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Resourcd File

  1. 1. AS Sociology: ASSESSMENT FEEDBACK SHEET: Assessment Question: S/A P/A Mark Grade Teacher Assessment Mark Grade AO1 Knowledge and Understanding Range of Material Detail Organisation & Structure 10-12 Accurate -Relevant and focused of the question Reasonably detailed – Good coverage of relevant studies Appropriate selection - Addresses both breadth and depth Clear& coherent presentation - Main issues addressed and contained. Few syntax and spelling errors 7-9 Generally accurate Good focus of the question Less detailed - reasonable coverage of relevant studies Some evidence of selection - Breadth and depth for at least one side/area Appropriate presentation - Mostly accurate and relevant . Some spelling and syntax errors; Good use of terminology 5-6 Basic description Some development in statements. Lacking detail /muddled Some coherence Little evidence of selection Breadth but not depth - mostly descriptive partly inappropriate presentation - Frequent errors of spelling and grammar 1-4 Very brief or flawed Brief answers Simple statements Very basic Inappropriate material Inappropriate presentation - High incidence of spelling and syntax errors AO2 Relevance of material presented Evaluation of research Range of issues/evidence OR depth of issues/evidence Expression of ideas & use of specialist terms QWC 10-12 Effective use of material/ Supported by factual material Effective evaluation - Reasoned argument and judgement relevant to the question Broad range of issues/evidence or narrow range but in depth - Good use of evidence and theoretical debate Clearexpression of ideas & good range of specialist terms - Good organisation and clarity. Few errors 7-9 Material is not always used effectively - Points made may not have been fully evaluated. Reasonable evaluation - Range of evidence and references to contrasting theories Limited depth/narrower range in greater depth - some evidence of judgement and reaching conclusions, Reasonable expression of ideas and a range of specialist terms - Effective extended writing but lapses in organisation Some errors 5-6 basic commentary Some use of key terms Basic evaluation - Some attempt at analysis/evaluation with limited success Superficial /restricted range of issues and/or evidence - Limited evidence presented Expression of ideas lacks clarity and organisation. Some specialist terms Errors detract from clarity 1-4 rudimentary commentary No skills present Barely any evaluation - Little attempt at analysis/evaluation Very basic consideration of evidence/ - Lack of relevant evidence Expression of ideas poor, few specialist terms used - Lacks clarity and organisation Error obscure meaning Name: Form: Target Grade
  2. 2. Now go to your progress book and set yourself targets AO1 = /12 AO2 = /12 Mark /24 Grade = At Target Above Target Below Target What went well Teacher Feedback Even better if ……. Student Response to feedback 20-24 =A 18-19 =B 15-17 =C 13-14 =D 10-12 =E Below 10 =U