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  • Today we’re gong to talk about What Women Want Online. I will introduce you to some of the insights we’ve gleaned from these women and hundreds of others that span demographic groups as well as ethinicity and household income.
  • Our business was founded by my partner over 27 years ago…since that time we have worked with dozens of companies that target women. Here are are nearly 20 that we have worked with in just the last 3 years. Many of our insights about what women want have been derived from projects and initiatives with each of these companies target customers. While what we found or focused on was often unique to that particular brand, we have developed some common DIGITAL DESIRES that are universally relevant.
  • In working with female-focused brands, we deploy a range of techniques to study women – these range from ….
  • Here is a sampling of some of those research methodologies – eye-tracking on the upper left which shows how her eyes are gazing and moving on a paritcular web site. Below that an analysis of her shopping pattern on line and a video of her self analyzing her experience, journaling, and then a survey tool that show how women and men differered on key attributes.
  • So, that was a little about us and our agency…..let’s kick off with some data to set the stage for why women matter. Then, I will reveal their 10 digital desires and what you can do to meet their expectations online. I’ll show examples from our client work as well as examples from other brands to demonstrate our insights.
  • Sure they buy a lot of stuff…..groceries, health and beauty. But if you’re stuck in that stereotype, consider the fact that women are the primary purchasers in areas that were once the province of men! Lots has changed in the last 18 months alone. Women now make or influence 65% of car purchases, 80% of home purchases between $180,000-$500,000, and 75% of family finances. Not to mention, more women consider themselves “diy-ers” than men. They initiate most of all home improvement decisions (although they don’t typically finish the projects they start!) and for the first ever, they purchased more consumer electronics in 2003 than men. And last, but certainly not least, all this change is showing up on the web as well. More women than men are buying online and those numbers are continuing to increase. First of all, given the current economic climate with more men than women losing their employment status in the last year, women are…..
  • She represents just over 1/2 of the U.S population according to the last Census. Yet, she’s accounts for 83% of spending! If you like to think in big round numbers, try $3 TRILLION on for size. U.S. Population In 2006, the total U.S. population was over 299 million, with females comprising 50.8 percent of that total. Females younger than 35 years of age accounted for 46.1 percent of the female population, those aged 35–64 years accounted for 39.7 percent, and females aged 65 years and older accounted for 14.2 percent. The distribution by sex was fairly even across younger age groups; however, women accounted for a greater percentage of the older population than men. Of those aged 65 and older, 58.0 percent were women. 153.6 million The number of females in the United States as of Oct. 1, 2007. The number of males is 149.4 million. Source: Population estimates < http://www.census.gov/popest/national/asrh/2006_nat_res.html > As of July 1, 2006, males outnumbered females through age 41. Starting at 42, women outnumbered men. At 85 and older, there were more than twice as many women as men. Source: Population estimates < http://www.census.gov/popest/datasets.html >
  • 2004-2008 essentially unchanged Put this in the notes: According to eMarketer, around 97.2 million female Internet users in 2007. over 100 million in 08—COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING MORE EXACT. Numbers are expected to rise up to 109.7 million in 2011, constituting 51.9% of the total online population. [I (Sara) think this has to be a US figure it’s way too small to be global]
  • Women are doing all the things you might expect….receiving photos by email, researching and purchasing products, playing games alone, using instant messaging. However look at the last four behaviors on the list, BLOGS, SN SITES, PLAYING GAMES, COMMENT ON BLOGS, PUBLISHING WEB PAGES, didn’t even show up in our research four years ago!
  • So, what’s the role of the internet for women? Shopping? Communication? Much more…the web is a life management tool.
  • The customer leads the way” First, it’s important to recognize that she is the UNSILOED CONSUMER. While she may prefer to interact with you in a particular way, she is using the internet to elevate and connect her total experience. in fact, -- consider that the web can increase the efficiency of her store visit (to the mall ) if she’s gone online to preview new arrivals, for example. If you follow me clock-wise, the web enables her to share and connect others in online communities or social networks. The web….. We call this the Web-and-Spoke Model – because it can help a brand identify how each touchpoint can leverage the web to deliver a better total customer experience.
  • How can you make her life easier? How can you be more relevant in her life? Begin by understanding her digital desires. Today, I’ll share 10…..
