindividual products or refining the market a few products Fujitreasure belongs to the first
  5. 5. " Fuji is a treasure for many years home appliance brand inthe country based on ten years of operation, with a strong ability tocope with market risk, opportunity and innovation co-exist in themarket competition environment, Fuji adhere to the implementationof strategic forward-Po brand transformation, determined by themanufacturing enterprise to enterprise marketing change was inkeeping with the current market trends In order to achieve objectivesand protect Fuji treasure brand strategy, will enhance brandpromotion efforts, and increase the strong run in the medias depthand breadth of three-dimensional shape to maximize the market anew image of Fuji Po, establish an appliance business this industry
  6. 6. Winning products: quality first, introduce new Recent years, smallappliances burgeoned Driven by profit, some small householdelectrical appliance enterprises such as the"mushroom"-like emerge, many well-known homeappliance brands have also settled
  7. 7. Cohabitation of the market in such a context, Fuji Po fully into thesmall household appliance market, how to win it? "Product isthe first and only by constantly developing new products, qualityassurance, to long-term standing in the market " Liu said highconfidence
  8. 8. Previously, Fujifilm has been studying in the cooker a taste of Po,the results are obvious to all Fuji treasure from the first generation ofthe third generation "anti-magnetic wall" electric stove,continues to introduce new, decade-long industry leader maintained
  9. 9. Also has won the "China Famous Brand", "nationalexemption product" title of honor The future, Fuji treasure willadhere to the basis of innovation, by an appliance manufacturer tothe holistic development of small home appliance manufacturer toinduction cooker, rice cooker, Electric pressure cooker , The newfood cooking machine as the core to the market comprehensivedevelopment, while strengthening the air conditioning fan, heater andother quarters product development, and human health-basedintegration products, develop new areas of products, persist inquality products competitive on the market
  10. 10. blue ocean framework Marketing strategy: The Formation ofintrinsic value chain break The past few years, the domestic homeappliances market, increasing competition, has entered the white-hot
  11. 11. blue ocean framework