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Resourcd File

  1. 1. The Cognitive Interview Technique Geiselman & Fisher
  2. 2. O Memorise these words, you have until I have finished reading them out. sour nice candy honey sugar soda bitter chocolate good heart taste cake tooth tart pie
  3. 3. Memory Test OWrite down all the words you can remember, without conferring
  4. 4. False Memory O Look at your list – Who wrote down the word ‘Sweet’? O You have experienced a false memory!! O Key Study: - Loftus & Palmer O How is this relevant to Eyewitness Testimony? O Why is it an issue?
  5. 5. Objectives O In this lesson: - O You will learn about the Cognitive Interview Technique and Geiselman & Fisher’s research. O You will be able to critique the technique and the research. O You will be able to apply this knowledge to exam style essay questions
  6. 6. Cognitive Interview Technique O Watch the following film clip carefully. O You are not allowed to make notes or discuss it, but you will be questioned on it later.
  7. 7. Cognitive Interview Technique O What did the suspect ask the shop keeper for? O What did he take from the fridge? O What colour hair did the suspect have? O What was he wearing? O How many people were in the shop? O What did the sign say over the counter? O What did he say at the end of the film clip?
  8. 8. Cognitive Interview Technique O Camels without filters O Beer O Mousey O Checked shirt, white vest, jeans, cowboy boots. O 5 (including the suspect) O Marlboro O I have your names and addresses, if I go down the both of you are gonna get it!
  9. 9. The Cognitive Interview Technique O Geiselman & Fisher devised the Cognitive Interview Technique to increase the reliability and validity of Police interviews. O Watch the rest of the DVD and complete the work sheet as you watch.
  10. 10. Cognitive Interview Technique O Fisher and Geiselman (1992) O The 4 main components of a Cognitive Interview: - O CHANT O Report everything O Context reinstatement O Recall in reverse order O Recall from a different perspective
  11. 11. Cognitive Interview Role Play O Two of you are going to role-play a police interview. O Note which of the cognitive interview principles you hear used. O Spot the errors the police officer makes.
  12. 12. Cognitive Interview Technique O Read the two studies. O Discuss with your partner O Complete the evaluation table.
  13. 13. Homework Task O Complete an essay plan: - O a) Outline any relevant research which can inform us about how a witness should be interviewed (10) O b) Evaluate the methodology used to investigate the interviewing of witnesses (15)
  14. 14. Plenary O Have you learnt about the Cognitive Interview Technique and Geiselman & Fisher’s research? O Are you able to critique the technique and the research? O Can you apply this knowledge to exam style essay questions ? OWrite down one thing you have learnt this lesson on the post it note.