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Resourcd File

  1. 1. ‘an individual is transformed when part of a crowd. In a crowd, the combinationof anonymity, suggestibility and contagion mean that a collective mindtakes possession of the individual. As a consequence the individual loses self- control and becomes capable of acting in a way that goes against personal or social norms’. What does this quote mean? KEYWORDS TO USE Exam Question Outline deindividuationtheoryasanexplanationfor aggression(8marks). • Examplesof social psychological theoriesof aggressionin the Specificationare social learningtheoryand deindividuation,andcandidatesare likelytofocuson these. Topband answersshouldbe accurate andwell detailed,soforsocial learningtheory the processes involvedinegimitationmustbe outlined. For deindividuationavarietyof processesmaybe involved, such as decreasedself-assessmentandself-awareness. • Examinersshouldbe sensitive todepth-breadthtrade-offs inanswerscoveringmore thanone theory. • For AO1 marksin the top band,the outline of one ormore social psychological theoriesmustbe clearlylinkedto aggression. What processesof Deindividuationare involved? Studies that help explain this. How can facebook make you deindividated?