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  1. 1. SOCIOLOGY ESSAY WRITING EVALUATION GRADE A ! Completely focused on essay title ! Excellent understanding and thorough exploration of key materials ! Comprehensive coverage of relevant course material ! Sound grasp of the issues, relevantly explored ! Relevant material is presented accurately ! A thoroughly evaluative essay ! Excellent use of discussion ! Arguments are well structured, logically developed and well supported by evidence ! Very well organised with good structure and clear exposition of argument ! Clear, logical and convincing conclusion ! Evidence of independent thinking/some originality GRADE B ! Well focused on the essay title ! Good understanding of the materials used ! Good coverage of relevant materials ! Shows understanding of the essay title and its implications ! Relevant material is for the most part accurately presented ! Good attempt to evaluate ! More discursive than descriptive ! Arguments are well structured and supported by evidence ! Well organised and good structure, with clearly expressed ideas ! Clear conclusion, related to the essay title GRADE C ! Mostly focuses on the essay title but relevance may not always be explicit ! Evidence of understanding the materials ! Adequate coverage of the relevant materials ! A competent answer which understands and mostly addresses the question ! Some inaccuracies in the presentation of relevant material ! Evaluation is attempted ! More descriptive than discursive ! Arguments somewhat supported by evidence ! Reasonable structure to the essay and ideas are mostly clear ! Has not fully addressed all aspects of the question GRADE D ! Some relevant information, but little focus on essay title ! Some misunderstandings of materials ! Insufficient coverage of relevant materials ! Basic understanding of the question and how to answer it ! Some key inaccuracies in the description of materials ! Descriptive, with very little evaluation ! Key material is omitted ! Over-reliant on wording of materials ! Insufficient development of argument, and little use of relevant evidence ! Over-reliant on anecdote with some reference to relevant theory and evidence ! A lack of clarity in terms of the structure of the assignment and the expression of ideas GRADE E ! No focus on essay title ! Poor understanding of course materials ! Inadequate coverage of relevant materials ! Little evidence that question is understood ! Inaccurate description of materials ! Descriptive, with no real evaluation ! Little use of relevant material ! Mostly reliant on anecdote with little or no reference to relevant theory and evidence ! Answer is unrelated to question ! Significant plagiarism ! Essay does not have a structure COMMENTS J Gregory (Caveat: the checked items below should help you to see what you have done well and where you can improve. The items listed below are not the only criteria on which scoring is based, nor are they necessarily equally weighted. For further information, you should additionally refer to handouts on WRITING ESSAYS, the MARKING SCHEME and ASSESSMENT MATRIX.)