  • Here are her ten digital desires….organized into four groups – which coincide with the key themes in my recent book – THE OPEN BRAND. READ EACH ONE…She wants an on-demand experience. … .She wants a Personal experience. She wants an engaging experience. She wants a networked experience.
  • Now let’s talk about what each of these mean and what you can do to win her over online.
  • First, think about your brand experience can become more OPEN – On-demand, personal, engaging and networked. Our research shows that these experience constructs are increasingly critical in a web-made world. Some of the defining traits for O include…..While every brand can’t certainly be all of these to all women – nor should they try to be! – it’s important to identify which of these are MOST important to your target customers. I’ll focus on examples of each…let’s begin the with O. O is for on demand, delivering accessible, self-directed and instantly gratifying experiences. The defining traits of an on demand experience are efficiency, ease, control, findability and instantaneousness P is for personal, facilitating meaningful interaction with many markets of one. The defining traits of an personal experience are acknowledgment, dialogue, customization, privilege and popularity. E is for engaging, deeping attachment through relevant and emotional experiences. It’s defining traits are participation, belonging, immersion, entertainment and inspiration N is for networked, tapping the exponential potential of individual consumers and online niche communities. The defining traits of a networked experience are self expression, ego gratification, portability, community and meaningful change.
  • DSW Shoe Enthusiasts Shop in Hi-Def with Zoom and Dynamic Color Choices Site Features: Robust yet easy to use navigation HD views of all shoes, so you can view the product up close and person all the way to the stitching, with 360 view of many shows Ratings and Reviews – comfort, length, width and overall ratings with room for comments with ability to share product and reviews with fellow shoe-lovers through facebook, digg and delicious Scenarios – suggested selling and promotions at bottom of the product page and in “Shopping Bag”
  • Net-a-Porter provides runway look and editor’s notes The Runway Look is an additional image of the garment that’s only offered for select items in Net-a-Porter’s apparel selection. It imbues the garment under consideration not only with the glamour of a real runway setting but with a certain stylistic authority, since it’s often the designer’s vision of the item—its fully accessorized expression, its appropriate attitude as conveyed by the model wearing it—that is being shown.   Editor’s Notes have an intimate tone and could credibly come from a real stylist, as they contain advice regarding the top-to-toe look of the runway model, while also proving the versatility of the garment by offering suggestions about other ways to wear it. They can also cover a few of the highpoints of the designer’s career and signature style.
  • Nordstrom is the gold standard for narrowing search with fashion-savvy filters. Nordstrom has never underestimated the fashion savvy of its consumers and long before boutique pure plays gained their following, and well ahead of its upmarket department store competitors, Nordstrom offered search criteria that really worked for women. Shopping by “body type” assumes consumers know the difference between pear-shaped and apple-shaped, and shopping by trend assumes some familiarity with the “trapeze” dress. In short, winnowing down the consideration set is a very smart and streamlined process on Nordstrom.com.
  • Reebok’s RBK consumers use sliders for specific performance features Resource Interactive and Reebok designed the new RBK Running site to dramatize the messages of their “I am what I am campaign.” . The campaign’s celebration of individuality takes the shape of highly customizable customer journeys (quite literally, as you can select your running scenic background) that culminate with a “ content mixer,” which permits a precise selection of everything from shoe characteristics—“cushioning, stability, lightweight ,” to apparel requirements—“temperature, weather, and gender,” to training and “mind and body” tips covering “nutrition, motivation, and injury prevention.”   
  • Launched in November 2008, like.com is a visual shopping search engine that allows you to search by style, color, or even details of an item.  Like.com was created by Riya, a company that initially focused on face recognition. It has almost one dozen patents pending in the areas of visual recognition and search. Like has about 2 million unique products from 200 or so merchants. Today, image search accounts for 8% of all Web searches ( Google and Yahoo! receive over 270 million image searches per month , according to Hitwise), but these applications only utilize the words attached to photos in order to generate search results. In contrast, Like.com's visual search looks inside the photo and creates a digital signature that describes the photo's content and enables a more accurate search for similar looking items – ranging from your dream engagement ring to a clutch and pair of heels that perfectly complement a hard-to-match patterned dress. Visual similarity features include : Likeness Search – the ability to search by image instead of text Detail – finds items that have a specific feature you like (such as a buckle, straps, bezel, etc) Color – find color variants of the item you desire Celebrity – find clothing, shoes and accessories similar to those worn by your favorite celebrities Upload – the ability to upload your own photo of your favorite item and find the same or similar products, coming soon Like.com's initial release focused on what they called aesthetically-oriented shopping categories – handbags, jewelry, shoes, and watches – (the reason shoppers need visual search in the first place is that more subjective aesthetic criteria aren’t readily captured in text) but added home décor and clothing later.  
