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Ecommerce in AEM


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Ecommerce integration with Hybris in AEM.
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Ecommerce in AEM

  1. 1. Introduction, Architecture & Implementation of Ecommerce in AEM + Installation of Ecommerce with Hybris By: CKJ Team CKJ ( 1
  2. 2. Team CKJ ( 2 eCommerce with Product Information Management (PIM), handles the activities of a website focused on selling products via an online store AEM eCommerce helps marketers deliver branded, personalized shopping experiences across web, mobile, and social touchpoints The AEM authoring environment allows you to customize pages and components based on target visitor context and merchandising strategies Trading Online : make sure, you’re connected to Internet ;)
  3. 3. A number of out-of-the-box AEM components: Product display, Shopping cart, Check-out, Recently viewed products, Vouchers, others Search - using either the AEM search Uses the AEM ability to present your content in format needed by your visitors, be that full browser window or mobile device. The ability to develop your own integration implementation based on the AEM eCommerce framework. The possibility to develop experience-driven commerce based on shopper data Others like Shopping cart contents retained across sessions, Full order history, Express catalog update Team CKJ ( 3
  4. 4.  CCV  Call to Action  Cart Total  Dropdown Facet  Last-Viewed Call To Action  Navigation Products  Order History  Pagination  Perfect Partner Call To Action  Product  Product (Mobile)  Product (Non-variant)  Product Lists  Product Table  Recently Viewed Products  Search  Shopping Cart  Submit Order  Vouchers Team CKJ ( 4
  5. 5. Editorial content: content that is managed by websites users. PIM content: content that is managed by e-merchandizers. Product: group of content (PIM and editorial) related to a generic product. SKU: or stock-keeping unit, specifies the variant of a product that can directly be related to the stock, and a price. A SKU is always tightly related to its product, a product can have one or more SKUs. Attribute: an attribute is a sku property (color, size, etc). Catalog: the vendor’s hierarchical set of products he offers. Category: a catalog item, that behaves like a PIM tag. Team CKJ ( 5
  7. 7.  AEM eCommerce implemented with an eCommerce engine :  Built to allow you to easily integrate eCommerce systems with AEM.  Connect with a purpose built eCommerce system to control product data, shopping carts, checkout and order fulfillment, while AEM controls the data display and marketing campaigns.  Hybris, Elastic Path, Intershop, IBM webshpehere, Magento  AEM eCommerce implemented within AEM using native development based on JCR  A standalone, AEM native eCommerce implementation of the API.  Product database is stored in the repository native to AEM.  Only intended for demonstration purposes only. Team CKJ ( 7 2. IMPLEMENTATIONS
  9. 9.  2. ONLY IMPORT PRODUCT DATA Team CKJ ( 9
  10. 10. PERQUISITES:  AEM.(It’s advisable if you chose AEM 6.0)  Demonstration content packages: ◦ cq-hybris-content-6.0.0 ◦ cq-geometrixx-hybris-content-6.0.0  Download and build your hybris Server.  Groovy postinit.groovy, schema.sql, setup.groovy, sqltool-2.2.6.jar  Geometrix Outdoor: geometrixx-outdoors-export.csv,, base-store.csv Team CKJ ( 10 Daycare Hybris
  11. 11.  Download and Build your hybris Server  Download the hybris Commerce Suite distribution from the hybris download site  Unzip the distribution file to the required location (Let’s say E:Hybris)  Run following in command line: cd <hybris-root- directory>/bin/platform  Download the following files to the root folder of your extracted hybris distribution: postinit.groovy, schema.sql, setup.groovy, sqltool-2.2.6.jar Team CKJ ( 11 Linux Windows . ./ Setantenv.bat ant clean all ant clean all cd ../.. ---------
  12. 12.  From the command line, execute the following to:  Go to to hybris administration console at: http://localhost:9001  Click Initialize  Shutdown your hybris instance.  Run the following:  cd <hybris-root-directory>  groovy postinit.groovy Team CKJ ( 12 Linux Windows groovy setup.groovy ------------- cd bin/platform ------------- ant clean install Setantenv.bat & ant clean install sh Run hybrisserver.bat
  13. 13.  Setup the Geometrixx Outdoors Store:  Start your hybris instance : sh  Go to to hybris management console : http://localhost:9001/hmc/hybris  From the sidebar navigation, expland System and Tools. Then select Import to open the Wizard: CSV Import window.  In the Configuration tab, Upload the following Import file: geometrixx- outdoors-export.csv  Set the Locale Setting to: en_US - English (United States)  Open the Resources tab.  Upload the following Media-Zip: Team CKJ ( 13
  14. 14.  Click Start to import the specified files. The Result tab will show any log entries  Click Done to close the import window.  From the sidebar, select System, then Tools, then Import.  Upload the following Import file: base-store.csv  Set the Locale Setting to: en_US - English (United States)  Click Start to import the specified files. The Result tab will show any log entries.  Click Done to close the import window.  You can now use the product cockpit to view the imported catalogs and products: http://localhost:9001/productcockpit Team CKJ ( 14
  15. 15.  Post your queries to  Subscribe us @ youtube for getting all latest videos on Adobe CQ development: ih3HDjSkP-2ijw Team CKJ ( 15