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Resourcd File


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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Assessment Improvement 17th November 2014 You have 15 minutes to act on the feedback that I have given you. Please either add: • Sentences to develop (indicate if you are adding to a paragraph with a *) • Re-write paragraphs that are unclear. • Add more evidence/theory • Any other targets I have given you. Please do this in a different colour pen where possible or clearly label.
  2. 2. Testing and League Tables 17th November 2014 What makes a school a good school? How can we tell if a school is a good school?
  3. 3. Objectives Big Picture: We are looking at how governments judge the success of schools and young people. We need to understand the social policies that governments put in place to do with schools. Zoom in: Social Policy: League Tables, SATS and GCSES Concept: the idea of creating competition in education to create social mobility.
  4. 4. Key Words Marketization: Where schools behave like businesses, attracting customers. League Tables: Government statistics that rank schools’ performance
  5. 5. Diamond 9 The Uniform The Quality of the teachers League Tables What’s important about school to the students? Most important= Least important= The Girls
  6. 6. What’s important about school to the parents?
  7. 7. What’s important about school to the Headmaster?
  8. 8. Testing and League Tables 19th November 2014 What are educational league tables?
  9. 9. What does the League table show us? Who benefits from the League tables? Any problems using the League tables? Why are we looking at them in the first place??
  10. 10. Schools have become dominated by a need to appear in a good position in league tables, of which the principle measure of success is the number of pupils achieving five A*~G-passes... [a school's] position in these tables can attract parents to send their children to certain schools. Income is generated by pupil numbers. This creates an ethos...which researchers call the A-C economy. Schools are also pressured into tackling that small group of pupils who are on the borderline between achieving five A-Cs and failing to gain that target. Already teachers focus on those who will improve the A-C rate for the whole school by gaining more than five passes, but now the borderliners are brought into policy planning. This leaves those who are not entered or predicted to fail in a position of increasing inequality of provision and attention. 1. .Which groups of students do schools focus on to gain a good position in league tables? 2. .How might this lead to inequality for students in the school? 3. Think-Who is Marketization benefiting? Who is missing out?
  11. 11. “Marketization is like any old market. The more money you have to spend, the more you will see the benefits!” Do we agree with this statement? Vote!