  • Amazon.com lets customers buy merchandise instantly without a credit card. To do so, it is partnering with the Maryland company Bill Me Later Inc. By clicking the "bill me later" button, customers can order goods by providing a birth date and the last four digits of their Social Security number. Instantly, CIT Bank, based in Salt Lake City, does a credit check on you and makes a loan to the merchant. Later, you are sent a bill. Other online retailers that use the service are Drugstore.com, Overstock.com and Borders. Bill Me Later was No. 6 on the 2007 Inc. 500 List of fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. Many consumers are unwilling to give up their last SS digits, even to Amazon.
  • Walmart offers site to store to save time, ensure product availability, From DMNews : Wal-Mart promoted its multichannel capabilities during the second half of 07 by making its newly national site-to-store program a prominent part of its marketing message . With close to 75 percent of Wal-Mart’s 130 million customers active online, according to the company, offering in-store pickup on Web site orders is just one of the ways the multichannel merchant is beefing up its Internet channel. Cognizant of the importance of execution, Wal-Mart tested its site-to-store program for two years before it rolled it out nationally. During that time, the chain improved its understanding of how best to move merchandise from warehouse to store and to train associates so that customers can quickly pick up their orders. Logistical challenges notwithstanding, Resource Interactive expects more retailers will be offering this service in the future because not only are consumers expecting it, but the research shows that customers typically spend more when they come into the store to pick up their order
  • Best Buy ONLINE ORDER AND in-store pickup option means ownership in 45 minutes This service is offered for major categories – in addition, Best Buy provides reserved parking spots, designated pick-up lines in stores, and in-store signage directing consumers to the pick-up area are points of differentiation from our competitors ,” CompUSA and Sears offer a similar services and research shows that these consumers spend up to 40% more than store-only shoppers.
  • We learned that the Gain consumer were social online and were particularly interested in learning more from other women who also loved Gain – Gain fans, we refer to as Gainiacs – so we created a place for Gainiacs to connect with others and to share their stories and be featured online.
  • PINK, the youthful sub-brand owned by Victoria’s Secret targets college girls. To make her feel valued and privileged, Pink nosted the “World’s Largest Pajama Party” -- where she can learn about it online, download tickets, and once at the big event – where Fergie performed live, we built a simple mobile application that allowed young girls to take photos and photos and upload to the web and to the big screen that served as the backdrop for the stage. This way, girls didn’t simply feel as if they were attending an event, but actually PART of it.
  • Pink Lets Fans Shine as “Campus Reps” with Cool Profiles There is an internet site that the girls can go to apply for the position. PINK selects the girls that best represent their brand (One of the requirements is that they have a MySpace or Facebook account.) The idea is that they get all of their friends involved in being a fan of PINK. The reps are also given all of the assets of what’s going on at the time, for example, if there is a sale they are given special discount codes and discount passes to hand out. There are currently 2-3 brand ambassadors for 33 universities across the country. Basically, they are rockin’ the network. Pink has over a million fans on Facbook PINK also recruited a small group of brand fans to serve as campus reps with cool online profiles and a conduit to the brand.
  • Neiman Marcus Emails Product recommendations from “Personal Stylist” Segmentation possibly based on email clickstream behavior An entry from retailemailblog.com: Neiman Marcus, 6/13/08 — I think you'll like what I found for you at Neiman Marcus Neiman Marcus has started sending personalized recommendation emails, which include picks “just for you” from their “stylist”—they even use the sender name “NM Stylist” (although they wisely use their usual sender address). The email I received definitely included items that I had browsed or clicked through to from past emails . And not all my email tracking accounts got this email, so Neiman Marcus appears to be do some genuine segmentation and personalization here and not just using language that makes it appear that they are.
