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  • Discuss
  • Ask for ideas from delegates
  • Discussion of criteria.
  • Ask delegates which aspects they think are the most important, discuss problems.
  • Resourcd File

    1. 1. Teaching ‘Outstanding’Teaching ‘Outstanding’ Psychology LessonsPsychology Lessons Deb Gajic Head of Psychology The Polesworth School Friday 4th July 2014 (CPsychol AFBPsS)
    2. 2. OFSTED MYTHS & TRUTHSOFSTED MYTHS & TRUTHS What do you know about OFSTED? Complete the true or false quiz. Anything surprise you?
    3. 3. OFSTEDOFSTED  May 2012 : • all schools are likely only to be notified of an inspection the afternoon before the inspection begins • schools will be required to provide anonymous information on the performance management of all teachers and inspectors will consider the link between performance management and teachers' pay progression • schools may only be judged as outstanding overall if their teaching is judged as outstanding • there will be a new category of 'requires improvement' to replace the current 'satisfactory' category • schools which have the judgement 'requires improvement' will have earlier re-inspections than is currently the case, usually within a maximum of two years • schools that remain in the new category 'requires improvement' after 3 consecutive full inspections are likely to be placed in special measures
    4. 4. Teaching ‘Outstanding’ PsychologyTeaching ‘Outstanding’ Psychology LessonsLessons What makes an Outstanding Lesson? According to OFSTED: -
    5. 5. OFSTEDOFSTED  grimreaper-facts-about-ofsted-for-the- teacher-by-teachertoolkit/ September 2013 update “We don’t have a preferred style of teaching. I want inspectors to make a judgment on the quality of learning.” Wilshaw g/archive/2013/09/13/no-right-way-to- teach-says-wilshaw.aspx
    6. 6. OFSTEDOFSTED  watch/2014/02/21/ofsted-39-we-don-39- t-grade-teachers-on-individual-lessons- 39.aspx Mike Cladingbowl National Director for Schools ‘Inspectors have been instructed not to grade the overall quality of a lesson they visit’ 21st February 2014
    7. 7. Teaching ‘Outstanding’ PsychologyTeaching ‘Outstanding’ Psychology LessonsLessons A little vague!!!!! How would you summarise an Outstanding lesson?
    8. 8. Summary: -  Evidence of progress  Engaging, interesting and informative  Clear learning objectives  Students on task  Clear assessment opportunities linked to lesson outcomes  Good use of resources  Range of activities  Good classroom management  Student centred, not teacher led  Differentiation etc……. Teaching ‘Outstanding’ PsychologyTeaching ‘Outstanding’ Psychology LessonsLessons
    9. 9. Teaching ‘Outstanding’ PsychologyTeaching ‘Outstanding’ Psychology LessonsLessons Progress of important groups OFSTED are particularly interested in certain groups. They will expect a seating plan (or photos) so they can identify groups. Groups: - Pupil Premium – Free School Meals, Forces and Looked After (In care) High Achievers, Medium Achievers and Low Achievers. SEN Need Data – Minimum targets grades, predictions etc.
    10. 10. Teaching ‘Outstanding’ PsychologyTeaching ‘Outstanding’ Psychology LessonsLessons Forensic I’m going to teach a lesson to you on the Cognitive Interview Technique which was awarded a grade 1 (Outstanding). You’re going to pretend to be my students.
    11. 11. Teaching ‘Outstanding’ PsychologyTeaching ‘Outstanding’ Psychology LessonsLessons In pairs: - What did you like/dislike about the lesson? How could it be improved? Why was it outstanding? Any Questions? Thank you