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  1. 1. Intro to AS Psychology Miss Russell Bilton School Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  2. 2. To Start: I’m going to pass the toilet roll around. Take as many sheets as you like and keep them with you. We’ll come back to this later. Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  3. 3. Lesson Objectives 1) To get to know each other! 2) For you to get to know me! 3) To know and understand the AS Psychology Course Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  4. 4. The Desert Island Test… Imagine… you were stranded on this desert island. There’s no one else but you! If you could choose, what three things would you have to have with you and why? Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  5. 5. 3 Minutes Swap! Explain your three items to at least one other person in the room. Think about what the other person’s items tells us about their personality! Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  6. 6. What did we find out about each other? Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  7. 7. Miss Russell’s 1) Definitely CHOCOLATE! It’d have to be an endless supply though! 2) Ipod/Music 3) Boat – So I could leave and visit my family! Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  8. 8. Now that toilet roll… The number of sheets you took now determines how many things you have to share about yourself. Write one interesting fact about you down on each sheet you chose. Be prepared to share! Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  9. 9. What am I like as Teacher? My Expectations Sixth Form Expectations: You need to provide your own paper, stationery and folder! It is important that you bring these with you to every lesson and keep your folder in order. Any one who doesn’t bring the correct equipment to lessons (Folder, Paper, Textbook, Pen) will be asked to leave the lesson and catch up in their own time. Mobile Phones: If I see them out in class you get 1 warning. After 1 warning they will be confiscated and you’ll be given a phone forfeit! Turn up to all lessons, work hard, contribute to the lessons, complete independent work and we’ll be able to get you through the course. But in order to do that we need to work cooperatively as a team!  Read the student code of conduct and sign to say you have read it. Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  10. 10. About Miss Russell… BSc Psychology A Levels: Psychology, Sociology & English Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  11. 11. AS Psychology: What you will study this year… Unit 1: PSYA1 Unit 2: PSYA2 Attachment Memory Research Methods Abnormality Stress Social Influence Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  12. 12. What is Psychology? Brainstorm everything you know (or think!) about what Psychology is. Think about… • What is it the study of? • What are psychologists interested in? • What are similar subjects? Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  13. 13. Course Content 2 units which cover 5 approaches in Psychology Unit 1 Social and Cognitive Psychology Cognitive Approach (Miss. Russell) Social Approach (Mr. Earp) 40% of AS Level Unit 2 Understanding the Individual Learning Approach (Miss. Russell) Psychodynamic & Biological Approaches (Mr. Earp) 60% of AS Level Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  14. 14. What will the exams look like? You will have 1 hour 30 minutes to answer three sections. Each section will be worth 24 marks, this could include a 12 mark essay style question. There are also multiple choice questions and short answer questions. You will have to also undertake some practical investigations. This isn’t coursework, but you will get asked questions on them in the exam…. There are also Assessment Objectives which will be used to assess the skills you need to demonstrate in psychology. We will have a look at these now… Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  15. 15. Assessment Objectives: Cake Testing We are going to test out some cakes. On a sheet of paper write down: 1) Write a brief description of each cake. What does it look like? What shape is it? 2) What ingredients went into each cake? 3) Next taste the cakes. What do you like/dislike? 4) What are the good/bad points about each of the cakes? Cake 1: Muffin Cake 2: Cookie Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  16. 16. Assessment Objectives: Cake Testing After you have tested both cakes… On a sheet of paper write down: 5) What do the cakes look like in comparison to each other? 6) What does the cookie taste like in comparison to the muffin? 7) Which one is the best and why? Cake 1: Muffin Cake 2: Cookie Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  17. 17. Assessment Objectives: Cake Testing Now Consider: 8) What method are we using to test the donut? 9) How scientific is this test? 10) How valid is this test? Cake 1: Muffin Cake 2: Cookie Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  18. 18. Assessment Objectives: A01 Knowledge & Understanding A02 Analysis & Evaluation Questions 1 & 2 were testing your knowledge and understanding of the cakes. Getting you to describe or identify your knowledge of what a cake is. Questions 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 were testing your analysis and evaluation skills. These questions got you to think about the strengths/weaknesses of the cakes and compare the two against each other! You can do this in an exam by describing or outlining studies or theories. By doing this you are you know and understand! These are your critical thinking skills. can do this in the exam by evaluating theories using strengths and comparing against other theories. You also present research evidence to refute. Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  19. 19. Assessment Objectives: A03 How science works Questions 8 & 9 were testing your knowledge of how science works. These questions got you to think about the research method we were using and how scientific it was. You can do this in an exam by describing research and evaluating them using strengths and Think validity, reliability and generalisability! Charlotte Russell Bilton School