  • From their site: Wish you could show someone that great new item you just found? Forget the mall. With ShopTogether you can invite a friend to simultaneously shop the latest Charlotte Russe style... all in the comfort of your favorite Blu Chic sweats! ShopTogether lets you and a friend view, compare, chat about, and create a "favorites" list of every item you browse at charlotterusse.com. At last, shopping online is social!! Just follow the "Get Started" steps provided and shop away! Get Started! It's Easy... Open the ShopTogether toolbar by clicking the Start Here button below. Enter your name and click Invite a Friend. Call or email your friend and have them visit Charlotte Russe ShopTogether. They should select Join a Friend in ShopTogether and enter the code you provide. You are now connected! Click Open Chat in the toolbar to talk while you browse.
  • Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime Offer Multi-store Commerce. Gap Inc. is one major retailer that’s always seen online sales as an opportunity rather than a threat, and that attitude shows in its four innovative e-commerce sites: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and the online-only shoe and handbag emporium Piperlime. The recent acquisition of Athleta, a women’s athletic apparel store, will only increase the aggregated power of Gap Inc. Direct “ Brands don’t usually like to live with other brands,” said Gap Direct CEO Toby Lenk in an October analyst call. “But the customers all love the idea. They were asking us to do this. The best brand strategy is to do what customers love, and they love universality.” Plenty of small features— Quick Look, mouse-over zoom, a pop-up shopping bag—make the sites helpful and convenient. “Retail is detail,” Lenk said. “It’s about the sum of all these little details and getting them just right to create great online shopping experiences.”
  • Portable in the sense that your wish list can “travel” with you to any retailer site on the web. Amazon’s Wish List feature just got way more clever with the Universal Wish List Button. The newly introduced tool lets you to add any item on any website to your Amazon Wish List—even products not sold on Amazon.Just drag the button to your browser’s bookmarks bar, and click the “Add to Wish List” link when you see something you lust. It’s perfect for letting your friends and family know about absolutely everything you crave. And, of course, the convenient link to buy the product doesn’t hurt.
  • Facebook Connect and OpenID Enable Social Information to Flow Through Web OpenID is a new way to identify yourself all over the web. With your own personal OpenID you can login to any OpenID-enabled site (there are over 1,000 of them and that number is growing every day) and identify yourself as you. Wikipedia: OpenID is an open, decentralized user identification standard, allowing users to log onto many services with the same digital identity. An OpenID is in the form of a URL, and is unique in that the user is authenticated by their 'OpenID provider' (that is, the entity hosting their OpenID URL). OpenID authentication is used and provided by several large websites. Organizations like AOL, BBC, Google, IBM, Microsoft, MySpace, Orange, PayPal, VeriSign, Yandex, Ustream and Yahoo! act as providers. OpenID has two challenges it faces to increase adoption and use; security and usability Facebook Connect, and its social network cousins Google Friend Connect, and the still obscure MySpace ID will facilitate the portability of social networks, or the “social graph” . This will be one of the most powerful applications towards creating a social media business model in 2009. Through Facebook Connect, consumers log into other sites using their Facebook login details. Once inside the site, users can discuss or post their activities in real time to their Facebook network. The effect is to bring in their network of friends into the hosting site. For example, a teenage girl may visit a Facebook Connect - enabled retail fashion site like Forever 21 , buy an awesome sweater at a deep discount sale price, and broadcast this fact to her large Facebook network
  • Martin + Osa Lead “Superbrowsing” Revolution with “Shop by Outfit” and “Layer Your Own Look” – we call this trend, SUPERBROWSING. The focus on browsing vs. buying or “finding” is long overdue on ecommerce sites. The closest we’ve come online to window shopping are the home page highlights, a “View All” option for the product category page and the cross-selling that occurs on the product page, which is, more often than not, rather arbitrary-seeming on most sites.   Browsing is another affair entirely. With advances in data visualization so apparent in visual search (e.g., SearchMe or Viewzi, the latter of which has an astounding 16 ways to search) and in information aesthetics, browsing has come into its own.   Martin + Osa’s Shop by Outfit launched in April; it a full-motion video merchandising. M+O stylists have put outfits together that customers can buy all at once, and the outfits are shown on real models that move around as you view the page. You can zoom in by rolling over an image, and the model does a 360 degree spin so you get a feel for what the outfit looks like (well, on the perfect model anyway). If you click to refine your outfit results to just “Moonlight,” “Seashore” or “Sunshine,” (which I don’t see serving much purpose), the girls whose outfits don’t fit your criteria gingerly walk out of the scene! M+A’s Layer Your Look Shoppers turns traditional site navigation on its head - essentially you can shop multiple categories without leaving a page, and see how items “work” together. Looks can be saved for a future visit or added to the shopping bag for checkout.
