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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Gender Stratification
  2. 2. What is the difference between sex and gender? • Male or female • Biological differences • E.g. Sex organs, womb, penis • Ascribed • Social expecations • Gender identity • E.g. Colours, names, toys • Achieved through socialisation • Socially constructed
  3. 3. Draw this table in your book Males have better life chances Females have better life chances Men die at a younger than women Add at least 5 pieces of evidence to each side to your grid Women are more likely to be poor
  4. 4. What do the results tell us about gender in Britain today? • Extension questions – • Are women and men equal? • Give reasons for your answer
  5. 5. Genders are equal • Equal pay Act 1970 – employers must pay women and men the same salary for same work or work of equal value • Sex Discrimination Act 1975 – unlawful to treat someone less favourably because of their sex • Less sexism – discrimination on the basis of your sex
  6. 6. Genders are not equal • Feminism • • (10 mins) • Holmes 2009 • Society is still patriarchal • Society is still controlled by men, more power in politics and work • Men still have a bigger share of rewards e.g. Wealth and status
  7. 7. Key inequalities at work • Often male and female dominated occupations e.g. Fire-fighter • Invisible wall divides the jobs • Within the same occupations women are often in lower-middle level jobs and men in top managerial positions • Glass ceiling holds women back • Li 2008 – women have worse pay levels than men of similar age and education levels
  8. 8. Exam link • Explain what sociologists mean by patriarchy. (4 marks) Jan 2013 • Explain what sociologists mean by the glass ceiling. (4 marks) June 2012
  9. 9. Why does gender inequality continue? • Sex discrimination in the workplace – Li 2008 found that more women report being denied promotion than men • Women’s triple shift – Dunscombe & Marsden 1995 – paid employment, domestic labour and emotional work • Childcare provision – expensive and low quality
  10. 10. Exam link • Describe one way in which social gender can affect an individual’s life chances and • explain why this situation continues to happen in Britain today. (5 marks)