Using Pictures to Generate Leads


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Who knew that a picture would be so important to capturing leads on your website? I imagine that the makers of Google Images, Bing Images, Pinterest and Instagram had an idea!

Take a look at this presentation to see how you can utilize images in order to provide your business with the leads you so desperately crave. In this slideshow, we will provide you with the answers to the questions "Why?", "How?" and "How does this generate leads?" including examples and best practices.

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Using Pictures to Generate Leads

  1. 1. Using Pictures to Generate Leads Brilliant Agent, Inc.
  2. 2. A Picture is not only worth a thousand words, but thousands of dollars… SEO SEARCH ENGINES – How to make it easy for search engines to rank your pictures above your competitors. Image Sharing PINTEREST – How to utilize Pinterest to its highest leadgenerating potential. Social Sharing INSTAGRAM – How to use Instagram so that it works hardest for you and your company.
  3. 3. Google, Bing and Other Search Engines • WHY? • Search engines are the first places that people look for images
  4. 4. Google, Bing and Other Search Engines • HOW? • Make sure you have a high quality image • Include a keyword-rich file name, image description and title • Make sure that the image is posted on a public page on your website
  5. 5. Google, Bing and Other Search Engines • HOW IT GENERATES LEADS: • It allows your customers to easily find you • They will click on your image which will then lead them to your website • From here, they can easily contact you (Hint: Perfect opportunity to utilize custom forms)
  6. 6. Pinterest • WHY? • Over 25 million users worldwide • Users are potential clients • Easily viral (via “Re-Pinning”) to followers
  7. 7. Pinterest • HOW? • Make sure your picture is eye-catching • Appeal to your followers • Add a link back to the page on your website that the image is on • Utilize the “Pin It Button” • Include a relevant and fun description
  8. 8. Pinterest • HOW IT GENERATES LEADS: • Powerful linking abilities – allows you to link back to your website • Link juice = Great for SEO • Leads the potential client back to your website which gives them the ability to contact you
  9. 9. Instagram • WHY? • Allows the user to upload images and perform minor edits using “filters” • Currently boasts over 100 million active users per month
  10. 10. Instagram • HOW? • Post pictures of the office, homes around town and anything else that has to do with your company • Add #Hashtags like there is no tomorrow Some example images from one of our client’s Instagram accounts: @SeeSarasotaLive
  11. 11. Instagram • HOW IT GENERATES LEADS: • Builds loyalty • Allows you to gain trust among potential clientele
  12. 12. For More Information… Give Us A Call: (888) 222-8405 Send Us An Email: Visit Our Website: A Sister Company of Responsive Webmasters (