  • Bergdorf Goodman, Zappos Use Trends To Orient Consumers…. as a way to position the brand and its offerings but also has a way to engage her if she doesn’t have a particular item in mind.
  • Approximately 60 to 70 percent of casual gamers are women, with the majority of them between the ages of 25 and 54. According to a report from the Casual Games Association and DFC Intelligence, the industry is estimated to be a $2.25 billion a year market, currently growing by 20 percent annually. It is estimated that 200 million people worldwide play casual games on the Internet every month and that 150 million are attracted to free casual games.
  • Herbal Essences Lets Fans play games to connect with the product The Herbal Girl likes to play games online. We created a section in the site dedicated to quizzes and fun tests that relate back to the product This example - The fragrance finder clicks through a series of images, allowing the consumer to say which images speak to her, the result shows the product that suites her best
  • Sebastian Professional Hair Care Products Provides Backstage Access to Style setters OBJECTIVES To redefine fearless hair fashion and become the “couture cult” in hair for beauty junkies and aspiring stylists To reignite the spirit that made the brand so successful in the late 80s and early 90s DIGITAL STRATEGY The interactive program, including the website, was designed not only to revive Sebastian Professional, but propel it forward beyond just a product re-launch. Resource Interactive created www.sebastianprofessional.com and inspired the savviest of beauty junkies and stylists to step inside the Sebastian brand through edgy behind-the-scenes photography, video and original content. The video acts to engage the audience and get them in behind the scenes
  • Shaw’s Visualization Tool Makes Floor Covering Selection a Design Adventure Our research with women who were decorating their homes showed an enormous chasm between the home they lived in and the home they wanted to create in their remodeling project. But most lacked the know how and and the ability to envision various materials and colors in their home – especially flooring. So, we created a web site that enables them to see a gallery of choices with the ability to manipulate the colors and and materials but also to envision HER home with the flooring and walls and details that she’s been dreaming of.
  • VS Pink’s Online Goodwill Drive (Donate Your Sweats)
  • Sears’s “Heroes at Home” Holiday Campaign All active military personnel were encouraged to apply for Heroes at Home sm Wish Registry. The popular promotion enabled Americans to fulfill holiday wishes for up to 20,000 military personnel and was extended through October 31. Sears Gift Cards will be granted in amounts up to $550. Consumers could donate via cell phone/ texting “heroes” to 20222. Every time a customer uses a Sears credit card, Sears will make a donation to Rebuilding Together , part of the Veteran’s Housing Initiative, up to $250,000 Sears will have Heroes at Home gift cards, which from the purchase of each gift card they will donate $1, up to $100,000 Sears featured a list of the top 100 wishes of the military families; most of the gifts on the list are for children—shoes, children's clothes and toys. The Sears site also allowed its readers to directly donate to the family of their choice even if it involves only a minimal amount. Donation could be accompanied with a message of support. Many families expressed their appreciation for these efforts from strangers and are greatly honored by the recognition of their sacrifice.
  • Target Cardholders Donate Up to 1% of Purchases to School of Choice. Customers shop with a REDcard SM , their favorite school benefits. They have to enroll in Take Charge of Education and choose a school. Donations to Schools: We'll track purchases made by participating REDcard holders, then send a no-strings-attached donation check directly to the school principal.Checks are distributed twice a year. If the total of accumulated donations is less than $25, the amount carries over to the next payment period. You can track your school's progress at Target.com/tcoe . Fundraising Tools: Schools can make the most of Take Charge of Education when they promote the program to parents and staff. We provide downloadable fundraising tools—flyers, website banners and more—to help spread the word. This program just one of many in Target’s corporate social responsibility realm. Eg., s ince 1946, Target has given 5% of its income to communities. That adds up to over $3 million each and every week.
  • Philosophy Celebrates Mother’s Day with Storytelling Contest philosophy, is a skincare company that “celebrates feeling well and living joyously.” It has been endorsed by doctors, celebrities, and most importantly its customers. philosophy encourages customers to “to live a better life by being better to yourself.” In April 2008, philosophy enabled its clients to share personal stories and pictures online with their “Your Mom’s Philosophy” campaign, which they implemented and managed using Bazaarvoice Stories. This Mother’s Day-inspired contest encouraged clients to share their mothers’ philosophies at www.yourmomsphilosophy.com. Between April 11 and May 9, 2008, philosophy received more than 1,000 stories, and offered a $1,200 Philosophy shopping spree to the winning mom’s story. Customers voted on their favorite stories and only five votes separated the top two stories, so both moms received shopping sprees. philosophy promoted this campaign using emails to its email database and through partnerships with other gift-related sites. Analysis showed that 39% of all site traffic for May originated on a Stories page , indicating that writers shared their stories with others, and the emails about the campaign were compelling. Also, 33% of all new visitors to the site read at least one story during their visit , enabling philosophy to engage new visitors at a deeper brand level, beyond the product or category level. Those who visited Stories pages, when compared to site average, had: 81% higher pageviews 20% higher average order value 19% more items per order
  • People’s Choice Users Cast Votes for Awards Show Nominees. We helped the People’s Choice move from a being an award show one day per year to be a 24/7/365 days per year brand where consumer can cast their vote for their hollywood favorites. This includes the ability to download widgets to facebook pages so that fans can advertise for their favorite celebrities.
  • Free People Lets Fans Show Off Their Style on Flickr Event Page This is how Free People announced the initiative on their blog, July 22, 2008: Announcing the Free People Style Event! Hey Free People girls! Show us your style! How do you wear your Free People? Head to toe? Flashes of flair? We noticed that people would often upload pictures of themselves wearing their Free People to our Facebook account, and we loved it! That got us thinking... and curious to see more! Send us your pictures of you and your friends in your Free People clothing, and we’ll put them all on our Flickr account! Email your name, age, and current town with your pictures to [email_address] , and we will upload them! If you can, tell us which FP items you are wearing too! Eventually, pick out some of our favorite styles and feature them on the blog! Free People should have encouraged use of mobile Flickr—lets you upload photos directly from your cameraphone, check out the latest uploads from friends, and read recent comments posted on your photos
  • 54% of female US Web buyers, read and post ratings/reviews (Forrester NA Technographics Retail Online Survey, Q1, 2008) Ratings and reviews that cover comfort, length, width of shoes are still somewhat rare DSW also encourages overall ratings, of course, with room for comments We built site so consumers can share products and reviews with fellow shoe-lovers through Facebook, Digg and Delicious
  • DSW Consumers Rate Shoe Comfort, Length, Width Ratings and reviews that cover comfort, length, width of shoes are still somewhat rare DSW also encourages overall ratings, of course, with room for comments We built site so consumers can share products and reviews with fellow shoe-lovers through Facebook, Digg and Delicious
  • Hold for Walmart O.E. example -- ask Hillman or Tracey for the Walmart Banner Prototype that incorporates ratings and reviews. I think we want this to be O.E (just 2 attributes) but awaiting feedback from Nita. I'd say they're O and N. On-demand because you don't have to leave the ad, and Networked because the community of product reviewers is helping you shop.
  • Boden Consumers Respond to Founder’s Invitation to Review in His Thank You Note . You might recognize this copy from March 2008…  The email is a follow-up to an order my colleague placed. Boden wants her to review her recent purchases so it can post them on its site. But unlike most of the post-purchase emails I've ever received, you know, the kind that are as personal as a cash register receipt, this one was compelling enough to get and keep my attention. The subject line is nice and direct: Review your Boden order and enter our prize draw. Inside the email there's a note from Johnnie Boden himself. Of course he didn't write the customer a personal note, but his "big hearty thank you" has the spirit and gratitude of a human behind it. (I will point out, regretfully, that the From line was, "cservices@bodenusa.com" and not Johnnie or even Boden.) The note--and it feels more like a note than an email--playfully asks the customer for her feedback, good or bad. Plus it includes images of the two products she's being asked to review. Surely this email is auto-generated, but it has the warmth it needs to feel personal and engaging and get consumers to act. Simple, human communications. Sometimes that's all it takes.   Bazaarvoice reports that Boden shoppers who "read all reviews" converted much higher, and had a 67% higher average order value . These online sales increases grew over time, as more product reviews were amassed. Amazon sends emails to power reviewers calling for customer photo and video customer reviews - not just textual
  • Herbal Essences’ Consumers Make Video Testimonials ExpoTV we are using in a number of places, but relatively new and we don't have any numbers for it yet. If you don't know what it is, it is a site devoted to consumer generated video product reviews. Consumers are paid next to nothing for their video (~$2). We had a product launch in January and they sent out a bunch of the new product to consumers before it was available in stores to review. We selected 3 of the best ones that represented each sub-collection in the new line and used those videos in Facebook, rich media banners, on the site, in emails, and on the mobile site.
  • Become more on-demand…. This is a tall order….it’s not possible or appropriate for every brand to tackle each of these digital desires. Talk to your customers, identify 3 digital desires that you must excel in to win her loyalty. Start small. Start now. By opening your brand, you will become increasingly relevant and better positioned to competed in a web-made world. Good luck!
  • What Women Want

    1. 1. what women wantonline Presented by: Kelly Mooney President, Resource Interactive, a top independent, female-owned and operated digital marketing agency Author, The Open Brand and The Ten Demandments COPYRIGHT 2009 RESOURCE INTERACTIVE
    2. 2. female-focused brands we’ve worked with
    3. 3. how we study women• Online buzz monitoring• Digital diaries and journaling• Eye-tracking• Proprietary method: Shop & TellSM• Virtual ethnography• Quantitative surveys and focus groups• Consumer Journey Mapping• Futuring Workshops
    4. 4. our research methodology examples
    5. 5. whywomen matter
    6. 6. women…• Are poised to surpass men on the nation’s payrolls, taking the majority for the first time in American history. The New York Times, Feb 5, 2009• Are expected to control 60% of the country’s wealth by 2010. Canadian Household Spending Survey, Boston Consulting Group, 2008• Will earn more than the average man by 2030. Treasure Hunt, Michael Silverstein• Spend over 8.5 years of their lives shopping. GE Money Survey of 3000 Women, Nov 2006
    7. 7. women dominate spending 51% of the U.S. 80% of spending U.S. Census Bureau, 2006 Prime Time Women, M. Barletta, 2007
    8. 8. women outnumber men online 65% 52% 52% 49% 51% 48% 48% 35% WOMEN MEN 1997 2000 2004 2008eMarketer, March 2008
    9. 9. women’s consumer behavior online Receive photos by email 74%Research products for purchase 73% Purchase products 72% Use web-based email 62% Send photos by email 61% Play online games alone 43% Use instant messaging 40% Watch internet videos 27% Download music 24% Read blogs 21% Use social networking sites 17% Play online games with others 15% These weren’t even on Comment on blogs 11% the list four years ago! Publish your own web pages 9% Source: Forrester Research, 2008
    10. 10. web=life-management tool
    11. 11. web improves her total customer experience Empowers her life Increases Enables efficiency of self-service store visit Gives her Enables transaction sharing and control connecting Facilitates Provides portable decision content Makes support campaigns interactiveWeb-and-Spoke ModelSource: Resource Interactive
    12. 12. her digital desires
    13. 13. 10 digital desires1. Details, details, details On-demand2. To control the edit experience3. Gratification at the point of decision Personal4. To join the club experience5. To be remembered6. The big picture Engaging7. To have some fun experience8. To give back9. To provide input Networked10. Experience by proxy experience
    14. 14. what you can do
    15. 15. …is for …is for …is for …is forOn-Demand Personal Engaging Networked Defining Traits of OPEN• Efficiency • Acknowledgement • Participation • Self-expression• Ease • Dialogue • Belonging • Ego gratification• Control • Customization • Immersion • Portability• Findability • Privilege • Entertainment • Community• Instantaneousness • Popularity • Inspiration • Meaningful change
    16. 16. DeliverOn-Demand…Provide accessible,self-directed and instantlygratifying experiences.
    17. 17. 1. details, details, details make the product more knowableRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    18. 18. make the product more knowable
    19. 19. 2. to control the editenable search by more attributes
    20. 20. enable search by more attributesRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    21. 21. enable search by more attributes
    22. 22. 3. gratification at the point of decisionprovide purchase & pick up option
    23. 23. provide purchase & pick up optionRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    24. 24. provide purchase & pick up option
    25. 25. Get Personal…Facilitate meaningfulinteraction with manymarkets of one.
    26. 26. 4. join the club elevate her as a valued consumerRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    27. 27. elevate her as a valued consumerRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    28. 28. elevate her as a valued consumerRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    29. 29. elevate her as a valued consumer
    30. 30. elevate her as a valued consumer
    31. 31. 5. to be rememberedaccommodate her portable login
    32. 32. accommodate her portable login
    33. 33. accommodate her portable login
    34. 34. Be Engaging…Deepen attachmentthrough relevantemotional experiences
    35. 35. 6. the big picture give her a starting point• 65% of women consider online shopping to be like window shopping vs. 46% of men. The Gender Agenda Research, Resource Interactive• Women mentioned their feelings about the overall web site without prompting 31% more often than men. They also made 44% more “wide view” mentions and 75% more color-related mentions. The Gender Agenda Research, Resource Interactive
    36. 36. give her a starting point
    37. 37. give her a starting point
    38. 38. 7. to have some funkeep it lively with games, videoand visualization tools 50% of Americans who play video games are women. Pew Internet Study, 2009
    39. 39. keep it lively with games, video and visualization toolsRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    40. 40. keep it lively with games, video and visualization toolsRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    41. 41. keep it lively with games, video and visualization toolsRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    42. 42. Get Networked…Tap the exponentialpotential of individualconsumers and onlineniche communities.
    43. 43. 8. to give back let her align her consumerism with a cause• A trend connected to philanthropy has emerged, as 87 percent of women view giving back to society as a “personal sign of success.” Manning, Selvage and Lee’s “The New High Society: What Status Means to Women in 2008”• 27% of women say it is extremely important for companies to make relevant donations to charities and philanthropies vs. 19% of men. Fleishman Hillard, National Consumers League, “Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility,” 2006• Of the “mommy” blog readers surveyed, 46% have contributed to a cause or campaign. 2008 survey by BlogAds.com
    44. 44. let her align her consumerism with a causeRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    45. 45. let her align herconsumerism with a cause
    46. 46. let her align herconsumerism with a cause
    47. 47. 9. to provide input offer a platform for sharing opinions and creativity• 15.1 million women publish posts of their own Center for Media Research, May 2008 Report• 55% of the women surveyed reported that they would give up alcohol in order to keep their blogs, 50% said they would give up their PDA, 42% said they’d give up their iPod, 43% would give up reading newspapers or magazines — but only 20% said they’d part ways with chocolate. BlogHer Study 2008
    48. 48. offer a platform for sharingopinions and creativity
    49. 49. offer a platform for sharing opinions and creativityRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    50. 50. offer a platform for sharingopinions and creativity
    51. 51. 10. experience by proxy validate her choices with ratings and reviews 54% of female US Web buyers read and post ratings and reviews Forrester Research, 2008RESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    52. 52. validate her choices with ratings and reviewsRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    53. 53. validate her choices with ratings and reviewsRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT WORK
    54. 54. validate her choices withratings and reviews
    55. 55. validate her choices with ratings and reviewsRESOURCE INTERACTIVE CLIENT
    56. 56. what you can do 1. Make the product more knowable 2. Enable search by more attributes 3. Provide purchase & pick-up option 4. Elevate her as a valued consumer 5. Accommodate her portable login 6. Give her a starting point 7. Keep it lively with games, videos & visualization tools 8. Let her align her consumerism with a cause 9. Offer a platform for sharing opinions & creativity 10. Validate her choices with ratings & reviews
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